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                             CLASSROOM FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT
           Teacher Candidate: _____________________________                     Placement Dates: _______________________

           Associate Teacher: ______________________________                    Number of Days Completed:__________

           Faculty Advisor: ________________________________                    Grade / Courses taught:___________

           School:_______________________________________                       District School Board:__________________

                                           Guidelines for Levels of Assessment

Surpassing Expectations                                Informed and intuitive teaching practice that demonstrates exceptional insight, passion and
                                                        deep commitment to students
                                                       Demonstration of excellent knowledge of subject/pedagogy
                                                       Excellent planning and preparation
                                                       Highly effective and independent implementation of lessons and class management strategies
                                                       This Teacher Candidates exceeds the competencies as outlined
                                                       Descriptors may include, but are not limited to: exceptional, insightful, outstanding, intuitive,
                                                        excellent, deep

Meeting Expectations                                   Consistent and solid teaching practice that demonstrates a deep interest in and commitment to
                                                        students teaching and learning
                                                       Demonstration of sound knowledge of subject area/pedagogy
                                                       Solid planning and preparation
                                                       Effective and independent implementation of lessons
                                                       Ability to maintain a safe, positive environment
                                                       This Teacher Candidate meets the competencies as outlined
                                                       Descriptors may include, but are not limited to: solid, consistent, effective, enthusiastic,
                                                        thorough, clear, confident, dedicated

Approaching Expectations                               Teaching practice that demonstrates inconsistent interest and commitment to students,
                                                        teaching and learning
                                                       Some knowledge of subject/pedagogy
                                                       Lack of solid planning and preparation
                                                       Difficulty maintaining a positive learning environment
                                                       Descriptors may include, but are not limited to: limited, inconsistent, unprepared, occasionally,
                                                        weak, rarely

N/A                                                    Not applicable at this time

                                                                                        Approaching          Meeting            Surpassing
                                                                                        Expectations       Expectations        Expectations
Planning and Preparation
         Articulates clear instructional goals and expectations
         Demonstrates knowledge of subject matter, curriculum and pedagogy
         Develops and sequences lessons in a logical manner
         Ensures resources and materials prepared ahead of time and readily
         Uses of a variety of learning strategies
         Plans using specific expectations from the Ontario curriculum
         Includes appropriate assessment strategies in plans
         Uses a variety of questioning techniques
         Provides lesson plans to Associate Teacher prior to teaching and with
          adequate time for revision

    Gives clear articulation of lesson expectations
    Uses a range of effective questioning techniques to encourage higher
     level thinking skills
    Demonstrates effective pacing
    Uses resources and technologies effectively
    Integrates strategies to develop problem solving and critical thinking
    Uses balance of teacher directed, student centered, large group, small
     group and individualized learning opportunities to engage all learners
    Gives clear, logical instructions
    Encourages student participation and dialogue

                                                                                   Approaching      Meeting       Surpassing
                                                                                   Expectations   Expectations   Expectations
Classroom Management
      Demonstrates commitment to student well-being
      Encourages student responsibility
      Develops rapport and trust
      Respects students and student ideas
      Uses a variety of positive classroom management strategies to maintain
       a positive learning environment
      Gains student attention before teaching and uses strategies to maintain
       student attention throughout teaching
      Addresses disruptive behaviour in an appropriate manner, using a variety
       of strategies
      Uses a variety of strategies to ensure a smooth transition from one
       activity to another
      Maintains class/school routines, code of conduct and expectations
Assessment and Evaluation
      Makes quality observations of students
      Tracks and monitors student progress
      Links assessment and evaluation to planning
      Uses a variety of assessment and evaluation strategies, including daily /
       formative and summative
Diversity and Inclusion
    Demonstrates attitude of respect to diversity
    Uses a variety of strategies to reflect multiple abilities, interests,
     cultures, belief systems, learning style preferences, and/or multiple
    Incorporates information from I.E.P.’s into planning and implementation
     of lessons
    Appropriate dress and grooming
    Arrives on time and fully prepared – at least 30 minutes prior to bell time
     is recommended
    Stays until the “job is done”: meeting with Associate Teacher to review
     next day’s lessons, preparation of materials, assessment of student
     work, etc.
    Attends to duties with the Associate Teacher: bus duty, lunch duty, yard
    Attends staff meetings, division meetings and after school professional
     development activities
    Responds to suggestions – accepts and uses daily feedback and
     assessment feedback in a positive manner
    Interacts respectfully with staff, students and parents, maintaining
     professional language and confidentiality
    Demonstrates initiative
    Adheres to required deadlines: marking, returning resources, attendance
     tracking, etc.
    Demonstrates willingness to take risks (i.e. teach in area of discomfort)
    Demonstrates commitment to scholarship, passion for subject area,
     pedagogies and life-long learning

Associate Teacher Comments:

Signature of Teacher Candidate:                ______________________    Date: ________

Signature of Associate Teacher:                 ______________________     Date: _______

  *If the Teacher Candidate does not meet the expectations in any of the competencies on the
              formative assessment, a Practicum Growth Plan must be completed.


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