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Lesson Plan Outline - DOC 11 by vIPDym06


									                                                                                            Interactive Read Aloud – The Three Pigs
                                                          Lesson Plan Outline
                                                       Education Division
                                                       Mercyhurst College
Pre-service Teacher: Leigh Anne Kraemer                                  Date: 9-23-4
Age/ grade level: Kindergarten                                           Time: 12:15 – 12:30
Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Pittock                                        School: Lincoln Elementary

TYPE: Whole group

CONCEPT: Interactive Read Aloud – The Three Pigs

 Lincoln Elementary Kindergarten Reading Curriculum Map (Fall)
    Oral Comprehension: Make predictions based on current story details and personal experiences.
    Reading/Analyzing, Interpreting Literature: Listen to various selections of literature.
    Listening and Speaking: Respond to questions being asked.
 Pennsylvania Early Childhood Learning Continuum Reading (Pre-K – K)
    1.1 Learning to Read Independently: D. Use self-monitoring comprehension strategies.
    1.3 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature: A. Respond to and discuss a variety of literature through read alouds and
     shared reading.
    1.6 Speaking and Listening: B. Listen to a selection of literature and share information and ideas.

 Given an oral reading of The Three Pigs the teacher will model predicting and comprehension skills for the students.

 The teacher will informally assess student attentiveness and interaction during the read aloud based on student contributions to
   discussions, and willingness to respond to questioning.

MATERIALS NEEDED: The Three Pigs by David Wisner

1. Anticipatory Set:
    The teacher will say, “Boys and girls, have you ever wanted to completely change everything around you and decide to go
       somewhere else? Did you ever wish you could just switch from one place to the next?” The teacher and students will briefly
2. Activating Prior Knowledge:
    The teacher will review the word predicting and the concept during the read-aloud.
3. Presentation:
    The teacher will read The Three Pigs to the class. Guiding Questions: “Wait a minute! That pig just crawled out of the picture
       – this doesn’t look like it is going to be your regular Three Little Pigs story. I think something different is going on here…
       That pig looks like he is pulling his friend out of the pictures too – I wonder what they are going to do. I predict that
       something different is going to happen in this story that in the normal story of The Three Little Pigs... I predict that the pigs
       are going to go somewhere without the wolf in their paper airplane. I think they will take a nice vacation somewhere… It
       looks like I predicted wrong – these pigs ended up in another story. Hey, I see pictures of a cat with a violin, and a cow, and
       a dish and spoon. From this picture, I think it looks like the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle. Let’s look at the words. It is
       that nursery rhyme, let’s say it together. I wonder where the pigs will go next… Oh no! They went to a dragon. That’s worse
       than a wolf! I bet the dragon will chase or eat the pigs. I hope they are ok, let’s check out my prediction to see if I am right.”
4. Closure:
    The teacher will say to the class, “This certainly was a different story. I could tell by the pictures first that this wasn’t a
       regular three little pigs story. Then I predicted that some new and exciting things would happen. Do you think you could
       change a story that we all know to make it more interesting? How can you make words that everyone knows seem more
       exciting?” The class will briefly discuss.

BACK-UP ACTIVITIES: None. The teacher will move onto the next activity, regardless of time.
                                                                          Interactive Read Aloud – The Three Pigs
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