WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT
                              Action Group 6
                               3rd March 2011

Present:     Carol Cranfield, Group Manager for Social Care, Southend
             Borough Council, Chair

             Kieran O’Toole, Southend Borough Council Contracts Team
             Vicky Jackson, Director, Ashley Care
             DS Caroline Venables, Essex Police
             Eleanor Wilson, Workforce Development Manager, Southend
             Borough Council
             Janet Phillips, University of Essex
             Sheila Hussey, Workforce Development Officer, Southend
             Borough Council

Apologies:   Andrea Metcalfe, Safeguarding Lead, SEE PCT
             Sarah Adams, Learning and Development Manager, Southend
             Borough Council

Discussion Point              Who         Action Required
Membership:                   Carol Cranfield   Action – Carol to check membership
                                                from Southend Hospital and SEPT.
Discussion was held
regarding appropriate
membership for this group.
Membership will be
constantly reviewed.

Background of Board                             Noted

Carol gave background of
Board development and the
creation of 6 Action Groups
which sit under the
Southend Safeguarding
Vulnerable Adults Executive
and Board. Some groups
are task/finish group, some

The final version of Action
Plan is going to the SVAB
Executive at the end of
March 2011.
Each Action Group will
send minutes to each
Executive and Board for
information. Each group
will be expected to provide
an update to the Board
once a year.

Action Plan Objective 1         Kieran O’Toole   Action – Kieran O’Toole to liaise with
                                                 Karen Peters around setting the
Resources dedicated are                          regulated services Contract
defined as workers who                           Monitoring parameters for the
concentrate solely on                            2011/12 Financial Year. Request
Safeguarding Vulnerable                          that the Contracts Team concentrate
Adults in comparable Local                       on Safer Recruitment. Contracts
Authority regions:                               Team to present a report in April
                                                 2012 to Safeguarding Board
      Police                                    regarding findings and outcome.
      NHS leads – PCT
       (split), Mental Health
       Trust, Hospital
      Council

SET TRAINING                    Sheila Hussey    Action – For next meeting, Sheila
STRATEGY                        and Eleanor      and Eleanor to report to
                                Wilson           Safeguarding Action Group 6 to:
Discussion around the need
for Action Group 6 to set                              -   Report how many people
the commissioning priorities                               are accessing Skills for
in line with the SET                                       Care modules
(Southend, Essex &                                     -   Have a demonstration of
Thurrock) Safeguarding                                     the Skills module
Vulnerable Adults Training                                 presented to the Action
Strategy.                                                  Group

Local Safeguarding
Children’s Board – currently
charge for e-learning

     £ 25 Council
     £ 50
     £100 Private
£7.50 is charged per e-
learning group –
predominantly, this training
is offered to 3rd Sector and
Council staff.

Southend Borough Council
pays for a licence and pass
access to Skills for Care
facility to providers. This
provides unlimited hits open
to providers, who can

       -   Information
       -   E-Learning
       -   Modules on
           various topics
       -   Downloads

Kite Mark System & Bi-           Janet Phillips   Action – Janet to tweak Bi-annual
Annual Summary                                    Summary for LSCB training and to
                                                  send to Eleanor Wilson and Sheila
It is acknowledged that we                        Hussey.
have to develop a kite mark
system for assessing
training.                                         Action – Sheila and Eleanor to send
                                 Eleanor Wilson   the proposed, tweaked Bi-Annual
LSCB carry out a survey          and Sheila       Summary to the Action Group for
twice a year to all providers,   Hussey           final agreement so that we can send
requesting data on:                               it out to all providers..

       -   Number of
           employed staff
       -   Levels of staff
       -   What training
           have they had

Janet shared by having
schools in clusters with
allocated trainers, they
assessed gaps in training to
target intervention and
managed to train 5,000
members of staff in one

Bi-Annual Summary
Requests will be sent to:

       -   Care providers
          (Dom & Care
      -   Hospital Trust
      -   MH Trust
      -   Police
      -   PCT – Provider

Supervision Audit &            Sheila Hussey   Action – Sheila to contact Colm
Competency Based                               Lehane in Clara Training to see if
Outcomes                                       the Investigation Skills training can
                                               incorporate a competency based
                                               test after training.
We discussed the
supervision policy –
casework supervision –
how do we know
practitioners can
demonstrate competencies
learned in training?

      -   through tests
      -   e-learning
          support and
          passing tests

Janet shared supervision
audit in LSCB.

Agenda item for next                           For discussion at next meeting
meeting - Training Strategy

Sarah asked how we will
cover the training needs of:

      -   PCT
      -   MH Trust
      -   Police

And Eleanor asked how we
will fund this.

NEXT MEETINGS                                  6th April 2011 at 2.-3.30pm. 3rd Floor
                                               Queensway House Essex Street.
                                               5 May at 1 -2.30 – Queensway House
                                               Essex Street
                                               20 June 10-11.30 – Committee room 5
Civic Centre

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