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					                                                                                 Brandeis University
                                                                                   Photocopier RFP

                                   Request for Proposal
Brandeis University is requesting proposals for a full range of copier equipment and services.
Proposals will be due by 4:00 PM, Tuesday, June 18, 2002. All proposals must be properly
formatted and placed in a sealed envelope with the outside of the envelope clearly marked
“Copier Proposal”. Eight (8) copies shall be mailed or delivered to:

Mary Dukakis
Director of Procurement Services
Brandeis University
415 South St. MS 048
Waltham, MA 02454

                                                                                     Brandeis University
                                                                                       Photocopier RFP

                                          Section I
                                     General Information


It is the purpose of this Request For Proposals (RFP) to solicit proposals from the manufacturers
or authorized suppliers of digital, network ready printing/photocopying equipment. Brandeis
University, known herein as the University, is accepting proposals for a multi-year contract to
meet the office photocopying equipment, supplies, and service needs of various offices located
throughout the University.


The intent of the University is to enter into a 3-year contract. The contract may be renewed upon
mutual consent of both parties for an additional year beyond the initial 3-year contract term.
Installation of equipment should occur between August 1-15, 2002.


The University is soliciting proposals to furnish all equipment, supplies, and service required to
provide and maintain digital photocopier services, throughout campus, on a cost-per-copy basis.

The service provider shall be responsible for all costs associated with any contract resulting from
this RFP. The service provider shall be fully responsible for the total copier service including
service, repair, maintenance, and parts.

It is required by the University that the successful service provider provide all new energy
efficient, digital, network ready print devices. The service provider must determine the best
possible mix of equipment that will maximize service. The successful vendor should offer a full
range of copiers and features to meet the needs of various departments and locations on campus.


It is not the intention of these specifications to rule out or eliminate any prospective bidder. If the
materials or services you intend to bid do not comply with the specifications as they are written,
you are instructed to attach to your bid proposal a complete itemization and explanation for each
deviation or variation to the specifications. The University will, at its discretion, consider or deny
any deviation and award the contract based on the service that best meets the University’s needs.
The bidder shall not purposely bid service of a lesser quality then specified.


Procurement Services of Brandeis University is the issuing office for this document and all
subsequent addenda relating to it. Procurement Services is the sole point of contact with regard
to all procurement and contractual matters relating to requirements described herein.

                                                                                  Brandeis University
                                                                                    Photocopier RFP

Procurement Services is the only office authorized to change, modify, clarify, etc., the
specifications, terms and conditions of this request for proposals and any contract(s) awarded as a
result of this request for proposals.

       All communications concerning this RFP should be in writing and addressed to:

               Brandeis University
               Mary Dukakis
               Procurement Services MS 048
               415 South Street
               Waltham, MA 02454

               Phone (781) 736-4409
               Fax   (781) 736-4503


Questions arising subsequent to the issuance of this Request For Proposals which could have a
significant impact on the responses to the RFP, should be submitted in writing to Procurement
Services by no later than June 13, 2002.

In the event that it becomes necessary to revise this RFP, in whole or in part, an addendum will
be provided to all vendors on record of having received the original RFP.

                                                                                Brandeis University
                                                                                  Photocopier RFP

                                       Section II
                                  Current Environment

Brandeis University has a total of 77 (changed to 78 (6/10/02)) copiers located in multiple
buildings and departments on campus. These copiers vary between tabletop, low volume analog
machines up through fully featured, high volume, networked digital machines.

One vendor currently manages the fleet of copiers. Only two machines at this time are


Each machine is tagged with an ID number and a phone number to call for services and supplies.
This information is displayed in a location easily visible by the machine operator. All services
calls are made to Procurement Services who then reports the service call to the dispatch center.

All service calls are responded to within four (4) business hours, but same day service by a
dedicated, on site technician is generally provided. Machines must have minimal downtime as
they are critical to the generation of teaching and research materials.

Machines with an extensive history of service problems are currently replaced with a comparable
replacement unit at no additional cost to the University. The replacement units musts have a
similar rating and configuration.


