Track-It # (BERT) Tacoma School District NO. 10 by 68S6jf


									                                          TACOMA SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 10                                       Track-It # (BERT)

                            District Equipment Theft/Damage/Loss Report
                    [To Be Initiated by Person Reporting Loss and Completed by Principal or Site Administrator]
Location:                                         Date:                              Time of Incident:

Name/Position of Person Reporting Loss:
                                                       TYPE OF INCIDENT

       Theft             Burglary               Vandalism              Other ______________________________
      Note: Submit this report to BERT Help Desk (electronic submittal preferable) as soon as practical and retain copy for file.

REPORTED TO:         School Security       Police Department Police Report # _________________             BERT___________
                                                   DETAILS OF INCIDENT
 Describe how incident occurred including damaged, lost and/or stolen equipment, glass damage, painting on walls
or buildings, and other damage to buildings or grounds. List possible witnesses, if known.

                                         DISTRICT EQUIPMENT STOLEN OR DAMAGED
      ITEM DESCRIPTION                      MAKE            MODEL              SERIAL #               BARCODE            VALUE
                                                                                                                     (ENTERED BY PURCH)

                                            LOSS OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION
 Did the equipment contain confidential information (student data, personnel data, other)?
        Yes       No          If Yes, contact District Legal Services immediately! Ext.1013

Based upon the circumstances of the incident, have steps been taken to prevent theft/loss/damage in the future, including but not
limited to adequately safeguarding assets while in the custody of the employee? YES         NO       (please circle one)
PRINCIPAL/ADMINISTRATOR: _______________ __________________________________                        DATE:___ /___ /_____
                                       CLAIMS REVIEW (COMPLETED BY PURCHASING)
                Approved Amount $ ________________            Disapproved

    Purchasing Manager’s Signature:
Copy sent to:       Finance         Legal Services                Originator           Other ______________________
Finance Notes:

              Company       Accounting unit           Account           Activity          AcCAT                   Amount
                10         97000.68.501012
              Company       Accounting unit           Account           Activity          AcCAT                   Amount
                        Fixed Asset Equipment Theft/Damage/Loss Reporting Steps

Administrators must follow these steps for submitting the loss report form:

1) Individuals who are granted custody of District equipment shall report the loss, damage or theft of such
equipment to the appropriate administrator on a District Theft/Damage/Loss Report form

2) The administrator responsible for the equipment must take prompt action. If loss is due to theft immediately
notify School Security and the Tacoma Police Department within 10 working days of the knowledge of the loss
in order to be considered for reimbursement.

3) Administrator ensures the Theft/Damage/Loss Report form is complete, including the item description and

4) If the equipment contained confidential information (student data, personnel data, other) Administrator must
check the Yes block in the section titled “Loss of Confidential Information” and immediately contact District
Legal Services at extension 1013. Legal Services will follow-up and report as necessary.

5) Administrator submits Report electronically to BERT via email. For the loss to be considered for
reimbursement the report must be submitted within 30 days of the knowledge of the loss.

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