The modern Pisces woman

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					The modern Pisces woman

Sensual, imaginative, creative, intuitive and emotional. All of the most commonly associated characteristics
of a typical Pisces. Often seen as the weaker or most fragile sign in the zodiac, Pisceans are usually highly
emotional creatures who prefer to live in their own fantasy world as opposed to making things happen in the
physical one. This is what the traditional description of a Pisces would have you believe but how much of
this is actually relevant in the case of the modern watery female?

It is true, as with most of the water signs, that Pisces has a knack for spiritual and creative pursuits and often,
you will find the fish swimming in the direction of the arts. The modern Pisces woman may find herself
getting lost in music, writing and dance, a natural extension of the Pisces soul. Pisces women find it a lot
easier than most to go with the flow and can find a rhythm in anything life throws at them! Expect to find
Pisces women humming something or other as they go about their mundane chores! Spiritually, they might
flit between religion and spirituality regularly. Pisces are likely to believe strongly in astrology and seek out
spiritual guides if their intuition gives them reason to doubt themselves. Generally they have a sixth sense or
natural sense of fate so they are very in touch with their inner voice.

When it comes to work, a Pisces woman can, regardless of preconceptions, actually get things done and to a
good standard, as long as they are happy with what they're doing. The female fish is passionate when inspired
and self motivated so teaching, journalism and design are ideal paths for her. Just don't expect her to stick
around for too long if it becomes too challenging or boring. She needs to find active ways of constantly
expressing her creativity so that life has meaning and a clear focus. Modern Pisces women will find it all too
easy to drift along in a dead end job but their spirit will suffer. If given the opportunity, Pisces would happily
never work another day in her life and would find it easy to fill her days with pleasurable pursuits! Luxury
and comfort are the motivating factors for this sign.

Pisceans are free spirits. They like to imagine that they are the only person in the world capable of doing
whatever it is they're doing but they often need reassurance and rely on an extended network of family and
friends to support them when they feel a little lonely. Although they are generally solitary signs, they do
know how to have a good party and alcohol is one of the fishes´ vices. Being slightly unconventional, Pisces
women will not wait for the weekend if the urge takes them so expect midweek partying and weekend
recovery with a good book!
         Over indulgence is also true of Pisces. They like the good things in life so clothes and home
decoration is usually lavish, sometimes extravagant. The Pisces woman will dress depending on how she is
feeling. When she's boiling over, sexy lingerie and heels but when she's run down those comfy pajamas will
make an appearance! Addiction can be a problem for the Pisces and so too can her spending habits. Credit
and store cards are likely culprits whether it's for those impulse purchase killer heels or for an impromptu
evening out. Expensive taste and generous gifts will often leave a hole burning in their pockets but somehow,
they always manage to get by! As feet are often associated with Pisces, it's likely they will have a slight shoe
fetish; needless to say, they will likely suffer more than most and end up barefoot by the end of an evening!

When in love, the Pisces woman will obsess and fantasize about her chosen mate. She will be slightly
possessive but will know better than to show her fragility to the person she so longs for! Pisces has a lot of
love to give and expects a lot back in return. If she doesn't get what she needs then she will simply focus her
energy on her next interest. Contrary to popular belief, if the fish isn't happy, she won't stick around so affairs
are quite possible. If Pisces is secure and happy with her life, love is not the be all and end all and she can
quite enjoy the single life as it will allow her to explore her deepest desires. Pisces can be easily misled but
not unwillingly. She knows when she will get hurt but chooses to take the risk anyway. Pisces enjoys the
dream like state that sex can induce. With the right lover, she will shake off her inhibitions and start to live
out her fantasies in the bedroom. Many people assume that Pisces just wants a cuddle but that is often not the
case! She can give a fire sign a good run for their money and will shock her lovers with how sensual she can

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