The majority of machines on campus have one of two copy tracking devices, either a copy card
reader or password system built into the machine. This charge back system is maintained in order
to charge departments for the number of copies they make each month. Meter readings are taken
monthly from machines with passwords and provided to Procurement Services via an Excel
spreadsheet including the password, number of copies, and machine ID number. Some machines
have the need for over two hundred passwords.


Paper is purchased by Procurement Services and stocked in a stockroom in the Epstein Building.
Machines are checked on a routine basis by the present supplier for adequate paper supply and
replenished if they become low. Due to high volume, one location on campus does have paper
delivered direct to site from the paper vendor.


In some cases, the University has deemed it necessary to upgrade and/or downgrade existing
equipment on campus for various reasons. The current vendor has been willing to accommodate
these changes.
                                                                                Brandeis University
                                                                                  Photocopier RFP


Currently, all buildings on campus are wired for access to the University’s network. However,
network drops are not available where all equipment is presently located. Either new drops will
need to be added, or equipment may need to be relocated.

                                                                                 Brandeis University
                                                                                   Photocopier RFP

                                       Section III
                                   Proposal Instructions

The information provided herein is intended to assist vendors in the preparation of proposals
necessary to properly respond to this request for proposals. The RFP is designed to provide
interested suppliers with sufficient basic information to submit proposals meeting minimum
requirements, but is not intended to limit a proposal's content or to exclude any relevant or
essential data there from. Suppliers are at liberty and are encouraged to expand upon the
specification to demonstrate service capability under any proposal.


Eight (8) copies of each proposal must be received in Procurement Services no later than:

       4:00 PM
       Tuesday, June 18, 2002

By submitting a proposal, the vendor represents that:

       1.      Vendor has read and understands the request for proposals and submits the
               proposal in accordance therewith.
       2.      The vendor possesses the capabilities, hardware, and personnel necessary to
               provide and efficient and successful installation of all copiers and ensure
               continued maintenance.


At any time prior to the hour and date set for submitting proposals, a proposer may withdraw the
proposal. This will not preclude the submission of another proposal prior to the hour and date set
for submitting the proposal.

After the scheduled time and date for submitting proposals, no proposer will be permitted to
withdraw the proposal unless the award is delayed for a period exceeding 60 days.


The proposal opening is closed to the public. Vendors are responsible to assure their proposal is
delivered to Procurement Services by the scheduled date and time. Only those proposals which
are received in a timely fashion as set forth in this RFP will receive consideration. Late
proposals will be dated, marked as received late, and placed unopened in the RFP file.


During the initial phase of the evaluation process Procurement Services will evaluate and
summarize the proposals. The summaries that appear to be beneficial to the University will go to
                                                                                  Brandeis University
                                                                                    Photocopier RFP

an evaluation committee for review. First, non-responsive proposals (those not conforming to
RFP requirements) will be eliminated.

Second, the remaining proposals will be evaluated in a cursory manner to eliminate from further
consideration those proposals which in the judgment of the committee fail to offer sufficient and
substantive provisions to warrant further consideration.

The award will be made to the most responsive and responsible bidder offering the best value
and most economical bid as defined by the University. All bidders, in submitting bids, concur
with this method of award and will not, under any circumstances or in any manner, dispute any
award made using this method. In general, the following criteria will be used:

       1.      The quality and performance of the service and equipment to be provided by the
               vendor as determined by Brandeis University
       2.      Superior quality, design and technological features including ability to function on
               the Brandeis University network.
       3.      Ability to provide superior technical support and service for equipment as it is
       4.      Cost reduction as evidenced through competitive pricing (including payment
               terms) and other cost saving methods proposed.
       5.      Availability of equipment, parts, and supplies as evidenced by inventory locations
               and levels.
       6.      Availability of prompt service as evidenced by promised response times, number
               of authorized technicians available to service account, access to inventory of
               replacement parts, etc.
       7.      Reputation of the supplier as evidenced by Brandeis and outside referrals.
       8.      Relevant vendor experience in similar enterprises. Experience in Massachusetts
               and higher education will be considered an asset.
       9.      Knowledge and understanding of Brandeis’ requirements as evidenced by:
               a.      The vendor’s approach to the proposal.
               b.      Development of a thorough, effective plan to implement the proposed
       10.     Vendors commitment to quality products and services as evidenced by the
               vendor’s formal programs to monitor and improve products, services and
               customer satisfaction as evidenced in the vendor’s proposal.
       11.     Invoicing options and reporting information offered.


