As well as competing to become our Champion there are

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As well as competing to become our Champion there are Powered By Docstoc
					                                                                                                     It’s easy to play Black Orchid’s Fantasy
SCORING                                                                                PTS           Football 2012/13…
Goal Scored                                                                              5
                                                                                      Simply start by using our Players List and
Scoring 3 or More Goals Per Match                                                        5
                                                                                      picking an 11-man team from a budget of
Clean Sheet (Keeper/Defender)                                                 5       £50million, based on the fantasy values given
Clean Sheet (Midfielder)                                                      2       to the players. Points are awarded throughout
                                                                                      the coming season for goals, clean sheets and
Conceded More than One Goal (Keeper/Defender)                          -1 Per Goal    good performances, but can also be lost for
Penalty Save (Keeper)                                                         3       goals conceded and bookings. There are TWO
Booking                                                                      -1
                                                                                      separate Transfer Windows during the season in
                                                                                      which you can make up to three changes, as
Sent Off                                                                -3 in Total   well as the three Injury Transfers we give you.
Star Man in Sun Sport's Player Ratings                                        5       Your Team(s) points total will then compete for
                                                                                      our Big Cash Prizes, with the main aim to
Awarded 7 or More in Sun Sport's Player Ratings                               3
                                                                                      become our 2012/13 Champion, a title which is
Top Overall Points Scorer (End of Season Bonus)                              20       currently held by Ian Harrison. As well as
                                                                                      competing to become our Champion there are
also numerous other Prizes to be won along the way – Manager of the Month and Best Week are just a couple of ways to win, whilst we
also run a Knock-out Cup Competition, the Dave Robinson Trophy (Currently held also by Ian Harrison).

         Entry costs as follows… £20 for 1 Team, £35 for 2 Teams or £45 for 3 Teams...All Teams must have the same Manager Name!
                                All Teams AND CASH must be in by 3pm on Friday 17 August 2012


Your team must consist of 11 Players selected from the Players List provided by Boffclub, with one of your players being a Goalkeeper.
You need to decide who you think will perform best over the whole season based on our scoring system (Above). This rewards the things
you would expect – goals, clean sheets and good performances whilst punishing leaky defences, bookings and red cards.
Your 11 selected players then win or lose points for every match they play in the Premier League, FA Cup, Carling Cup, UEFA
Champions League or Europa League as the season unfolds.

You will be able to track your Teams progress via our website…

In selecting your side, bear in mind our 2 Main Rules:

     1.    Your Total Team Value must Not exceed £50 Million
     2.    You Must select a Valid Formation: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 3-5-2 or 5-3-2

With your Team(s) selected there are a number of ways in which you can Submit them:

     1.    Visit our website -
     2.    Use our Selection Sheet and Email to -
     3.    Text them to Gary – 07708785640


During the season there will be 2 Transfer Windows, in which you will be able to make a maximum of 3 changes per Team.
               st                                            th                                   th
          The 1 Transfer Window will run from Tuesday 9 October 2012 to 3pm on Friday 19 October 2012
               nd                                              th                                 st
          The 2 Transfer Window will run from Monday 28 January 2013 to 3pm on Friday 1 February 2013
Transfers take effect from eligible games played immediately after each closing date. As well as our Transfer Windows, Boffclub also allows
for Injury Transfers – Basically, you get 3 Injuries – These can be used at any point in the season (Until the 2 Transfer Window closes
and Not thereafter). Provided your player’s name is on the injury list on (Regardless of how long for), then you may
Transfer him out for Free. Once you have used your 3 Freebies, you are stuck with any player who then becomes injured. An injury transfer
can also be used if a player transfers away from the Premiership. When you bring in a new player, you do NOT get the points he has
scored so far. Likewise, points scored by players you transfer out are FROZEN but remain on your overall score. In making any Transfers
you must ensure you stay within the 2 Main Rules (Above).

           Along with the opening of the 2 Transfer Window every team will be given the opportunity to join our ‘Losers League’, which will
           see your Team drop out of the running in the Main League Table and form a New League in which all participants will begin again
           with zero Points and compete for Positional Prizes (Albeit on a much smaller scale).

Should you require anymore Information, please do not hesitate to ask…

Boffclub Team

* By entering you agree that the Editor reserves the right to make a judgement call in the event of any unforeseen circumstances and as such the Editors
decision is final *


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