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									                             How Stuff Works


                   How the Jaws of Life Work
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1-Introduction to How the Jaws of Life Work
1. What are the Jaws of Life?
2. Who makes the Jaws of Life?
3. What are the three main parts of the Jaws of Life?
4. Other than car crashes, where else are the Jaws of Life used?
2-Simple Hydraulics
5. What is the simple concept behind hydraulics?
6. What is an incompressible fluid?
7. What is the most common incompressible fluid?
8. What does the Jaws of Life use?
9. Why does the Jaws of Life use this type of fluid?
*Click the arrow for a demonstration of simple hydraulics
10.How does the Jaws of Life work?
11.How are the spreaders used in the Jaws of Life?
12.What are the cutters?
*Move your mouse over the picture to see how it works
13.What does the spreader consist of?
14. What two kinds of forces are provided by the spreaders?
15.How do they open the spreaders?
16.How does the rescuer use the spreaders?
17.How is a cutter like the spreaders?
17.What are cutters more like though?
18.What three ways can the Jaws of Life be powered?
19.What is the ram?
20.How is a ram used?

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