At the conclusion of this initial evaluation phase, it is anticipated that two proposals will be
selected for detailed review and evaluation. As part of this detailed review of proposals, the
selected vendors may be required to make oral presentations of their proposals to the University.
The University will request that the account representative conduct the majority of the

The oral presentations provide an opportunity for the vendors to clarify the proposals through
mutual understanding.

                                                                                  Brandeis University
                                                                                    Photocopier RFP

Additionally, selected vendors may also be required to provide demonstrations of each machine
and features including a demonstration to the Information Technology staff on the ease to which
the copier can be maintained on the network. Demonstrations may include installing a piece of
equipment for up to two weeks to test functionality and ease of use.

The University may award the contract, or determine finalist vendors without benefit of an oral
presentation or copier demonstration. Accordingly, each initial proposal should be submitted
setting forth most favorable price and service capabilities, and clearly state the advantages of
machines, features and the terms of the contract proposed.


The University reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received, or waive any
informalities or irregularities therein, and/or request new proposals if the University Procurement
Services determines it is in the best interest of the University.

                                                                                   Brandeis University
                                                                                     Photocopier RFP

                                          Section IV
                                       Proposal Format

Technical Proposal:

Proposal should be prepared in a clear and precise manner. It must include a point-by-point
response to the RFP, where required. Failure to respond to all points may be grounds for
rejection. Likewise, failure to supply any information requested to accompany proposals may
cause rejection of the proposal as non-compliant. The University reserves the right to request
additional information if clarification is needed. Unless the service provider's proposal expressly
states otherwise, the service provider agrees to comply with every section, subsection and
addendum, if any, of this RFP.

Minor irregularities in proposals that are immaterial or inconsequential in nature may be cured or
waived whenever it is determined to be in the best interest of the University.

The technical proposal must contain the following:

1. Letter of Transmittal: Prepared on the service provider's business stationary, it should
   accompany the proposal. The purpose of this letter is to transmit the proposal; therefore, it
   should be brief. The letter must be signed by an individual who is authorized to bind the firm
   to all statements, including services and prices, contained in the proposal.

2. Management Summary: This summary should contain a brief synopsis of how the service
   provider's proposal meets the needs of the University and how the project team will interact
   with the University.

3. Description of Services: Service providers are advised to supply all information as requested.
   Any other information that may be relevant but does not fall in the above format should be
   provided as an appendix to this volume. If company literature or other publications are
   included and intended to respond to an RFP requirement, the response in this volume should
   include references to the documents name and page.

4. Manufacturer’s Certification

   If the vendor is someone other than the actual manufacturer of the equipment, the following
   must be included as part of the vendor's proposal:

   The Manufacturer certifies that the vendor is an authorized Dealer or Distributor for the
   specified equipment.

   The Manufacturer guarantees that should the vendor fail to satisfactorily fulfill any
   obligations established as a result of the anticipated contract awards, the Manufacturer, upon

                                                                                Brandeis University
                                                                                  Photocopier RFP

   default by the vendor, will assume and discharge the vendor's obligations for the remainder of
   the contract at the prices and terms and conditions originally agreed to by the vendor.

5. Terms and Conditions

      A specific, point by point acknowledgment and acceptance of, or exception to, each and
      all terms and conditions specified in section V of this RFP, which includes the general
      terms and conditions contained on the University’s purchase order (See attachment 2).

