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        Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.,
        Chapter 20
                    NATIONAL ARCHIVES
                                                                                                                  May 2005
                                                                                                                   Issue 76

                                        Marines of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines, while under
                                        heavy firefight with NVAs within the DMZ on Operation Hickory
                                        III, carry one of their fellow Marines to the H-34. – July 29, 1967

                                                                                                                          PG. 10-11
                                                                                              Poetry by J.K. Kavanaugh

PG. 3                                                                                                                         PG. 6
Remembering Ted Ives                                                                                          Election Results

                  TOGETHER THEN...TOGETHER NOW
                                   I am writing this late as I have    Agency, Tom Cray and Peter Blind       created a rush in getting out all of
President’s Message           been overwhelmed with school
                              work, a cold that has lasted for three
                                                                       from the VOC, Dan Ryan, Robert
                                                                       VanKeuren, and Kathleen Hidder
                                                                                                              the invitations but Pam and Cindy
                                                                                                              worked extra hard to get it done
                              weeks, a part-time job, working          from the Canandaigua VA. The           and still handle all of the logistics
                              with the organization on the new         first show will air on Irondequoit     of the awards and the dinner plan-
                              TV show and the Annual Dinner            public access by the end of April.     ning. Thanks to both of you for
                              with Pam Holmes, our adminis-            We will be getting a copy of the       your extra efforts. Hopefully we
                              trative assistant, and searching for     first show, which was taped last       will have another big turnout.
                              a full-time job. As I mentioned at       Wednesday, in two weeks. I will             The toughest thing for me to
                              the last membership meeting, this        be able to give you a better idea of   talk about is the health status of
                              will probably be my last year as         the time and place the show will       our members. Yesterday we buried
                              president as I need to slow down                                                Ted Ives, a long-time Marching
                              and readjust my priorities. I will       Much of my efforts this last           Unit member and a very good and
                              continue to give it my all over this                                            brave man. He showed tremendous
                              last year and will focus on trying            month has been spent              courage over the last months of his
                              to encourage and mentor new              working on the public access           fight with cancer and provided all
                              individuals to take over in 2006. It                                            of us with a path to follow as we
                              has been a great experience for me         TV show that the chapter             pass on. The struggle for me and
                              and I must attribute the success of         is sponsoring. Gary Smith           most members is the number of
                              this organization to all of the many                                            members currently battling a simi-
                              volunteers who continue to help           is the producer, and Nancy            lar battle as Ted’s: Dutch DeWolf,
                              make a difference.                         King (VA outpatient Clinic)          Rick Switzer, John Lennox, John
                                   Much of my efforts this last                                               Hrankowski, Bev Prinzing, Wally
                              month has been spent working             and Kathleen Ryan (member              Gekoski, Mick Cole, and several
                              on the public access TV show that        of Chapter 20) are working             others whose cancer is in remis-
                              the chapter is sponsoring. Gary                                                 sion. It is so important that each
                              Smith is the producer, and Nancy            with Gary to handle the             of us stay on top of our health
                              King (VA outpatient Clinic)               logistics and line up speak-          and get regular checkups through
                              and Kathleen Ryan (member of                                                    our doctor or the VA. It is also
                              Chapter 20) are working with             ers, provide a bulletin board          important to think about living
                              Gary to handle the logistics and           of contacts and develop a            wills and health care proxies to
                              line up speakers, provide a bulletin                                            avoid the situation that recently
                              board of contacts and develop a            list of Veterans Tips to be          occurred in Florida and make it
                              list of Veterans Tips to be used on             used on the show.               easier on our families. If any of
                              the show. My wife, Joanne, and                                                  you have not received “Paper Safe”
                              Dave Hooker have provided all of         be available in the next month or      from the National AVVA, please
                              the pictures that will be used on        two.                                   do so. It will help you organize
                              the show and the flags for the set           Joanne and I had the good          your records and provide for your
                              were donated by the VOC. Also,           fortune of visiting her son in         family’s safety. This is not meant
                              the pictures on the wall in the          Washington, D.C., recently, and        to be a lecture but a request. I ask
                              background are those of Mr. Don          Joanne was able to take pictures       you all to pray for our veterans
                              Haefele (deceased). The pictures         of all the different war memorials,    overseas and especially for all our

                              were donated to us by his wife           which we will try to share with all    members and their families with
                              Shirley. Don has two sons who            of you.                                health issues. I wish you all a great
                              are Vietnam veterans. In addition,           The Annual Dinner came up          month and look forward to see-
                              we have received valuable sup-           much faster than usual because it      ing you at the Annual Dinner. As
                              port in content for the show from        has been scheduled right after the     always, God Bless.
        2                     Jim Carra of the Veterans Service        Annual Meeting. The short time                                      Nelson
                                                        Free Fire Zone
In Memory
     Ted Ives, a Marine Corps veteran and long-
time member of Chapter 20’s Marching Unit,
passed away on April 4, 2005, after a long illness.
     In parades, Ted always wore a picture of himself
standing in front of an Ontos, an armored vehicle
which saw service in Vietnam. In recognition of
his many faithful years of service to Chapter 20,
a diorama was constructed showing Ted standing
next to an Ontos. It took the bidding skills of a
chapter member over several months to get an
                                                        BETWEEN THE LINES

