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					                                  EBC Event and Ministry Idea Planning Form
                                                    Evergreen Bible Church

EBC Purpose: To learn and live God’s Word in love.

Purpose of this form: Thank you for your interest in being part of our mission! This form has the purpose of helping
      keep EBC organized, to encourage the ministries of our church to be most effective, and to keep us on target with
      our mission to make, grow, and train disciples of Jesus Christ.

        1. Complete this form and return it to Ryan Donovan
           Please e-mail it to the Ryan at If you do not have access to e-mail then simply
           bring it by the office or mail it to Evergreen Bible Church, 9600 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98664. If
           you have any questions about this call the office at 360-892-5520.

        2. Expect to hear the back regarding the Ministry Idea within a week
           The submitted form will be reviewed and you will hear back regarding the Ministry Idea within a week.

        3. Key Consideration
           The overall mission of our church is to help people become close followers of Jesus. All EBC ministries or events
           must help accomplish this mission in some way, whether by introducing people to Jesus (outreach), helping them
           grow in their relationship with Jesus (worship and discipleship), or by helping them serve Jesus (ministry).

People Coordinating this Ministry / Event            (Please have the person who will be in charge complete this form.)

       Name of Event Coordinator:
       Phone:
       E-mail:
       Names of others who will be helping:

The Purpose of Your Ministry/Event
         What is the purpose of your ministry/event? (the more detail, the better)

         How do you envision this Ministry Idea helping to make, grow or equip disciples of Christ?
Description of this Ministry / Event
    Name of the ministry or event?

    What do you plan to do?

    Who is it for and how many people do you hope will participate?

The Logistics of Your Ministry / Event
    What are the proposed date(s) and time(s)?

    Will this event be happening at EBC? If so, which rooms would you like to use? (Name all areas needed.)

    Will you need the kitchen? Will you need kitchen supplies such as plates, napkins, cups, silverware, or coffee

    Will you need sound or video for your event? If so, do you have an EBC-trained and approved person already
     designated to help with the sound, or do you need helping finding a person for this role?

    Do you plan to have childcare? If so, do you already have workers designated who are EBC-trained and approved as
     childcare workers? Do you need help finding these people?

    Who will make sure the facility is put back in order at the end of the event or ministry (clean and re-organize the
     rooms used, take out excessive trash, clean dishes, set alarm and lock doors)?

Publicity for this Ministry / Event
    Will you need Flyers made for this event? Do you need them created, or just printed?

    Do you want this event to go into the church bulletin?

    Any other publicity considerations that should be taken into account?
                      Ministry and Event Planning Form Expense Worksheet
What are the likely costs for this event?

       Item / Expense          Cost                     Item/Expense             Cost
       Example: Box of Forks   $20                      Example: 3 Cakes         $60

Total Expected Cost: _____________

Please answer the following questions:

       How much do you plan to charge participants for this event? ______________

       Based on your estimated number of attendees and the amount you plan to charge, will this event cost
        more than the amount brought in by participants? ________________

            o If it will cost more than the amount brought in by participants, how do you plan to fund the

            o If you are planning to use a ministry budget line, who is the person responsible for that ministry
              budget line, and do you have permission from the person responsible for that budget line?

            o What will be the impact of this event on that particular budget line?

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