6. Requirements/Response Form

      This section should constitute the major portion of the proposal and must contain at least
      the following information:

              a.     A general, but complete narrative overview of the vendor's assessment of
                     the work to be performed, the ability to meet those aims, and the
                     resources necessary to meet the requirements of this RFP. This overview
                     should clearly demonstrate the vendor's understanding of the desired
                     overall performance expectations and the vendor’s approach to satisfy the
                     University’s requirements.

              b.     A specific response to each requirement as specified in Section VI of this

                                                                                        Brandeis University
                                                                                          Photocopier RFP

                                           Section V
                                      Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions specified herein, the terms and conditions of the Brandeis
University purchase order (attachment 2) shall apply to any contract resulting from this RFP.
Where a term or condition contained in this RFP differs from a term or condition set forth in the
purchase order, the term or condition of the RFP shall preside.


No additional terms and conditions included with the proposal response shall be evaluated or
considered and all such additional terms and conditions shall have no force and effect and are
inapplicable to this proposal. If submitted either purposely through design or inadvertently
appearing separately in transmittal letters, specifications, literature, price lists or warranties, it is
understood and agreed the general and special conditions in this proposal solicitation, including
the purchase order terms and conditions referenced herein, are the only conditions applicable to
this proposal.


Quoted pricing shall remain firm for the entire term of the contract. Vendors may include future
pricing models for the additional one (1) year contract extension.


Invoice payment terms will be 2% 10, net 30 days from date of invoice. In the event there is a
discrepancy between the order and the invoice, payment terms shall be effective starting on the
date the discrepancy is resolved. Also, please provide information regarding where your
company is at with accepting payment via a credit card.


All equipment furnished under this contract shall be required to operate satisfactorily and
produce acceptable copy quality at a 95% effectiveness level during any month within the 3 year
performance period. The copier failure rate shall not average more than 2 breakdowns requiring
vendor corrections per month.

Equipment which develops a trend of requiring excessive number of service calls shall be
reported to Procurement Services for review of compliance with this provision. The University
may request a service report on any and all equipment the University determines is experiencing
excessive down time. If the University determines the equipment fails to meet the up time
requirements, the vendor shall replace the equipment with a new machine within 5 working days
after notification by Procurement Services. Such replacement of equipment shall be without
additional cost to the University.
                                                                                   Brandeis University
                                                                                     Photocopier RFP


The University anticipates there will be a need to upgrade and downgrade equipment to meet the
changing needs for service levels and features. As equipment becomes networked volumes may
increase on certain pieces of equipment creating a need to provide higher volume equipment in
order to accommodate the increased volume and maintain an appropriate level of service. All
upgrades to equipment should not increase the base cost of the contract.


The vendor will use it’s best effort to provide satisfactory and uninterrupted service as described
in the RFP. The vendor will not be responsible or in default for any failure of service arising
from an act of God, civil riot, war, restrictions imposed by governmental authorities, or other
causes determined by the University to be beyond the vendor’s control.


The University reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time the vendor’s performance is,
in the opinion of the University, deemed unsatisfactory. In such event, however, the University
shall give written notice of the unsatisfactory performance and expected remedies for same. The
vendor shall be given at least thirty (30) days termination notice if conditions do not meet the
University’s approval.

The University shall be obligated only for those services rendered and accepted prior to the date
of Notice of Termination, less any liquidated damages that may be assessed for nonperformance.


The contract may be extended, at prices mutually agreeable to both parties. The terms and
conditions of the contract shall remain the same. The contract may be renewed once for up to 12
months for a total contract period not to exceed 4 years, including the base contract and all

The vendor shall provide a 120 day advance written notice of the vendor’s intent not to renew the
contract, or of any changes to pricing required by the vendor as a condition of contract extension.


All workers performing services shall be employees of Contractor and shall not under any
circumstances be considered employees of Brandeis. Contractor shall provide and be responsible
for all required services and benefits with respect to its employees, including but not limited to
worker's compensation and unemployment insurance.


                                                                                   Brandeis University
                                                                                     Photocopier RFP

In order to maintain campus security, Contractor agrees that it shall not assign any employee to
perform services at Brandeis without first:

       (i)     making inquiry of each employee as to his or her Criminal Record (with the
               exceptions referenced below), and

       (ii)    requesting, receiving and reviewing a CORI report as to information available to
               the general public regarding each such employee as provided under M.G.L. c. 6,
               sec. 172.

