Effects of Exercise on Student Focus in Classroom Instruction by HC121001013617


									                                    PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAM REPORT
PLT Title
Effects of Exercise on Student Focus in Classroom Instruction

Blurb for PLT Conference Brochure

Based on recent research regarding the benefits of exercise on learning and engagement, this team
implemented short bursts of heart-rate-heightening activity in the classroom and tracked student
response. Data was collected on student focus, participation and assessment results.

Contact Information (Write * next to facilitator’s name.)
             Name                                School                  Grade Level or Subject
Kathryn McCabe*                    Belmont High School              Social Studies
Greg Bruce                         Belmont High School              Special Education
Stacie Ross                        Belmont High School              Guidance
Patty Harper                       Belmont High School              Math
Sarkis Asadoorian                  Belmont High School              Physical Education
Joe Reynolds                       Belmont High School              Physical Education
Stacie Marino                      Belmont High School              Physical Education

Guiding Theme
   X Differentiated Instruction/RTI
       Integrated, Real-Life Experiences
       Acquisition of 21st Century Skills
       Deepening Teacher Content Knowledge
       Improving School Climate/Culture
       Teaching the “Whole Student”
       Other (explain) _______________________________________________________

Inquiry Question

How do we implement heightened-heart-rate burst in classroom instruction in order to improve student
learning, performance and overall health?”


Identify Teacher’s participating in test groups

Create data compilation template for teachers
Compile list of activities to give teachers to implement

Set an optional Teacher-Meeting to go through the program

Give survey to students in test group

Teachers need to track student productivity pre-test

Create a presentation to show students at the beginning of test time

Gather data from pre-test and test-period

Analyze the data – create PLT presentation


Data before implementation demonstrated a student focus issues and student survey shows a variety of
student concerns over focus.

Still collecting post-implementation data from participating teachers. But initial data demonstrates that
teachers can track a difference in student engagement and meaningful participation in classroom

Recommendations / Next Steps

Consider Early Morning PE classes

Consider reaching out to schools actively implementing activity in classroom for more information and
next steps.

Develop a model for a pilot program that allows students to participate in physical activity during the
first two blocks during the school day and are in a cohort together. Reach out to Guidance to help

Implement and track this activity in classroom activity for a full year.

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