Ontos plastic model kit on eBay. The diorama was
built by chapter member and model builder Cecil
Young. The diorama will be a permanent part of
Chapter 20’s traveling display and will be shown
at air shows, museums, mall appearances, veterans’
gatherings, and other events.                              3
                            Marching Unit                        meeting will be held on April 23       May 30, at 1:00 PM at the
Front and Center            Ray Melens, Commander                at Ira. I will report to you in next
                                                                 month’s Between the Lines on any
                                                                                                        Vietnam Veterans Memorial in
                                                                                                        Highland Park. We need name
                                 Unfortunately, I have to start important changes or discussions        readers as well as Marching Unit
                            this month’s report with some pertaining to the Unit as well as             members. Please get in touch
                            sad news. I received word very the 2005 parade season sched-                with me as soon as you can if you
                            early this morning from Brian ule. You will be able to view the             wish to participate.
                            Ives, Ted’s son, that Ted had                                                   Our parade season will
                            passed away. I can only try to                                              officially start with this year’s
                            tell you how angry and betrayed         I just want to say that             Lilac Parade. It’s scheduled for
                            I feel right now, angry with our        all in the Marching Unit            Saturday, May 14, with a 10:30
                            government for spraying Agent                                               AM start time. Formation will
                            Orange on us and then trying to         will sorely miss Ted. He            be in the usual area on Science
                            deny its effects. I feel betrayed      was always up front with             Pkwy. The next parade will be
                            because our own government,                                                 the Irondequoit Memorial Day
                            that put us in harm’s way, can           us (marching with the              parade on Sunday, May 29, at
                            so blatantly deny everything.            banner) and in almost              5:30 PM, and formation will be
                            They have done the same thing                                               in the Titus Avenue and Hudson
                            with our POW/MIA’s. Don’t get           every parade season he              Avenue area. Then on Monday,
                            me wrong. I love our country             had perfect attendance,            May 30, is the downtown
                            with all my heart and I would                                               Memorial Day parade. The start
                            defend her again in an instant.          even while battling his            time for this parade is 10:30 AM
                            But please consider what you are illness, just like the proud               and formation will take place
                            doing to those that defend our                                              on East Avenue and Strathallan
                            country and us with their lives Marine that he was. I will                  Park. This is the only parade
                            and what effects will occur later miss Ted and his smile and                that ALL Vietnam Veterans and
                            on in their lives. Ted and many                                             their children or grandchildren
                            other veterans should never have       the silliness that was Ted.          can march in with us. So if you
                            had to suffer the way he did for        I will have a hard time             know someone who is a Vietnam
                            more than seven years. Enough                                               Veteran that is not a member,
                            of that! I just want to say that all  replacing him on carrying             ask him or her to join us on
                            in the Marching Unit will sorely the banner. Ted, my friend,                Memorial Day and get his or her
                            miss Ted. He was always up front                                            Welcome Home.
                            with us (marching with the ban-        rest in peace and always                 The Honor Guard will meet
                            ner) and in almost every parade            remember us as we                this month on the evening of the
                            season he had perfect attendance,                                           membership meeting at 7:00 PM
                            even while battling his illness,        will carry your memory              upstairs at Ira. Anyone interested
                            just like the proud Marine that           in our hearts forever.            in joining is welcome to attend,
                            he was. I will miss Ted and his                                             and anyone that may want to
                            smile and the silliness that was            SEMPER FI, Marine!              address the Honor Guard also is
                            Ted. I will have a hard time                                                welcome.
                            replacing him on carrying the parade schedule on the Chapter’s                  Until next month...........

                            banner. Ted, my friend, rest in web page. Just go to www.vva20.             AT EASE!!!!!!!!
                            peace and always remember us org and go to the Marching Unit
                            as we will carry your memory in link.
                            our hearts forever. SEMPER FI,            Volunteers are still needed
                                                                                                        Membership Committee
                                                                 for the annual Memorial Day
                                                                                                        Ralph Pascale
       4                         The Marching Unit’s annual ceremony to be held on Monday,                  As this went to press, Chapter
20’s membership is now over                                                        our membership, the

                                                                                                            Front and Center
425 people. We can all give                                                              greater good we
ourselves a pat on the back for        The membership incentives                              can do for
this achievement. Thanks to           continue into the New Year:                              all veter-
everyone for your perseverance                                                                 ans.
and we set a new goal for 2005:                                                                  The
75 new members!                              All new members                                 committee
    The membership incentives                                                               will also be
continue into the New Year:
                                      and anyone who spon-                                 continuing the
    All new members and any-           sors a new member                                  “Membership
one who sponsors a new member                                                            Meeting” give-
will receive his or her choice
                                      will receive his or her                           aways. Everyone
of chapter gear: a baseball cap         choice of chapter gear: a                      who attends a
and t-shirt, or a professional golf                                      membership meeting will be eli-
shirt. All items carry
                                              baseball cap and           gible to enter the drawing for
the Chapter’s logo                          t-shirt, or a professional   a free one-year membership;
embroidered on                                                           life members have their choice
                                                golf shirt. All items    of chapter gear. Meetings give
    In       addi-                               carry the Chapter’s     everyone the chance to make
tion, anyone who                                                         new friends and visit with old
sponsors three or
                                           logo embroidered on it.       ones, so come on down and
more new members will receive                                            enjoy the camaraderie. Until
a beautiful stadium jacket with          In addition, anyone who         next time, have a great month!!
the Chapter insignia patch on
the lapel, retail value of over           sponsors three or more
$300.00.                              new members will receive a
    Congratulations to Sheri
Corona, Dick D’Imperio, Marlin        beautiful stadium jacket with           2005
Plymette and Cecil Young for            the Chapter insignia patch VVA CHAPTER 20
their outstanding efforts! Each
one of these persons sponsored         on the lapel, retail value of M e m b e rs h i p M e e t i n g s
three or more new members and                  over $300.00.          2nd Thursday of the month
received a jacket. Way to go!!
    With that said, I would like                                                    at 7:30 pm
challenge each and every Chapter        Congratulations to Sheri                 (unless otherwise noted)

                                                                             at the Ira Jacobson Post
member: sponsor at least one            Corona, Dick D’Imperio,
new member this year. If every
member sponsors one new mem-              Marlin Plymette and                      May 12
                                                                                    June 9
ber, we can double our member-            Cecil Young for their                     July 7
ship. There will be recruiting
material available at every meet-      outstanding efforts! Each              No August meeting
                                                                                 September 8
ing, including VVA 20 pam-                one of these persons
                                                                                                            BETWEEN THE LINES

phlets which include member-                                                     October 13
ship applications and “Veterans        sponsored three or more                  November 10
                                                                             No December meeting
Wanted” posters. I will be avail-     new members and received
able at the next membership                                                  Steak Roast - Aug. 20
meeting to address any questions         a jacket. Way to go!!
or concerns. I believe the larger
                                                                             Holiday Party - Dec. 5
                                               Canandaigua Medical Center        tem and address their unique