No employee with a Criminal Record or lacking a clear CORI report shall be assigned to work at
Brandeis without the prior express written permission of a duly authorized signatory of the

For purposes of this section, "Criminal Record" shall not include (i) any arrest or detention not
resulting in a criminal conviction; (ii) a first conviction for misdemeanor drunkenness, simple
assault, speeding, minor traffic violations, affray or disturbance of the peace; or (iii) any
misdemeanor conviction more than five (5) years after the conviction or the employee's release
from detention, whichever is later, unless the employee has been convicted of any other offense
within five (5) years of the date of inquiry.


Contractor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Brandeis, its Trustees, officers, agents,
employees, and contractors from any liability, cost or expense in connection with or growing out
of any claims whatsoever by Brandeis for loss or damage to Brandeis or by any other person for
injury, death, loss or damage to any person or to the property of any person arising from or in any
way related to the activities of Contractor. This indemnity and hold harmless agreement shall
include indemnity against all costs, expenses, judgments, arbitrations, settlements, penalties, and
liabilities (including without limitation attorney's fees) incurred in connection with any claim or
proceedings brought thereon and the defense thereof, without limitation.


Contractor agrees to obtain and maintain in full force and effect a policy or policies of public
liability and property damage insurance, in form and substance satisfactory to Brandeis, under
which Contractor and Brandeis are named as insured, and under which the insurer agrees to
indemnify and hold Brandeis harmless from and against all costs, expenses and/or liability
arising out of or based upon any and all claims, accidents, injuries and damage included within
the indemnification obligations of Contractor set forth in the above paragraph and in this
Agreement. The "other insurance" clause shall be deleted from such policy so as to make it clear
that the coverage of such policy is primary and any coverage under any policy or policies held by
Brandeis is secondary. Such policy shall be endorsed to provide a separate general aggregate
limit for the work performed under this contract, and will, by its terms, specifically cover the
entire term of this contract. Each such policy shall be noncancelable with respect to Brandeis
without thirty (30) days written notice to Brandeis, and a duplicate original or certificate thereof
shall be delivered to Brandeis by no later than 15 days from execution of contract. Brandeis

                                                                                   Brandeis University
                                                                                     Photocopier RFP

reserves the right to refuse performance under this contract if such certificate is not provided as
specified above. If any policy is canceled, Contractor must obtain and provide Brandeis with
evidence of a replacement policy on equivalent terms as a condition to Contractor's right
hereunder to continue performance of the contract. The minimum limits of liability of such
insurance shall be $2,000,000 bodily injury, personal injury and property liability combined
single limit. Contractor shall also obtain and provide Brandeis with evidence of motor vehicle
insurance with $1,000,000 bodily injury and property damage liability coverage and worker's
compensation insurance covering the work of Contractor hereunder or otherwise undertaken by
Contractor in connection with the contract. Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining
evidence of motor vehicle insurance with $1,000,000 bodily injury and property damage liability
coverage with respect to each agent and subcontractor employed in connection with the contract.
Brandeis shall have no responsibility or liability for any loss (by theft or otherwise) of or damage
to fixtures or other property of Contractor, its agents, employees, contractors, licensees, visitors
or invitees.


It is expressly agreed and understood that this contract shall not be deemed or construed so as to
create a joint venture, partnership, agency or employer-employee relationship, or make Brandeis
in any way responsible for the past, current or future debts, fees and/or losses of Contractor.


This contract is subject to the provisions of the Anti-Kickback Enforcement Act of 1986, Public
Law 99-634 (41 U.S.C. secs. 51-58). By agreeing to this binding Agreement, the transacting
parties (1) certify that they have not paid kickbacks directly or indirectly to any employee of
Brandeis for the purpose of obtaining this or any other agreement, purchase order or contract
from Brandeis and (2) agree to cooperate fully with any Federal Agency investigating a possible
violation of the Act. Copies of the statute and the pertinent regulations may be obtained from
Brandeis upon request of the Office of Affirmative Action and Government Regulation


Contractor understands and agrees that Brandeis is a smoke-free campus, and that no smoking
will be permitted in any Brandeis building at any time.


