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                                  Tidworth Community Hall
                                   Tidworth Leisure Centre
                                       Nadder Road,
                                          SP9 7QN


                                                     From the A338 at the mini roundabout, take the
                                                     exit onto Ordance Road. Then turn right onto
                                                     Nadder Road and follow the road round to the
                                                     entrance to Tidworth Leisure Centre.

                                                     The Community Hall is situated in Tidworth Leisure
                                                     Centre. From the main reception desk, turn right,
                                                     through the double doors and follow the corridor –
                                                     The entrance to the hall is the 2nd door on the right. It
                                                     has a small sign.

                                                     Courses usually take place on the ground floor
                                                     and are wheelchair accessible.

                                                     Additional Information:
                                                     Tidworth Leisure centre has a large on site car park
                                                     which is free to use.

The Leisure Centre has a café, many activities and exercises classes as well as being home to Tidworth
Library, The Hive Centre, a Hairdressers and physiotherapists.

Smoking is not permitted on the school premises, if you would like to smoke the course facilitators will
you direct you to the nearest off site location.

If you had any further questions, please feel free to contact us on 01380 731335.

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