                        tion !                 and Rochester Outpatient
                                                                                 mental health needs. The task

                     lec ults
                                                                                 force is also familiar with risks,

                                               Clinic Iraq/Afghan Returning      exposures and the unique medi-

                    E es                       Veteran Task Force
                                                                                 cal conditions that returning
                                                                                 veterans are presenting with at

                     R                              The VA Rochester Out-
                                                                                     When a veteran seeks care
                                               patient Clinic (ROPC) and at the VA or ROPC, he/she is
                                               Canandaigua VAMC have an registered though the Veterans
                    results of the vote held   Iraq/Afghan Returning Veteran Service Center (VSC) and
                       on April 14, 2005       Task Force working to take care assigned a case manager to assist
                                               of the needs                                         them through
                                               of our new-                                          the VA system.
                      2nd Vice President       est veterans.       This task force is trained Case manage-
                                               These veterans     to help the returning vet- ment can be
                       Rich Isaman             are entitled to                                      as simple as
                                               2 years of free       erans maneuver the VA          a few tele-
                                               health     care     system and address their phone calls
                      Board of Directors       for medical or                                       or as complex
                                               mental health     unique mental health needs. as helping
                       Pete Galle              conditions that       The task force is also         connect the
                      Tom Gleason              MAY be relat-
                                               ed to their ser-
                                                                                                    veteran with
                                                                   familiar with risks, expo- community
                       Skip Snell              vice in Iraq or sures and the unique medi- services, mak-
                                               Afghanistan.                                         ing appoint-
                                                    You may       cal conditions that return- ments and
                       New Nominating          see the acro- ing veterans are presenting providing
                                               nym OIF or                                           supportive
                         Committee             OEF, both of           with at appointments.         counseling.
                      Nelson Peck              which relate to                                      The case man-
                                               the returning veterans.           agers work with the core team
                    Chuck Macaluso                  OIF – Operation Iraqi members and POC’s to coordi-
                                               Freedom                           nate veteran care. The core team
                       Tom Puff                     OEF – Operation Enduring members are specially trained
                     Meg Lewczyk               Freedom                           staff who are aware of the issues
                                                    The Iraq/Afghan Returning and problems unique to return-
                       Skip Snell              Veteran Task Force is also known ing veterans from the Persian
                                               as the OEF/OIF Combat Veteran Gulf area.
                     Sheri Corona              Team. This team is made up of
                                               the Clinical Point of Contact Clinical Point of Contact

                                               (POC), Administrative Point of Pamela Wright, LMSW

                                               Contact, case managers and core 585-393-8154

                                               team members from Behavioral

                                               Health and Outpatient Medical Administrative Point
                                               Services. This task force is of Contact
                                               trained to help the returning Debby James, RN
6                                              veterans maneuver the VA sys- 585-393-7347
You and Your Family are Cordially Invited...
    to a Special Open House Welcoming our Returning
     Troops and Honoring All Those Who Have Served
                      DATE: June 11, 2005
                   TIME: 12:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.
              PLACE: VA Rochester Outpatient Clinic
                 465 Westfall Rd., Rochester, NY

                   Information will be available regarding the following:
                         • Veterans Service Organizations
                         • Reiki Therapy
                         • Enrollment Information & Veterans Benefits
                         • Primary Care
                         • Blood Pressure & Depression Screenings
                         • Vet Center
                         • Local colleges and universities
                         • Women Veterans Services
                         • Door Prizes, Give-Aways and more
        Enjoy soda, coffee and home-baked goods, compliments of our volunteers.
              For more information, call (585) 463-2687 or (585) 393-7348
                                                                                  BETWEEN THE LINES

                    Marching Unit/Honor Guard Dinner Dance Awards
                    Ralph Pascale
                        Reflecting back on January’s Marching Unit/Honor Guard Dinner Dance: it was a fun event with
                    good vittles, good music, and great laughs. And a big thanks and a huge kudos to my fellow committee
                    members: Ray (our fearless leader), Wally (Dog), and Tom Gleason.
                        At this time I would like to thank the following businesses for their support and the donations con-
                    tributed; their contributions helped in making our event a success:

                                                         DAKOTA GRILL
                                                            Roosevelt Highway
                          4th Section Road                     Hilton, NY
                           Brockport, NY

                                                                                                    Ridge Road
                                                                                                    Greece, NY

                          4th Section Road
                           Brockport, NY                                                      DICKY DEE’S
                                                             Empire Boulevard
                                                                                             PASTRY TRAYS
                                                               Webster, NY

                            Lake Road S.
                           Brockport, NY
                                                                                                   East Avenue
                                                               Penfield Road                      Rochester, NY
                       GORDY’S                                  Penfield, NY
                    SERVICE STATION
                                                         GREECE TOWN
                                                            GARAGE                                Bay Town Plaza
                                                                 Ling Road                         Webster, NY
                                                                Greece, NY
                            Winton Place
                            Henrietta, NY

                      PICKEL’S SUBS                            Penfield Road                    Spencerport Road
                            Rochester, NY                       Penfield, NY                       Gates, NY

                             Thank you to Giuseppe’s for donating five gift certificates for the Dinner Dance, and

                          to Dick D-Imperio for securing these certificates. Thank you to everyone who contributed
                              their time and efforts and made the Honor Guard Dinner Dance a huge success!
 Homemade Cheese Gnocchi
    Italian Style Tripe
     Greens & Beans
     Chicken French
    Homemade Pastas
  Hot & Cold Sandwiches