Contractor hereby certifies that it is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and that it
complies with the provisions set forth in Executive Order 11246, as amended, and with all other
applicable state and federal statutes and regulations that prohibit discrimination in the workplace,
including but not limited to Department of Labor regulations and The Rehabilitation Act of 1973,
as amended. The contract clauses set forth at 41 CFR sec. 60-1.4 (a) and (b), 41 CFR sec. 60-1.7,
41 CFR sec. 60-250.4 and 41 CFR sec. 60-741.4 are hereby included and made a part of this

                                                                                 Brandeis University
                                                                                   Photocopier RFP


The University shall have the right to audit all invoices submitted by the vendor. The University
shall have the right to audit all relevant data upon which the vendor’s prices are based.


The University is exempt from sales and excise taxes. Such taxes shall not be included in quoted
prices, but if any taxes are known by the vendor to apply, they shall be shown separately. If not
so shown, they shall be considered an expense of the vendor and deemed a part of the quoted

                                                                                 Brandeis University
                                                                                   Photocopier RFP

                                      Section VI
                              Requirements/Response Form
1. A single vendor will be selected to manage the entire fleet of satellite copiers. How many
   other accounts in New England do you have with more than fifty units? Provide at least three
   (3) of these accounts as references.

2. All machines must be digital, network ready print devices. Please provide a detailed
   overview of the IT capabilities your company offers. Include position descriptions for staff
   assigned to implementations of this scale, installation plans, IT requirements, and any other
   relevant information.

3. The supplier will train all end-users promptly and thoroughly. Additional training will be
   provided upon request in a timely manner. Describe the process for this training and the staff

4. Each machine will be tagged with an ID number and the telephone numbers to call for service
   and supplies. Provide a sample.

5. Maintenance and repair service for copiers installed under this agreement must be available
   by a dedicated service technician during normal working hours, 8:30 – 5:30 PM, Monday
   through Friday, except Holidays. All service calls will be responded to within four (4)
   business hours by a dedicated, on-site service technician. This requires that a certified
   technician has examined the machine on site and attempted to repair the machine. If
   additional parts are required, these parts should be available for overnight delivery allowing
   for installation on the following day. Is your company able to meet this requirement? If so,
   how long is the average call response time across your local account base? Please provide the
   resume, or list qualifications and work experience of proposed service technician(s).

6. Machines with an extensive history of poor performance will be swapped out for a like
   machine at no additional cost to the University. Describe the process for replacing these

7. The vendor and University will work together to develop a print management plan of action.
   This plan will measure current print/copy costs by location and help to determine a
   prioritization schedule for networking units to replace or supplement existing stand-alone
   printers. The plan will also include how the vendor will coordinate the installation of
   appropriate software to network each machine. What other accounts have you done this for?
   Provide any relevant information.

8. The University is required to track the number of copies/prints on approximately 15 machines
   in order to facilitate the charging of copies/prints to grants. Presently some charges are
   tracked using a password system which Procurement Services assists in maintaining.
   Describe how proposed machines would track these charges. The vendor will be required to
   provide Procurement Services and key operators a monthly report that is in a format ready to

                                                                                 Brandeis University
                                                                                   Photocopier RFP

   be directly fed into the University’s PeopleSoft Financial System. This can be in the format
   of an Excel spreadsheet including password, University provided charge code, number of
   copies, amount charged, and machine ID number. The University is always open to creativity
   in stream lining the invoice process. Propose an accounting solution for tracking and
   charging of copies/prints. Specifically, what network print management tools are available to
   manage the flow of data and prints. Describe the various methods of billing available.

9. Some machines will be located in areas that are accessible to students. Because of this, the
   University finds it necessary to put controls on certain pieces of equipment in order to
   prevent unauthorized student use. Propose a solution to this issue, either using passwords, or
   another solution.

