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									R525.    Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health, State
R525-7. Complaints/Suggestions/Concerns.
R525-7-1. Authority and Purpose.
      (1) This rule is promulgated under the authority of Section
      (2) The purpose of this rule is to explain the process for
patients and their family members to register complaints, suggestions
and concerns.
R525-7-2. Patient and Family Members May Register Complaints.
     Patients and/or their family members may register a
complaint/suggestion/concern about the hospital to any hospital staff
R525-7-3. Complaints/Suggestions/Concerns Are Reviewed.
     Complaints/suggestions/concerns are reviewed by the Hospital
Suggestion Committee and forwarded to the appropriate person/agency
for response.
R525-7-4. The Suggestion Committee Shall Respond.
     The person submitting the complaint/suggestion/concern shall
receive a response from the Suggestion Committee.
R525-7-5. No Reprisal to Person Making Complaint.
     Patients, family members, and members of the public may pursue
complaints against the hospital without reprisal.
KEY: complaints, suggestions, concerns
Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: February 21, 2012
Notice of Continuation: May 19, 2008
Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 62A-15-606

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