Whyteleafe Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG) by 6IrEI1


									             Whyteleafe Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG)
                      Wednesday 16 November at 7pm

Minutes of the Meeting

Present:      Richard Allen                 Patient Representative
              Theresa Archibald             Practice Manager
              Alice Broomfield              Patient Representative
              Susan Cornish                 Patient Representative
              Wendy Denne                   Patient Representative
              Margaret Frost                Patient Representative
              Neila Gibson                  Patient Representative
              Cornelius Latham              Patient Representative
              Tony Lidbury                  Patient Representative
              Ronald Shrieve                Patient Representative
              Dr Victor Tun                 Senior Partner

1. Welcome and introductions
Three new members of the group were welcomed to the meeting and members
introduced themselves again briefly.

2. Structure of the NHS and Primary Care
Theresa Archibald gave a brief presentation to the group to help their understanding
of how the NHS is structured and the way in which the practice is currently funded by
the Primary Care Trust (PCT).

3. Group Business

   o   Election of chair, secretary, treasurer, Clinical Commissioning Group
       (CCG) representative
       Mrs Susan Cornish was elected as Chairman of the group. There were no
       volunteers to stand for the post of secretary at this time but it is hoped that
       someone could be persuaded to take on this responsibility in the future. It
       was agreed that there was currently no need to elect a treasurer as there was
       no budget involved. Mr Richard Allen was proposed and agreed to represent
       the group at CCG meetings when required.

       Mrs Cornish and Mr Allen were thanked for taking on their respective roles
       and Mrs Cornish chaired the remainder of the meeting.

   o   Terms of reference
       Draft terms of reference were circulated during the meeting for discussion. A
       few minor amendments were suggested and it was agreed that any matters of
       a confidential nature would be recorded in part 2 of the minutes.

   o   Frequency of Meetings
       The terms of reference suggest quarterly meetings of the group. It was
       agreed that once the group is established this would be appropriate but that
       there is a need for more frequent meetings over the next few months.
   o   Quorum
       It was agreed that four members of the group, one of whom shall be a
       member of the Practice, will constitute a quorum

   o   Annual review arrangements
       The Chairman will produce a summary report of the group’s activities and
       decisions each year. This will be publicised on the Practice website and in
       the Waiting Room.

       The group will work towards a system whereby representatives stand down
       after three years membership of the group.

4. Work Plan

   o   Agree objectives of the group
       The short term objective of the group is to collate patient views through a
       survey. This is a requirement of the Patient Participation Enhanced Service.
       Details of the process were distributed and discussed. (see also item below)
       The group will aim to have completed the survey, discussed the findings,
       agree an action plan and any changes to be made as a result of the survey
       and to publicise the outcome in the Waiting Room and on the Practice
       website before the end of March 2012. This is an ambitious timeframe.

   o   Development and use of patient email reference group
       Email addresses have been collected from patients willing to provide their
       views and/or participate in surveys. Members of the group felt it was
       important to also canvas opinion from patients attending the practice to
       ensure that the views of those who do not have email accounts are captured.
       It was therefore agreed that the survey would also be conducted in “hard
       copy” with distribution during a specified week to patients attending for
       appointments. The difficulty of ensuring representation from those who are
       registered but do not attend often was considered.

       Members of the reference group will be emailed prior to the next meeting of
       the Patient Participation Group to see what they think should be the key
       priorities when it comes to looking at the services provided in the practice.
       This information will inform the compilation of a suitable questionnaire for
       wider distribution.

   o   Communications and reporting back
       A notice board in the Waiting Room will be available for the use of the Patient
       Participation Group to publicise their activities. Messages can be added to
       the call board when required. A section of the Practice website will also be
       available. Names of the Patient Representatives will be posted on the
       website but communications from other patients will be directed to the
       Chairman via the Practice. It will be made clear that medical problems and
       complaints should continue to be addressed to the Practice and not to the
       Patient Participation Group. The use of a suggestion box in the Waiting
       Room was discussed but this will not be initiated at the moment.

       Members of the group agreed to communicate with each other via email and
       to share email addresses within the group. All members are happy to be
       addressed by their forenames.
5. Any Other Business

The name of the group has still not been agreed and this will be discussed at the
next meeting.

6. Dates of next meetings

Wednesday 11 January 2012
Wednesday 22 February 2012

The meeting closed at 8.45pm

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