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                                  Seeing the Connectedness of Things

If organizations pursuing excellence sense some challenges in corralling team members to achieve higher
and higher standards of customer satisfaction while not burning out their team members it is largely
because the organizations are getting their pool of human resources from a very broken education system
and a very confused social support system. In an article titled “Seeing the Connectedness of Things” Dr.
Ernest L. Boyer, President, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Washington D.C

“In his book, The Mountain People, anthropologist Colin Turnbull describes a once-thriving North
African tribal community in which, through adversity, relationships have broken down. Common values
have deteriorated; traditions have lost their evocative power. The social cement holding the tribe together
– its heritage, values and mutual relationships – has crumbled. The result, says Turnbull, is the breakdown
of community.

On a different scale, such a decline threatens our society. Today’s young people have grown up in a
fractured, atomized world in which the call for individual gratification booms forth on every side while
social claims are weak. Students are educationally more competitive, geared toward training for jobs, and
more committed to getting higher grades. They are optimistic about their own futures, believing they will
get good jobs, good money and good things, but they are pessimistic about the future of the nation and the
world. Consequently, students are more committed to their personal futures than to the future we face

At the outset it seems great to have a workforce which is competitive and motivated but any enlightened
leadership does understand that short term gains does not always translate to long term excellence. Many
management books have been written on the perils of focusing on short term gain (quarterly results etc.)
in not translating to long term market share (healthy asset base and growth potential).

Thus a workforce committed to a personal future versus a future together (students are more committed to
their personal futures than to the future we face together) is fraught with danger.

We as Dasosmi would like to help. Every organization has a different challenge and we would like to
customize our programs to you.

About Us

Dasosmi was started by a group of individuals with a combined work experience of over 80 years in Fortune 500
companies. The individuals bring to the table a unique combination of pursuance of successful careers in the US
while being rooted in a Vedic meditational lifestyle and experience in teambuilding and people management. They
have counseled and coached a number of individuals over the years and would like to bring this experience to bear
for your organization.

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            Dasosmi, Inc.
Continuously Improving @ Your Service

Excellence can only be maintained with an inspired workforce, satisfied customers and visionary stakeholders.

Dasosmi, Inc.             12605 33rd Ave. S., Burnsville, MN 55337
                                        Phone: 952-288-7760                            email:

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