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									When Help is Needed
 on the Homefront

  Legacy Charter School
   4015 S. Legacy Way
  Nampa, Idaho 83686
     (208) 467-0947

      Gayle O’Donahue
        Legacy Charter
  Homeless Liaison Coordinator

                         Updated 8-26-2011
             Legacy Charter School Mission

 “…to develop students who are competent, confident, productive,
   and responsible young adults who possess the habits, skills, and
  attitudes to succeed in life and be offered the invitation of a post-
          secondary education and satisfying employment.”


           Legacy Charter School Philosophy
Legacy Charter School is grounded in the belief that when there is low
threat and highly challenging content, accelerated learning takes place.


          Purpose of “When Help is Needed
                 on the Homefront”
        The Legacy Charter School Board of Directors, founders,
administrator, teachers, and staff firmly believe in the school’s charter
 and its emphasis on kindness, and the ideals that every student and
school employee has the right to come to school expecting a safe and
   kind environment for all concerned. And, as part of the Nampa
  community, Legacy Charter representatives also hold that, to the
  extent possible, they serve as a community resource when help is
 needed. The purpose of this brochure is to carry out these beliefs by
   assisting Legacy families who may face the issue of homelessness.

When Help is Needed on the Homefront, p. 2
Who are the homeless?
Homeless children and youth as individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate
nighttime residence, and includes living in any of the following situations as described by
the U.S. Department of Education:

           Doubled up with grandparents, family, or friends due to economic conditions
           Living in a motel/hotel because other housing in unavailable.
           As a runaway youth
           In a home for pregnant or unwed mothers without another place in which to
           In a domestic violence center
           In transitional housing
           On the streets
           Staying in abandoned buildings
           Sleeping in public places
           Living in a car, trailer, or campground
           A child awaiting foster care
           A seasonal work family staying in unfit housing.

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Improvements
Act of 2001 addresses the rights of homeless youth (paraphrased for
    1. Youth who are homeless have the right to the same public education (including
       preschool) that other children enjoy.
    2. State agencies are required to make it easier for homeless youth to enroll in and
       benefit from school.
    3. A student cannot be denied enrollment in a school simply because he or she is
    4. Students who are homeless will be given the same educational materials and
       services that other students receive in order to pass state tests.

Students who are homeless…
         Have the choice to attend their last school or the school where they are
          currently living.
         Must receive a written statement of their rights when they enroll and two
          other times per year.
         May enroll without school, medical, or other usual registration paperwork.
         Have a right to school transportation.
         May receive textbooks, supplies, or services needed to succeed in school.
         Must receive a statement explaining any denial of service or enrollment.
         Automatically qualify for Free & Reduced school meals and Title I services if
          needed and available.
         Must receive transportation and services while disputes are settled, if they

School Districts must…
         Reserve a portion of Title I funds to serve students who are homeless.
         Review and revise policies that impeded students who are homeless.
When Help is Needed on the Homefront, p. 3

         Post rights of students who are homeless in schools and places frequented by
          the homeless.
         Identify a McKinney-Vento Liaison to assist students and staff on homeless
          issues. (For Legacy, Mrs. O’Donahue, Community Relations Director)

Where to find help if/when you need it in Nampa…
Legacy Homeless Liaison                      467-0947 (ask for Mrs. O’Donahue)
Free & Reduced School Lunch                  467-0947 (ask for Food Services)
Salvation Army                               467-6586 (Assistance w/ food, clothing,
  furniture, energy bill, transportation, referrals, etc.)
Idaho Food Bank                              336-9643
Terry Reilly Health Services                 467-4431
  211 16th Ave. N.
Central District Health and WIC              375-5211/327-7488
  707 N. Armstrong Pl., Boise
Idaho Dept of Labor                          364-7781
  4514 Thomas Jefferson St., Caldwell
Love INC                                     466-7810
Idaho Power Moratorium                       Idaho Careline @ 211
Intermountain Gas Moratorium                 377-6840

Where to find meals, food boxes, personal items if/when you need it
in Nampa…
12 Baskets Food Pantry, 11212 Lonestar Rd.        546-5896         (Monday-Friday, 1-3 pm)
Apostolic Assembly, 119 1st Ave. N.               409-6860         (Tuesday & Thursday, 6-9 pm)
Rock Christian Missionary Alliance,               466-7746         (Wednesday, 2-4 pm)
 77 S. Happy Valley Rd.
Seventh Day Adventist Community Service Ctr,      461-1651         (Wednesday, 12-4 pm)
 1515 Checola Ave.
Nazarene Care House, 1524 6th St. S. Ave.         466-5364         (Tuesday & Thurs., 1-4 pm)
St. Vincent de Paul, 1203 7th St. N.              442-3089         (Tuesday & Thurs., 3-5 pm)

Free meal sites in Nampa…
Boise Rescue Mission-Lighthouse                   461-5030         (M-Su, 6:30 am, breakfast;
 472 Nampa-Caldwell Blvd.                                          Noon, lunch; 7 pm, dinner)

Emergency Shelters in Nampa…
Boise Rescue Mission-Lighthouse                   461-5030
 472 Nampa-Caldwell Blvd.
Community Family Shelter                          461-3733
 1412 4th St. S.

When seeking assistance from local and state agencies, it is generally required to provide
identification, eviction/shut-off notices, or other documents regarding your situation.

If you are a Legacy family, be sure to contact the Legacy Homeless Liaison, who can provide you
with additional materials and community resources to assist you in improving your situation.

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