COMPLAINT CODES - New York State Office for the Aging - What Is An by 68S6jf


									                                                                                COMPLAINT CODES **
a.    abuse, gross neglect, exploitation                           49. toileting                                                        90.   inadequate record-keeping
1.    physical abuse                                               50. tubes: neglect of catheter, NG tube                              91.   insufficient funds to operate
2.    sexual abuse                                                 51. wandering: failure to accommodate/monitor                        92.   operator inadequately trained
3.    verbal/mental abuse*                                                                                                              93.   offering inappropriate level of care
4.    financial exploitation*                                      g.    rehabilitation or maintenance of function                      94.   resident or family council interfered with, not supported
5.    gross neglect                                                53.   assistive devices or equipment
6.    resident to resident physical/sexual abuse*                  54.   bowel and bladder training*
                                                                                                                                        m. staffing
                                                                   55.   dental services
                                                                                                                                        96. communication, language barrier*
b.    access to information*                                       56.   mental health, psychosocial services
                                                                                                                                        97. shortage of staff
8.    access to own records                                        57.   range of motion/ambulation
                                                                                                                                        98. staff training, lack of screening
9.    access to ombudsman/visitors                                 58.   therapies: physical, occupational
                                                                                                                                        99. staff turn-over, over use of nursing pools
10.   access to facility survey                                    59.   vision and hearing
                                                                                                                                        100. staff unresponsive*
11.   Information re: advance directive
                                                                                                                                        101. supervision
12.   Info re: medical condition, treatment, changes
                                                                   h. restraints: physical and chemical                                 102. eating assistants*
13.   info re: rights, benefits, services
                                                                   61. physical restraint: assessment, use, monitoring
14.   info communicated in understandable language*
                                                                   62. psychoactive drugs: assessment, use, evaluation
                                                                                                                                        n. certification/licensing agency
c.    admission, transfer, discharge, eviction*                                                                                         103. access to information
16.   admission contract/procedure                                 i.    activities and social services*                                104. response to complaint
17.   appeal process: absent, not followed                         64.   activities: choice and appropriateness                         105. decertification/closure
18.   bed hold: written notice, refusal to admit                   65.   community interaction                                          106. intermediate sanctions
19.   discharge/eviction: planning, notice, procedure              66.   roommate conflict                                              107. survey process
20.   discrimination in admission due to condition, disability     67.   social services: availability/appropriateness*                 108. survey process: ombudsman participation
21.   discrimination in admission due to Medicaid status                                                                                109. transfer or eviction hearing
22.   room assignment/change, intrafacility transfer
                                                                   j.    dietary*
                                                                   69.   assistance in eating or assistive devices                      o. state Medicaid agency
d.    autonomy, choice, exercise of rights, privacy                70.   fluid availability/hydration                                   111. access to information, application
24.   choose personal physician, pharmacy                          71.   menu: quantity, quality, variation, choice                     112. denial of eligibility
25.   confinement inn facility against will*                       72.   snacks, time span between meals                                113. non-covered services
26.   dignity, respect, staff attitudes*                           73.   temperature                                                    114. personal needs allowance
27.   exercise choice, civil rights*                               74.   therapeutic diet                                               115. services*
28.   exercise right to refuse care/treatment*                     75.   weight loss due to inadequate diet*
29.   language barrier in daily routine*
                                                                                                                                        p. system/others
30.   participate in care planning by resident or rep.*
                                                                   k.    environment                                                    117.abuse/abandonment by family/friend on visit out of
31.   privacy: telephone, visitors, couples, mail*
                                                                   77.   air temperature and quality: heating, cooling, smoking*        facility*
32.   privacy in treatment, confidentiality
                                                                   78.   cleanliness, pests                                             118.bed shortage- placement
33.   response to complaints
                                                                   79.   equipment/building: disrepair, hazard, lighting, fire safety   119.operating unlicensed*
34.   reprisal, retaliation
                                                                   80.   furnishings, storage for residents                    conflict/interference
                                                                   81.   infection control                                     exploitation/ neglect by family, or non facility
e.    financial, property                                          82.   laundry: lost, stolen                                 guardianship, conservatorship, poa, wills
36.   billing charges: notice, approval, questionable, wrong       83.   odors                                                          123.Medicare
37.   personal funds: mismanaged, denied, $ not returned*          84.   space for activities, dining                                   124.mental health, disabilities including PASARR
38.   personal property lost, stolen, used by others, destroyed*   85.   supplies and linens                                            125. problem with resident’s physician/assistant
                                                                                                                                        126. protective service agency
f.    care*                                                                                                                             127. SSA, SSI, VA, other benefits
                                                                   l.    policies, procedures, attitudes, resources
40.   accidents, improper handling                                                                                                      128. request for less restrictive environment*
                                                                   87.   abuse investigation
41.   call lights, requests for assistance
                                                                   88.   administrator unresponsive, unavailable                        q. complaints – community setting or outside provider
42.   care plan/resident assessment inadequate, not followed*
                                                                   89.   grievance procedure
43.   contracture                                                                                                                       129.home care
44.   medications: administration, organization                                                                                         130.Hospital or hospice
                                                                   * Please see longer definitions for more complete
45.   personal/oral hygiene                                                                                                             131. Public or other congregate housing not providing pc
46.   physician services                                                                                                                132.Services from outsider*
47.   pressure sores                                                                                                                    Ltcop 2/9/2007
48.   symptoms unattended, no notice of change in condition

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