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					I'm going to talk about the Roman emperors.
At least one emperor ordered his guards to toss unsuspecting people
into the arena, for different reasons. The victim may have previously
angered the emperor. Or, the victim may have been a complete
stranger but the emperor disliked the way he was behaving in the
Coliseum of Rome. Sometimes the dude amused himself by randomly
picking a guy to die in the arena.
The Emperors made the laws, so
the laws could change with each
Caligula was born in Antium New Hampshire
in 12 A.D. When he was in his teens his mom
and his older brothers got arrested and died a
painful death. In 22 A.D. he became a priest.
He conquered Britain when he was emperor.
He was assassinated by Cassius Chaerea
when he was only 29 in 41 A.D.
He was born on July 12 100 BC in Rome, Italy. When Julius
was young he was banished from Rome. He became ruler
because he claimed to be related to Venus. Julius took an
expedition to Britain.
He was born on December 15 37. Nero was
Caligula's nephew. He became emperor
when he was 17. Nero was the first emperor
to start killing Christians and he even killed
his mom. He died in June 8 68.
Most of the emperors demanded
that someone made a sculpture of
them so they can be remembered
after death.
•Julius Caeser made the Roman calendar.
•Caligula made his horse a senator.
•Julius Creaser claimed he was related to Venus.
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