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					                                      Westbriar PTA
                                     Meeting Minutes
                                     February 9, 2011

I.   Call Meeting to Order- Allie Jewsbury
         - Allie called the meeting to order at 7:33PM then welcomed the PTA. She thanked
         Sandee Cooper for a fantastic Skate Night, which was supported by approximately 250
         participants and which raised almost $1200 for the PTA.

II. Approval of Minutes- A motion to approve the January 2011 minutes was made by Betsy
       Boswell and seconded by Sherrie Morris.

III. Principal’s Report- Mrs. Joanne Goodwin
         - Mrs. Goodwin reported from observation that Dine-Out was going very well. There
         were many families participating in this event.
      Deviation to Transportation Notices: There has been a significant turn-around in the
         provision of “notes from home” in regards to dismissal deviations for “playdates” and
         the like. Thank you parents for responding and adhering to the school policy.
      Special Education Teacher: There is a new Special Ed teacher who started at WES on
         January 31 . The new teacher is working out well.
      Snow Blower: FCPS will provide a snow blower for the school to help with snow
         removal. The snow blower will be courtesy of the FCPS Facilities.
      Tiling and Carpeting: Tiling and carpeting will begin next week in the school office and
         selected classrooms. FCPS Facilities will fund this project.

IV. Treasurer’s Report- Claudia Kern
     Claudia reported that the PTA budget is on target. Skate night was a huge success
       and brought in almost $1200.
     There are also invoices inbound from the various activities such as GOTR, etc.
     The PTA was able to provide $4500 to the school from the book sale.
     Allie added that the PTA is looking to purchase an automated “check-in/out system”
       for the front office, which will cost about $135 (software). Reportedly, there are many
       attributes to this system that will allow easier in/out processing at the school.

V. Committee Reports
    Family Fun Night – Karen Marlo
    FFN is just over a month away (T-5 weeks). Karen reported that planning for the event
      is on track. FFN will again feature a pizza dinner, a cakewalk, a raffle, and many of the
      popular activities. There will be weekly announcements in the Falcon Express. Karen
      also provided a few details regarding the event; specifically:
       Face painting will be replaced by tattoos
       Games will be coordinated by Betsie and Ann
       Decorations are set
       The raffle now has 21 sponsors
       $350 has been allocated to buy toys and kid things
       There will not be a square dance calling
    Movie Night – Allie Jewsbury
      Movie night is again sponsored by Dads of Great Students (DOGS) this year and will
      be outdoors in the field behind the school. Movie night is scheduled for May 20th.
      Dinner Night – Allie Jewsbury
       “Dine-out” started today and was reportedly going very well. It will also continue
       tomorrow at California Pizza Kitchen. Participants who plan to dine-out are reminded
       to take a flyer with them. The event is also for take-out.
      5K/Fall Festival – Allie Jewsbury
       The 5K event has been moved and has not been cancelled. This year the 5K will be a
       joint event with the Fall Festival. The PTA is seeking chairs for both the 5K and the
       Fall Festival.
      Girls on the Run – Allie Jewsbury
       GOTR is now open for registration. Please reference the notices that are sent home
       and the link on the PTA website.
      Lego League – Allie Jewsbury
       Volunteers have been found to coach LL and a sponsor has been engaged to help with
       funding for the project. There will be a meeting on Feb 23 for interested parents who
       want to help the coaches.

VI. New Business- Allie Jewsbury
     Dues Increase for school year 2011-2012
       The PTA proposes an increase in dues to $10 per person and $15 per family. A motion
       to approve this proposal was made by Sandee Cooper and seconded by Claudia Kern.
       The dues increase is approved.
     Nominating Committee
       The PTA will be commencing its search to fill open positions on the PTA Board. Allie
       opened the floor for anyone who wanted to be on the nominating committee; none
       were interested. The following are the existing members of the nominating committee
       members: Trang Sabel, Anju Olson, Sarah de Kramer, Robin Nelson, and Karen Marlo.
     Open Positions
       There will likely be several PTA board positions (to include a President-Elect for the
       year after next) available for next year (2011-2012). Board positions will be announced
       in March via the website and through flyers that will be sent home.
     Nominate a Teacher!
       We strongly encourage parents to nominate their child’s teacher to win Virginia's
       Super Teacher Award. Nominations can be submitted via the link on the PTA
       homepage for recognition of our many deserving teachers. WES can nominate more
       than one teacher. The top prize is about $2000. See the link on the PTA Website for
       more details.
     Other Items:
       -SkateQuest to donate hockey sticks for the PE program.
       -School supplies will be available for order online again this year.
       -Kindergarten orientation will be on May 9 .

VII. Adjournment
        - Allie adjourned the meeting at 8:11 PM.

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