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3rd- 5th March 2009

Why Wouldn’t You Use LED Downlighters?
The new generation of the LED lighting technology arrives at Ecobuild 2009

Stand number: 2206 (Touchwood Homes)

If you think downlighters have to consume vast amounts of energy, and that all
LEDs output insufficient, unsightly light, you would quite simply be wrong.
The new dawn of LEDs is now breaking, and Greenled, supplier of energy saving
solutions will be at Ecobuild 2009, demonstrating the core reasons why
professionals shaping the built environment should now be using LEDs.

Displaying a range of 35 advanced LED products, including downlighters and
retrofit lamps, Greenled, experienced in lighting a substantial range of buildings,
including visitor attractions, social housing, universities, hotels and bars, will be
on hand to explain how LED lighting can benefit the design and construction
market, and to dispel any misconceptions surrounding the technology’s

In the spotlight will be Greenled’s collection of recessed downlighters,
highlighting why there is no longer the need to install technology using 25W –
40W to downlight a space any more. An LED downlight luminaire is a fitting
which will light for 35 – 50,000 hours and once in, will not need to be replaced for
over ten years of normal use. Its longevity is a result of its efficient construction.
The entire fitting is part of the heatsinking structure which also enables the
luminaire to output an impressive amount of warm light. Historically the ability of
LED technology to powerfully project light has been a sticking point with
downlighters and lighting tasks in general, along with the colour temperature
being too blue. However Greenled’s selection of lamps has been expertly
engineered to resolve these. What is more, the technology is capable of lighting
a space using as little as one eighth of the energy currently used by traditional
downlighters. Greenled has lit many places, saving as much as 1kWh per lamp,
per day in some cases.

Greenled’s downlighting and other products take into consideration building
regulation requirements. The light source of each downlighter is integral to the
luminaire, conforming to Part L of Building Regulations to have low energy lights
that cannot simply be swapped with halogen lamps. Greenled’s collection of
downlighters also includes retrofit designs, with replacements for almost every
downlighting task.

Greenled’s LED lamps present real and effective solutions for a vast array of
lighting tasks. Other lamps on show will demonstrate too how the visual, as well
as the technological design of LED lamps, is keeping pace with the modern
market. Moving away from the traditional look of the LED lamp as well as
incorporating desirable features such as tilting fittings and dimmable settings.

“LED lighting means modern, practical and flexible designs, impressive light
output, longevity and energy savings in line with regulatory demands,”
commented James Millar, Managing Director of Greenled. “LED lighting
technology has developed incredibly and is now a serious contender in the
competition for energy saving lighting solutions.”

For further information please visit Greenled at the Touchwood Homes Stand,
number 2206.
About Greenled

Greenled is committed to reducing energy costs, carbon emissions and improving safety by
supplying high performance, low maintenance LED light technology for a range of businesses
including hotels, bars, offices and new-builds. Some 90% of lighting power is lost through heat
using halogen bulbs. Greenled lights convert energy straight to light, generating a minimal
amount of heat which results in cost savings of up to 90% on standard energy bills. LEDs last up
to 25 times longer than traditional lighting and are recyclable. Built to last, these highly
engineered lights offer a compellingly quick return on investment often within a year. Greenled, a
member of the Lighting Association, is BS8555 accredited. Find out more at www.greenled.co.uk.

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