Giuseppe’s                                                        Monday – Thursday
Serving Lunch
       & Dinner                 Mon., Tues. & Wed.                      All Day Long
  Mon.-Thurs.                            11am-2pm                 All-You-Can-Eat
   Fri. & Sat.
                                 Pizza Buffet                            PASTA
                                          all you can eat                   Dine-in only
 11am-9:30pm;                         Pizzas, Wings, Pastas,      including bread & butter, salad,
 Sun. 4pm-9pm                   Roasted Potatoes & Garden Salad       2 meatballs or 2 sausage
                                                                         (first serving only)

     Fish Fry • White Clam Sauce
           Haddock French
    Fish Parmigiana • Broiled Fish                                        Est. 1927
     plus many more Seafood & Italian Specialties
                                                                                                     BETWEEN THE LINES
                                                                                                     BETWEEN THE LINES

                                                                   40 Spencerport Rd.
     All Dishes Available For Take Out                             Formerly FWS Plaza
             Catering Available
                                                                  429-6540 • 426-3397
 Ask Your Server About Our Daily Specials
                                                                Dry Mouth                                J. K. Kavanaugh
                                                                                                                                Lips stiffening,
                                                                                                                                Teeth clenched
                                                                               J. K. Kavanaugh, who served with the
                                                                      U.S. Army in Vietnam, is a life member of VVA.            Silent dry drool.
                                                                                                                                Cracks or splash
                                                                                                                                Foreign tongue...
                                                                                                                                Crickets and frogs
                                                                                                                                Hide from both sides.
                                                                                                                                Engage... fire!
                                                                                                                                Stenchy smog,
                                                                                                                                Move the dead.
                                                                                                                                Swigging tin.
                                                                                                                                March on.
                     Dak To, South Vietnam. An infantry patrol moves up to assault the last Viet Cong position after an
                     attempted overrun of the artillery position by the Viet Cong during Operation Hawthorne. – June 7, 1966
                     NATIONAL ARCHIVES

                                            Veterans, the following businesses have referred and participated
                                               in support of the VVA Chapter 20 Car Donation Program.
                                         Please return the support by recommending and using their business!
                                            — Cindy Rowley, Administrative Manager,VVA 20 Car Donation Program, LLC

                                 MARCO WHEEL                               FERRELS GARAGE                                      WADE’S AUTOMOTIVE
                                   SERVICE                                    365 University Avenue                             DIAL-A-TIRE, INC.
                                     525 West Avenue                          Rochester, NY 14607                                   111 S. Main Street
                                    Rochester, NY 14611                            454-5649                                        Fairport, NY 14450
                                         235-0565                                Thank you, Paul!                                   Thank you, Marcy!
                                       Thank you, Jeff!

                                                                                                              AUTOMOTIVE GROUP
                                                                                                               2445 Rochester Road, Route 332
                                                                                                                   Canandaigua, NY 14424

10                                                                                                                Thank you, Dan Staversky!
                                                                   An aerial view of the Viet
                                                                      Cong infested Tay Ninh
                                                                 Province 45 miles northwest
                                                               of Saigon. – October 3, 1962.
                                                                                   NATIONAL ARCHIVES

the                 J. K. Kavanaugh
                                      Far from home today
                                      And all my love

      One mile in the sky
                                      Leaving pleasure life
                                      While friends stay.

                                      Sailing down
      Looking down below me           Approaching to see
      Peaceful white clouds           Mortar holes
      And ocean’s blue dye.           War town be.

      I’m filled with fear            Sensuality has past
                                                                                                       BETWEEN THE LINES

      Something new to come           Landing into Saigon
      Controversy lives below         Heat hitting me fierce
      Bringing misery to some.        Future pray come fast.
                       Vietnam Veterans of America                                                Vietnam Veterans of America
                      CHAPTER 20 Car Donation, LLC
                                                                                                THRIFT STORE, CHAPTER 20, LLC
                                                                                                 1199 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609

                                                                                                               9:00am - 5:00pm
                        Call 224-8484                                                                  Car Donations 8:30am - 5:00pm
                                                                                                 Truck Pick-up: 9am - 4:30pm (weather permitting)

                                                                                                                       ~ Delivery Available ~
                                                                                                                      Truck Pick-up #482-8016
                                                                                                                       Thrift Store #482-8036
                                    AUTO PARTS
                                    Where Being a Part                                                                 All donations go to the Thrift
                                is What Brings Us Together                                                             Store at the address above.
                                                             ★ Engines
                                                             ★ Transmissions
                                                             ★ Body Parts
                        SERVICE FOR HARD
                                                             ★ Radiators
                            TO FIND                                                                                      SENATOR
                                                             ★ Gas Tanks                                             JOSEPH E. ROBACH
                          AUTO PARTS
                                                             ★ Electrical
                        COAST TO COAST
                                                             ★ And More

                     101 DAY WARRANTY ON ALL USED PARTS

                                     NEW RADIATORS AT
                                        LOW PRICES
                                                                                                FREEDOM FLAG CO., INC.
                                                                                                419 Embury Rd. Rochester, NY 14625
                        424-1200                                                                          (585) 671-0624
                                                                                                              Richard Burgey
                                   2996 West Henrietta Rd.
                              1/4 Mile North of Marketplace Mall
                                                                                                   Flagpoles and Accessories
                                                                                                   Flags - USA & International
                                                                                                      Installation & Repair
                                                                                                     Custom Banners / Flags

                     The only store where you can buy America’s Flag from America’s Veterans.

