ScotDance Canada Championship Series 2006 by lmUp4Z0f



1.    This choreography competition is governed by the Choreography Rules and Regulations of the
2.    A maximum of 20 Small Group and 20 Large Group entries will be accepted. If more than 20 Small or
      20 Large group entries are received, a waitlist will be established. Only online entries will be
3.    Entry acceptance date – Entries will be accepted online no earlier than 12:01 am (EDT), February 1,
4.    Entry deadline date – Received online not later than 11:59 pm (EDT), June 7, 2012. After this time and
      date, no further entries will be accepted.
5.    The Choreography entry form must be completed by the teacher(s).
6.    Entry fee will be $50.00 per group.
7.    Number of dancers: Small Group – 3-7 Dancers; Large Group – 8 or more dancers
8.    Time permitted will vary according to music chosen; music may not be edited.
9.    Teachers may submit more than one choreography. Dancers may only compete in one (1)
      choreography. This rule is to facilitate the organization and avoid delays in scheduling for the Final
10.   Students from different dance schools may combine to form a choreography.
      For example, dancers from School A could join with dancers from School B and enter a choreography
      under School B and vice versa, as long as each dancer is only in one choreography.
11.   Groups will dance in reverse order of entry for the preliminary competition.
12.   At the time of Choreography check-in in Edmonton, each group must present
            A list of dancers in the choreography
            Dancer passes; Dancers must register at the hotel prior to Choreography check-in
            Music on CD, along with clearly written playing instructions for the preliminary competition.
              (Live music will be used for the Finals).
13.   Once the entry has been accepted, no refunds will be issued. In the event of an injury or illness, a
      dancer may be substituted; however, the number of dancers must remain the same as entered.
14.   No verbal communication with the sound technician will be permitted during the actual competition.
15.   Small props will be permitted provided that they do not require set-up or take-down
16.   Only those with proper accreditation will be allowed access behind stage.
17.   Stage dimensions will be published on the ScotDance Canada web site as soon as they have been
18.   These rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.


1.    Within two (2) days of receipt of entry, each teacher will be sent two (2) selections of “The Barra
      MacNeils” music that have been randomly assigned. Music selections have been considered
      appropriate for choreography in both content and time allowed.
2.    Within 2 days of receipt of the music, the teacher must eliminate one of the selections and advise
      Rebecca McKinnon of their selection – or phone (780) 431-2129
3.    The piece of music not selected will be put into a random draw.
4     Each teacher will receive one (1) additional music selection to be considered. Final choice of music
      must be confirmed by February 15th, 2012.
5.    The music selection process will result in each group having their own unique piece of music.
6.    Music selections may not be edited in any manner.


1.    During the morning of Wednesday, July 11, 2012, the Choreography check-in, number pick-up and
      the preliminary competition will be held at the Frances Winspear Centre for Music.
2.    Pre-recorded music will be used for the preliminary competition.
3.    Each group will perform for a panel of judges in reverse order of entry.
4.    The top 6 Small Groups and the top 6 Large Groups will advance to the final.


1.    Each group will have a scheduled rehearsal time with “The Barra MacNeils” during the afternoon of
      July 11, 2012.
2.    The final competition will take place the evening of July 11, 2012 as part of “The Bara MacNeils”
      Concert held at the Frances Winspear Centre for Music.
3.    The final competition will be judged by a different panel of judges.

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