The SSHRC-CGS-Master's Application forms for the 2008-09 by 33bB93K3


The SSHRC-CGS-Master's Application forms for the 2013-14 competition are now available on
the SSHRC web-site:

The competition for SSHRC CGSM Awards ($17,500) is open to Canadian citizens (or permanent
residents of Canada) who (1) will be applying for support to pursue their first graduate degree
(i.e. master’s or equivalent) and have not completed more than 12 months of full-time graduate
study at the proposed start date of the award (all previous studies at the graduate level,
regardless of discipline, will be included in determining eligibility); (2) have achieved a first-class
average (a grade of A- or GPA of 3.7/4.3 or above) in each of the last two years of full-time study
or equivalent; (3) have not already received an award for master’s-level study from SSHRC,
NSERC or CIHR and (4) will not be applying to NSERC or CIHR for graduate funding in the 2012-
13 academic year. Saint Mary's University has been allocated 9 SSHRC CGS-Master's
Nominations for 2013-14.

If the research proposal is related to health or psychology, applicants must justify the submission
of their proposal to SSHRC (rather than NSERC or CIHR), based on the newly published
Guidelines for the Eligibility of Subject Matter at SSHRC
choisir_organisme_subventionnaire-eng.aspx. IF IN DOUBT PLEASE CONSULT SSHRC
STAFF BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION. The following is a link to the on-line
Resource Centre which includes helpful information and tips for students: http://www.sshrc-

The following process should be communicated to all interested students:

1. Students eligible to apply through Saint Mary’s University must complete their application on-
line and submit an original copy of the application, supporting documents, and a Consent to the
Disclosure of Personal Information Form directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and
Research Office (FGSR) by Friday, November 9, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. FGSR will be responsible
for arranging departmental appraisals. Please note SSHRC will accept Official Transcripts
only. Students who started their graduate program in Sept. 2012 must also submit an
official transcript from Saint Mary’s University.

2. FGSR will review each application and forward them to Department Heads for completion of
the departmental appraisal section. Department Heads must return the applications and
completed appraisal section to FGSR by December 2, 2012.

3. A Committee will evaluate all applications received by FGSR, in accordance with SSHRC's
selection criteria, and sort them into three categories; A-list applications, which are recommended
for awards; alternate list applications, which may be offered an award in the event of declined
awards; and B-list applications, which are not recommended for awards. The FGSR will inform
all applicants of the Committee’s decision.

4. The FGSR submits all A-list and alternate list applications to SSHRC for review and final
decision. SSHRC will announce competition results by Spring 2013. SSHRC informs all
applicants in writing of the outcome of their applications.

If students have any questions about this competition they can contact Heather Taylor, Graduate
Studies Officer, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, Phone: 902-420-5069; E-Mail:

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