                                                             WILLIAM                             Veteran owned and operated
                        Retail Sales Assistant
                                           Director of Retail Operations Operating Officer
                                                    Treasurer & Chief                             full service FLAG company.
                               455 South Avenue                     Tel: 585-546-FLAG            Serving the area for 20 years.
                               Rochester, NY 14620                  Fax: 585-546-5978
                                  A project of the Veterans Outreach Center, Inc.
                                                                                DAVID J. KAUFMAN POST #41
                                                                                  JEWISH WAR VETERANS

                                                                             THE OLDEST ACTIVE VETERANS
                                                                             SUPPORTS THE VIETNAM VETS

                                                                LARRY SCHULMAN, QUARTERMASTER, 271-6967

                                                                          Chapter 179 Rochester, NY
                                                                          Commander...Al Richter
                                                                          Adjutant/Cfo...Lawrence N. Izzo
                                                                          Sgt. At Arms...Ed Weeks
                                                                          Welfare Officer... Anthony Giralico
                                                                          Chaplain...Ray Wagner

                                                                                                      � ����������������
                                                                                              �          �                �
                                                                                              ���� ��������
                                                                                              ���������������������� ������
                                                                                        � ����������������������� �������������� �
                                                                                                     � ������������ �������
                                                                                            � ������������������������ � �����
                                                                                            �        ��
                                                                                                   �                     �
                                                                                              � ����������������
                                                                                              � �������������������� ��������


Medals, Badges, Patches, Ribbons, Caps           C.M.
Clothing, Boots, Gear, Buckles, Flags,
Award Cases, Military Rings and Watches   Gifts and Militaria
                                               Est: 1987
                                                                CHUCK MACALUSO
                                                                Plumbing & Electrical
                                                                Installation & Repairs

                                                                  Phone 585.225.8288
Charles Rabidoux                              497 Stone Road      Pager 585.277.8288
USMC 1957-61                              Rochester, NY 14616
2nd Mar. Div.                                  (585) 865-7370

                                                                                                                                     BETWEEN THE LINES

                                                                                              Formerly: Problem Pregnancy
                                                                                                   Help Center, Inc.
                                                                                           3252 Lake Avenue
                                                                                        Rochester NY 14612-5449
                                                                                            (585) 865-0360

     Work done at Ira Jacobson and the VVA Thrift Store
                     MAKE A CONNECTION

                                 We’re building lists of available members
                                   to participate in occasional events:

                                        Attend a funeral for a fellow Veteran

                     Work on a committee to create phone/email tree for improved communication

                              Help with occasional Chapter Gear inventory and/or sales

                                     Staff an information table at various events

                                Participate at school, scouting or other presentations

                     This is an opportunity to help without a routine commitment.

                      Can you find some time to help in any of these endeavors?
                                    Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy Stone,
                                     at 663-5638 or,
                                     or call the VVA Chapter 20 Office at 482-7396.
                  U.S. Army

                          Maj. Hugh Shoults, an operations officer for Task Force Dragon, XVIII Airborne Corps, in Iraq,
                          is the third generation of Shoults to carry this particular bugle into a combat zone. The tradi-
                          tion began with his grandfather, who carried it into battle during World War I. The major’s
                          father and uncle later carried the bugle into battle in World War II and then Vietnam. Shoults,
                          38, hails from Spokane, Wash.

Two National Cemeteries
          ECH TAPS
EC H O TA P S H O TA P S                                                                EC H O TA P S
      On May 21, 2005, there will be an attempt to connect two national cemeter-
   ies with a line of buglers playing Taps. This unique tribute to our veterans will require
   600 buglers to form an audible connection between Woodlawn National Cemetery
   in Elmira, New York, and Bath National Cemetery in Bath, New York, a distance of
   41 miles.
     Individuals and organizations are asked to participate to honor our veterans, raise
   awareness of the need for buglers to play military burial honors for those who have
   served and passed, and establish a Guinness world record.
                                                                                                                             BETWEEN THE LINES

      All are invited to be part of this event as a player or volunteer. Additional details
   are available for your band, corps, or organization at, or e-mail, or phone 607-937-5619.
     Players are only required to play one rendition of Taps.
                            Peter M Galle                      with the exception of the coin     practice military courtesy...
Front and Center            Email:          machines in the casual and cadre
                                                               clubs is not authorized...         Mail Service
                            Landline: (585) 272-9873
                                                                    During your stay with the         Out-going: There are three
                            This should be interesting read-   90th Replacement Battalion         areas where outgoing mail can
                            ing for those of us who passed     the only authorized uniform is     be deposited... Letter mail, post
                            through replacement compa-         fatigues, boots, and field caps.   cards, magnetic voice tapes to the
                            nies.                              The fatigue jacket will be worn    USA, its possessions, and all U.S.
                                                               inside the trousers and trousers   Military APO numbers, is mailed
                         properly bloused. Shirt sleeves    free provided the word “Free” is
                            90threplacementbattalion.html      will either be worn down, or       written in the upper right hand
                                                               rolled neatly above the elbow.     corner of the envelope in place of
                                                                    Casual personnel will shave   the postage stamp... On the upper
                            Welcome to the 90th                daily, keep a neat haircut, and    left hand corner of the enve-
                            Replacement Battallion
                            General Information                You are now at the 90th Replacement Battalion, which is
                                You are now at the 90th         located approximately 22 miles northeast of Saigon. It is
                            Replacement Battalion, which is
                            located approximately 22 miles       part of a huge U. S. complex known as Long Binh Post,
                            northeast of Saigon. It is part       which has recently become the home of Headquarters,
                            of a huge U. S. complex known
                            as Long Binh Post, which has       United States Army Vietnam...Since all casual personnel are
                            recently become the home of           on stand-by for shipment at all times, and in view of
                            Headquarters, United States
                            Army Vietnam...                    the fact that the entire area immediately adjacent to the
                                Since all casual personnel     compound is OFF-LIMITS, all casual personnel are restrict-
                            are on stand-by for shipment
                            at all times, and in view of           ed to the limits of the compound during their stay.
                            the fact that the
                            entire area imme-
                            diately adjacent to
                            the compound is
                            OFF-LIMITS, all
                            casual personnel
                            are restricted to the
                            limits of the com-
                            pound during their
                                Gambling and
                            games of chance
                            involving         the

                            exchange of money,

                                 Map of the 90th
16                                     Battallion
lope you must put your RANK,                                           serves all incoming replacements

