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					              Northfield St. Nicholas Primary School

                    Induction for New Employees

This document aims to establish a clear framework for the induction of
all new employees to the above school. For Newly Qualified Teachers, the
school will follow guidelines laid down by the Teacher Training Agency
(TTA, 1999) and also additional guidance from the Local Authority.

Following appointment a mentor will be appointed and arrangements made
to support the new employee. It may be necessary for the mentor and
employee to meet before the start date to plan opportunities for

The mentor will be available as a source of information, support and

The attached checklist is available as a guide to the information needed
by the new employee and is completed as necessary.

During the first year personal development goals can be set and agreed
by the mentor and employee.

Training needs may be identified and planned for, budgets permitting.

The induction checklist will be filed in the employee’s personal file in the
Headteacher’s Office when complete.

The employee will become part of the whole school performance
management cycle at the end of an agreed induction period and a team
leader will be assigned.

The Headteacher is always available if the employee has any other needs
not met by the induction process.

July 2009
               Northfield St. Nicholas Primary School

                     Northfield St. Nicholas CP School

                        Induction for New Employees


                      Item                                 Date          Initial
                                                  Target          Done    Mgr
Staff Handbook
Job description (including responsibilities and
reporting lines)
Terms and Conditions (including hours, pay,
bank details, benefits, etc)
School Brochure
Introduction to line manager
Introduction to staff
Introduction to mentor (if applicable)
Safeguarding Policy

Golden Rules and Golden Time
Behaviour Policy
Learning and Teaching Policy
Playtime Duties

Health and Safety
Health and Safety induction training
Emergency Evacuation
First Aid and Control of Medicines
Health and safety and the Law booklet

Satisfactory completion of induction and
updated personal development goals

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