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					                           Manager: Employer Partnerships
                                  Job Description

Program Objective: Lead and develop a strong employer relations and recruitment
strategy. Reach out and evaluate other programs for best practices; implement and
expand CORE’s Employer Partnership Program. Develop lasting relationships with
employer partners and placement agencies in order to build a sustainable Job Placement
program where students/graduates are encouraged to take ownership of their future and
where employer partners recognize Computer C.O.R.E. as a value-added benefit.

Goal: To establish and sustain relationships with corporations and local employers as
partners with CORE: as primary recruiters of CORE students and recent graduates, as
engaged volunteers and partners with CORE, and as donors to CORE.


Develop lasting relationships with employer partners and placement agencies in order to
build and sustain a successful job placement program.
     Locate job opportunities and connect CORE graduates to those opportunities,
        whether it is to make career changes, to obtain new jobs, and/or to get pay raises.
     Develop program plan, processes and other resources to support student and
        graduate job placements.
     Network with corporations and community businesses to find job openings for
        CORE students and alumni.
     Connect students and graduates to employers based on good match of skills to
        employer needs.

Collaborate with CORE volunteers to engage them and their employers, when possible,
    in job placement
    in corporate volunteering
    in making corporate in-kind and financial contributions to CORE.

Market and recruit corporate partners who will support CORE through financial
contributions, special events for CORE and/or volunteering at CORE.

Recruit and provide orientation for business professionals to serve as one-on-one mentors
to CORE students who are accepted as mentees.

Track successful graduates and develop success stories for use in CORE marketing

Manage, publicize and attend CORE’s monthly Career Connections Job-Seekers’
Networking Group, held monthly.
Develop and manage CORE’s enhancement workshop program. Duties include
recruiting volunteer instructors, and marketing the workshops throughout the community.

Solicit corporate support for CORE’s annual fundraiser as well as plan and execute the
event’s silent auction.

Qualifications: Past experience in sales, fundraising, and/or recruiting. Proficient at
networking. Excellent speaking and writing skills. Solid professional demeanor.
Connected in the community, both with the business and philanthropic leaders.

Ability to work successfully in the nonprofit environment – where space and other
resources are limited. Ability to connect with CORE's culturally diverse student

Willing and able to work a flexible work schedule to include evenings and Saturdays, as
necessary, to connect with CORE students, graduates, and volunteers.

CORE’s Dashboard: CORE is committed to tracking its success as an organization as
well as the success of our students and volunteers. Metrics that fall under the Manager of
Employer Partnerships are: corporate engagement with CORE students and graduates,
corporate contributions and in-kind support, enhancement workshop revenue, and
corporate support/auction revenue at our annual fundraiser.

Benefits: Opportunity to have a job you love and one in which you are changing lives in
our community every day. Opportunity to network broadly in the community. Sick leave
and vacation accrues monthly. Contribution toward health plan. Retirement plan with up
to 5% matching.

Commitment: Position is exempt with a 40 hour work week. Evenings and weekends

To Apply: Please send cover letter and resume to Lynn O’Connell at by May 25.

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