                                                                                                            Virtual Vet
NAME, SERVICE NUMBER,                  You MUST exchange ALL           E-6 and below...
PERSONAL MAIL SECTION,                                                      Mess hall number one serves
APO SAN FRANCISCO 96599              U.S. currency (Greenbacks)        all stateside returnees, incoun-
as a return address or the mail     and coins (except pennies),        try transients, officer replace-
will go postage due. Do not use                                        ments and NCO replacements
the 90th Replacement Battalion      money orders and travelers         in grades E-7 and above...
as a return address. This will      checks for Military Payment             Officers may eat in either
only delay your return mail. Wait                                      mess hall number one or in the
until you reach your new unit of    Certificates (MPC)...It is ille-   Officers Club...
assignment before using a per-       gal to possess greenbacks              Religious Services –
manent return address.                                                      Protestant:         General
    In-coming: Check the mail          in Vietnam; possession is       Protestant Worship Services
room (in back of quonset num-         punishable by court-mar-         are held each Sunday at 0930
ber four) twice each day for any                                       hours. In addition, Communion
mail that may have been for-            tial. It is recommended        Services are held on the first
warded to you. Check once at         that personnel purchase a         Sunday of each month after the
approximately 1100 hours and                                           regular services.
again at 1800 hours...                small amount of piasters              Catholic: Roman Catholic
                                      (Vietnamese currency) for        Mass and Confessions are held
Currency Exchange                                                      each Sunday at 1030 hours
     You MUST exchange ALL          use in the Vietnamese con-         and weekdays at 0645 hours.
U. S. currency (Greenbacks) and      cessions on the compound.         Catholic Confessions are also
coins (except pennies), money                                          held each Saturday from 1900
orders and travelers checks for                                        hours until 2000 hours.
Military Payment Certificates         Movies for EM are shown               All Religious Services are
(MPC). This is required by                                             held in mess hall number three,
MACV Directive 37-6. It is           each evening in the main          directly across from mess hall
illegal to possess greenbacks in    formation area of the 18th         number two.
Vietnam; possession is punish-                                              Post Exchange: The 90th
able by court-martial. It is rec-     Replacement Company at           Replacement Battalion PX is
ommended that personnel pur-          1930 hours. Immediately          one of the finest in Vietnam.
chase a small amount of piasters                                       You are invited to come in and
(Vietnamese currency) for use        preceding the feature pre-        fulfill your shopping needs...
in the Vietnamese concessions          sentation, a 40 minute               Officers     Club:       The
on the compound. Barber, laun-                                         Officers Club is located directly
dry, and tailoring service must      orientation film “A Nation        across the street from Officers
be paid for with piasters. The       Builds Under Fire” will be        Processing...
exchange rate is 118 piasters per                                           Casual NCO Club: Casual
1 American dollar. The mini-        shown. This film is manda-         NCO’s in grade E-6 and above
mum amount that may be pur-          tory for all casual person-       may utilize the NCO section of
chased is $5.00 = 590 piasters.                                        the Ponderosa Club...
                                                                                                            BETWEEN THE LINES

This amount should be suffi-          nel. A movie will also be             Casual       EM        Club
cient for your stay at the 90th        shown nightly at 1930           (Ponderosa): Casual person-
Replacement Battalion.                                                 nel in grades E-5 and below
                                      hours for officers in the        may utilize the Ponderosa Club,
Facilities                           officer orientation building.     which serves soft drinks, sand-
     Mess: Mess hall number two                                                           cont’d on p. 20      17
                              Volunteer for the AIRShow!
                     Have Fun and Help Veterans Outreach Center!

                              Veterans Outreach Center is the charity of record

                                   for the 2005 Thunderbirds Air Show!
                     Contact Sheri Whyte today at VOC - 546-1081 or
18                         if you can volunteer to work at the Air Show June 11th or 12th !!
   12th Annual
   VOC Flag Day

                                                         11th Annual VOC
                                                         Golf Tournament
         Monday, June 14, 2005                           Monday, June 27, 2005
           (June 11 & 12, too!)                          at Penfield Country Club
  Volunteers from businesses, organiza-                  Sponsors, golfers and raffle prizes are
     tions and schools are needed to cel-                needed. Registration and lunch begin
    ebrate Flag Day & collect contribu-                  at 11:30 a.m., followed by a shotgun
    tions for Veterans Outreach Center.                  start at 1:00 p.m.
    Please volunteer a few hours of your
  time at a location convenient for you!

      The scars of war are deep, life-altering and slow to heal. The Veterans Outreach Center
  proactively reaches out to veterans in need who continue to suffer in silence—battling personal
 wars that can be won, with our help. The VOC’s collaborative approach to treatment cares for the
                                                                                                    BETWEEN THE LINES

   whole person; veterans receive the breadth of services needed to regain their mental, physical
     and economic health, reconnect with themselves and society, and resume productive lives.