1. Provide an equipment proposal. See attachment one (1), copy machine locations and
   required replacement type, for a list of locations and the required type of machine as defined
   in section B-2 below. See section C below for the pricing specifications for the equipment

2. Provide technical specifications, marketing materials, and at least fifteen (15) samples to be
   produced by the exact models included in your proposal.
    All equipment must be new and not refurbished or used in any way. All parts and
      subsystems must also be new and not refurbished or used in any way.
    Provide specifications for at least one (1) model/machine in each of the following
      equipment ranges. Please use the specifications below as a guideline when determining
      the best fit for each location. Factor in volume increases as printed output migrates from
      existing laser printers to networked devices.

                             a. Low Volume Units
                         Networked printers/copiers
                         Between 10-29 prints per minute.
                         Up to 35,000 impressions per month
                         Up to 8 ½ x 14 minimum paper size
                         Duplex preferred
                         500 sheet paper tray
                         Reduction/Enlargement preferred
                         Stapling and collation preferred
                         600 by 600 dpi print resolution
                         Scan back preferred
                         Powerful hard drive and memory

                             b. Mid Volume Units
                         Networked printers/copiers
                         Between 30-54 prints per minute
                         Up to 100,000 impressions per month
                         Up to 11x17 minimum paper size

                                                                              Brandeis University
                                                                                Photocopier RFP

                        Three paper trays
                        Minimum paper capacity of 1500 sheets
                        Reduction/Enlargement
                        Stapling
                        Collation
                        Duplex printing
                        600 by 600 dpi print resolution
                        Scan back preferred
                        Powerful hard drive and memory

                            c. High Volume Units
                        Networked printers/copiers
                        Between 55-120 prints per minute
                        Up to 200,000 impressions per month
                        Up to 11x17 minimum paper size
                        Three paper trays
                        Minimum paper capacity of 1500 sheets
                        Reduction/Enlargement
                        Stapling
                        Duplex printing
                        Collation
                        600 by 600 dpi print resolution
                        Scan back preferred
                        Powerful hard drive and memory

             1. Provide pricing for the equipment proposal as listed in attachment 1. Follow
                the pricing specifications outlined below:
                  1. Prices must be submitted based on a three (3) year contract with one
                      (1) additional year option to renew the contract.
                  2. Pricing must include all required labor, service, supplies, installation,
                      and transportation costs. Brandeis University will supply all paper; do
                      not include paper in the cost proposal, only the labor to deliver the
                  3. Pricing must be determined a monthly basis. Provide a sample of a
                      single monthly invoice for an account similar in size.
                  4. Attachment one (1), copy machine locations and required replacement
                      types, lists the required unit locations and minimum machine types as
                      specified in section VI, B-2. This spreadsheet should be used as the
                      basis for determining the appropriate equipment mix.
                  5. Pricing must be determined using a fixed, monthly cost-per-copy base,
                      based on 7M copies per year (583,333.33 per month) inclusive of
                      equipment, supplies, service, software, transportation and any other
                      associated costs. In anticipation of increasing volume as machines are
                      networked, include a variable cost based on print volume that might

                                                                                 Brandeis University
                                                                                   Photocopier RFP

                         exceed 7M copies. Provide a matrix indicating how pricing might
                         change if volumes increase beyond the 7M as copiers are added to the
                         network. Detail how/when prints in excess of 7M will be billed.

                2. Provide separate costs for any network print management tools needed for
                   maintaining the back charge system. Include all available product
                   information including technical specifications, screen shots, marketing
                   brochures, etc. This must include all costs related to installation, support,
                   upgrades, management and training.
                3. Equipment will most likely be added to the contract during the three years.
                   The University would like to maintain a co-terminus agreement for all
                   machines, including those added as necessary. Please provide pricing for
                   each range of equipment and month of the contract. For example, adding a
                   high capacity machine fifteen months into the contract.

D. Vendor Profile
               1. Provide a copy of your most recent audited financial report.
               2. Provide a brief statement of your company’s philosophy.
               3. How long have you been in business?

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