Special thanks to our major sponsor... Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20.
  For more information on these events, please call Marina at 585/546-1081
                      or email her at!
                            cont’d from p. 17                                                      Red Cross: Red Cross rep-
Front and Center            wiches, pizzas, ice
                            cream, and other
                                                                                              resentatives are available in the
                                                                                              259th Replacement Company
                            snack items. Beer                                                 area (building number two) to
                            is served after                                                   assist you with immediate finan-
                            duty hours...                                                     cial problems and other emer-
                                Barber                                                        gencies.
                            shop:       The                                    Red Alert:          Veterans Administration:
                            barber shop is                                                    Representatives from the
                            located directly                                Notification of   VA are available in the 259th
                            to the rear of the Post                       a red alert will    Replacement Company area
                            Exchange. Haircuts                                                (building number twelve).
                            cost 35 piasters, about $.30 in        be incoming artillery,     They will give you information,
                            U. S. money...                        mortar rounds or one        advice, and assistance covering
                                Laundry and Tailoring:                                        all VA benefits to which you
                            Laundry and tailoring ser-               long blast on the        may be entitled.
                            vice is available in the barber          post siren. Hit the
                            shop building. Laundry will be                                    Alert Plan
                            returned no sooner than two         ground immediately. If a           In the event an alert should
                            days after received...              drainage ditch is nearby,     be called follow these instruc-
                                Medical Facilities: A well                                    tions carefully and those given
                            equipped Medical and Dental          move quickly into it. If     by battalion cadre personnel.
                            Dispensary is located on the          you are in the billets           Yellow Alert: Notification
                            West side of the main formation                                   will be three short blasts on the
                            area. Sick call is at 0900 hours     crawl under a bed and        alert siren, or by announcement
                            each morning. EM desiring to          cover yourself with a       over the PA system. If an alert is
                            go on sick call must contact                                      called, go immediately to your
                            the First Sergeant of the 18th         mattress. If available,    assigned quarters and await fur-
                            Replacement Company. Officer         pull your duffle bag in      ther instructions.
                            personnel desiring to go on sick                                       Red Alert: Notification of
                            call will report to the 381st        close to you for added       a red alert will be incoming
                            Orderly Room where transpor-        protection. Remain where      artillery, mortar rounds or one
                            tation to the dispensary will be                                  long blast on the post siren. Hit
                            provided. Emergencies will be       you are until given the       the ground immediately. If a
                            treated on a 24 hour basis.           all clear signal. In the    drainage ditch is nearby, move
                                Movies: Movies for EM                                         quickly into it. If you are in the
                            are shown each evening in the       event of a ground attack      billets crawl under a bed and
                            main formation area of the 18th     (which is highly unlikely)    cover yourself with a mattress.
                            Replacement Company at 1930                                       If available, pull your duffle bag
                            hours. Immediately preced-             remain indoors and         in close to you for added pro-
                            ing the feature presentation, a      stay out of the way of       tection. Remain where you are
                            40 minute orientation film “A                                     until given the all clear sig-
                                                                cadre personnel who are

                            Nation Builds Under Fire” will                                    nal. In the event of a ground
                            be shown. This film is manda-       trained and equipped to       attack (which is highly unlikely)
                            tory for all casual personnel. A                                  remain indoors and stay out
                            movie will also be shown nightly      react to the situation.     of the way of cadre personnel
                            at 1930 hours for officers in the                                 who are trained and equipped to
20                          officer orientation building.                                     react to the situation.
               Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 20
                    Membership Application
       Mail to: Vietnam Veterans of America, 1199 E. Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609
Name: ________________________________ Date of Birth: _________________ Sex: M / F

Address: _______________________________                     Home Phone: (_____) ____________________

City: __________________________________                     Work Phone: (_____) ____________________

Zip: _______________ Country: ___________                    E-mail Address: ___________________ W / H

Chapter # ________ (if known) ____________                   Sponsor: _______________________________

I am not a Vietnam veteran, but I want to help Vietnam veterans and their families.
Please accept my donation: ________________ ❑ AVVA Membership
_______$10 _______$20 _______$50 _______Other ($_______)

Eligibility: Vietnam and Vietnam-era veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. Military (for other than training
purposes) between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975 (in-country Vietnam), or between August 5, 1964 and May 7,
1975 (for Vietnam-era veterans). Return this application along with a copy of your DD214.

Term: _____ 1 year ($20) _____3 years ($50) _____ Life Membership:                       $250 (ages 49 and under)
                                                                                         $225 (ages 50-55)
                                                                                         $200 (ages 56-60)
                                                                                         $175 (ages 61-65)
                                                                                         $150 (ages 66 and over)
Payment Option: _______ Check _______ Money Order

                                 VVA is a non-profit veterans service organization.
                       Programs and services are funded by member dues and public donations.

              BETWEEN THE LINES
     Between the Lines is published monthly by               something on disk, call the office (585-482-7396)
Chapter 20, Vietnam Veterans of America. The                 to check on compatibility. If you want your manu-
views and opinions expressed are not necessarily             script returned, include a self-addressed envelope
those of Chapter 20, or the Vietnam Veterans of              with postage. We reserve the right not to use mate-
America, its officers, board of directors, or the gen-       rials we think are not appropriate for the publica-
eral membership. No subscription fee is charged for          tion, and to edit for space and clarity. We’d also like
                                                                                                                        BETWEEN THE LINES

this publication, and inclusion on the mailing list is       to have a phone number as well as your name in
available on request.                                        case there are any questions.
     We welcome letters to the editor, poetry, origi-             The deadline for submissions intended for a
nal articles, and suggestions. Submissions can be            particular month’s issue is the 5th of the preceding
sent to: Between the Lines, 1199 E. Main Street,
Rochester, New York 14609. If you want to submit
                                                             month. If the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday, the
                                                             deadline is the first business day following the 5th.         21
                                Help Build
                     Veterans Walk
                          at the Rochester Vietnam
                              Veterans Memorial
                                                                                      Any past or present member of
                     Name: _______________________________________                    the United States Armed Services,
                                                                                      Active or Reserve, is eligible. Simply
                     Address:______________________________________                   fill out and mail the completed form
                     City/Zip:______________________________________                  to the Veterans Walk Committee
                                                                                      at PO Box 92402, Rochester, New
                     Phone: _______________________________________                   York 14692.

                     The Veterans Walk Committee of Chapter 20, VVA want to thank you for your purchase of
                     a personalized, engraved paver brick. Each paver brick (4” x 8”) can have from one to three lines of
                     engraved information. The cost will be $50.00 per brick. Make checks or money order payable to:
                     VVA Chapter 20, Veterans Walk.

                     The engraved line(s) can include any of the following information:
                                                                                                SAMPLE BRICK
                      • Full name
                      • Branch of service, rank                                                   PFC John Doe
                      • Dates of service (1967-1969, etc.)                                          US Army
                      • Conflict (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, etc.)                       65-67 Vietnam

                     Please print the information you would like engraved on the brick below. (Maximum of 14 letters/
                     numbers, including spaces per line).




                           When you return the completed form to the Veterans Walk Committee at
                                                       P.O. Box 92402,

                                                  Rochester, New York 14692,
                            please include your payment and “Proof of Service” for above recipient.
                                         Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 20

                                                                                                                                                    Numbers to Know
                                        1199 E. Main Street, Rochester, NY 14609
                                 (585) 482-7396 • Fax (585) 482-5513 •
                       CHAPTER OFFICERS                                          VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS AND INFORMATION
President: Nelson Peck ...........................723-6267 (h)           Ira Jacobson American Legion Post #474 ..... 663-7030
1st Vice President: Nick DeLeo...............334-7043 (h)                VA Clinic - 465 Westfall Road ..................... 463-2600
2nd Vice President: Rich Isaman.............594-8022 (h)                 Veterans Outreach Center ............................ 546-1081
Secretary: Pat Pudetti ..............................482-2387 (h)        Vet Center .................................................... 232-5040
Treasurer: Bill Reddy ...............................227-1264 (h)        Veterans Administration ........................ 800-827-1000
                                                                         NYS Council....................................... 888-678-VETS
                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                  Monroe County Veterans Service Agency ..... 274-6040
Dan Corona ............................................349-1828 (h)           e-mail:
Pete Galle ...............................................272-9873 (h)   Veterans Benefits Hotline ...................... 800-827-1000
Wally Gekoski .........................................659-2563 (h)      “Veterans Bill of Rights”........................ 800-342-3358
Tom Gleason ..........................................638-7805 (h)       VA Hospital in Batavia ................................. 343-7500
Joe Harkness ...........................................889-9728 (h)     VA Hospital in Buffalo................................. 834-9200
Dave Hooker...........................................544-8815 (h)       VA Medical Center in Canandaigua ............. 394-2000
Meg Lewczyk .........................................381-3036 (h)        VA Medical Center in Bath ................... 607-664-2111
Dick Oleksyn .........................................663-5255 (h)       V.V. of America in Washington ........... 800-VVA-1316
Ralph Pascale ..........................................755-2560 (h)     V.V. Memorial Fund “The Wall” ........... 202-393-0090
Marlin Plymette ......................................924-3859 (h)       Nat.’l Lge. of Fam. MIA/POW Updates.. 202-223-6846
Jack Prinzing ..........................................624-4891 (h)     Richards House ............................................ 506-9060
Skip Snell                                                               The Resource Center.................................... 546-4250
                                                                         Stars & Stripes ............................................. 546-3524
                                                                         Persian Gulf Vets, Inc. .................................. 385-4097
                     COMMITTEE CONTACTS                                  Operation Welcome Home .......................... 234-4694
Agent Orange/Health Care ......Sue Oleksyn 663-5255
AVVA ..................................... Meg Lewczyk 381-3036                           MISCELLANEOUS
Between The Lines .............Bruce McDaniel 482-5314 VVA 20 Thrift Store, LLC Mgmt., Ruth Close.....482-8036
Chaplain ................................ Tom Gleason 638-7805
Chapter Gear .....................Joseph Harkness 889-9728 VVA Vehicle Donation Pick-up, Cindy Rowley ....224-8484
Comm. Service/Pub. Affairs ....Jack Prinzing 624-4891     OR
Constitution...............................Fred Elliott 288-5756 VVA Chapter 20, Pam Holmes .............................482-7396
Finance ....................................Rich Isaman 594-8022
Historian ................................ Dave Hooker 544-8815
Marching Unit .......................... Ray Melens 392-2079      VVA CH. 20 BOARD OF DIRECTORS MTG. ATTENDANCE
Membership ........................... Ralph Pascale 755-2560 NAME                        1/10  3/7  5/2     7/11      9/6   11/7
OWH Liaison .........................Sheri Corona 349-1828 President: Peck, Nelson          X    X
POW/MIA ................. Gail Bologna-Melens 392-2079 1st V. Pres: DeLeo, Nick             X    X
Scholarship................................Alice Popen 247-1024 2nd V. Pres: Isaman, Rich   X    X
Traveling Education Display ........Pete Galle 272-9873 Secretary: Pudetti, Pat             X    E
Veterans Affairs/Benefits............. Pat Pudetti 482-2387 Treasurer: Reddy, Bill          E    E
Veterans Walk ................... Chuck Macaluso 225-8288 Corona, Dan                       X    E
Volunteer Coordinator ............. Kathy Stone 663-5638 Galle, Pete                        X    X
                                                                         Gekoski, Wally             X       X
                                                                         Gleason, Tom               X       X
                WEB SITES/E-MAIL ADDRESSES                               Harkness, Joe              X       X
                                                                                                                                                    BETWEEN THE LINES

Veterans Widows International Network                                    Hooker, Dave               X       X                                           Lewczyk, Meg               X       X
NYS Department Health:                                                   Oleksyn, Dick              X       X                                        Pascale, Ralph             X       E
Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Highland Park:                              Plymette, Marlin           X       X                                       Prinzing, Jack             E       E

                                                                         Snell, Skip
Operation Welcome Home:                                                               X=Present E=Excused A=Absent
                                                              May 2005
      SUNDAY               MONDAY                 TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY THURSDAY   FRIDAY                                                  SATURDAY
 1                    2                       3                        4         5        6                                                     7
                      Board of Directors                                                           Holocaust                                     Birthday
                           Meeting                                                              Remembrance Day                                  to Rusty Kurtz
 8                    9                       10                       11                      12                       13                      14
                                               Happy                                                Membership
 Mother’s                                      Birthday                                              Meeting                                        Lilac Parade
 Day                                           to Fred Elliot                                        7:30 PM                                          10:30 AM
 15                   16                      17                       18                      19                       20                      21
                                                                       to Marlin Plymette
 22                   23                      24                       25                      26                       27                      28

 29                   30                      31
   Irondequoit            Memorial Day
Memorial Day Parade       Highland Park
     5:30 PM                 1:00 PM
              If you would like your Birthday or Anniversary included on the BTL calendar, please call the office at 482-7396 or E-mail

                    Vietnam Veterans of America                                                                                                  NON-PROFIT ORG.
                    Chapter 20, Rochester, NY Inc.                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                    1199 E. Main Street                                                                                                                 PAID
                    Rochester, NY 14609                                                                                                           ROCHESTER, NY
                                                                                                                                                  Permit No. 439

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