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									Democratic Republic of São Tomé
         and Principe

        AAPG Conference
          New Orleans

              Luís Prazeres
       Executive Director ANP-STP
                  Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe

• Location: In the Gulf of Guinea, off the west-
  central coast of Africa, 300 kms (160 mi.) from
• Capital: São Tomé
• Land area: approximately 1001 Km2
• Maritime area: approximately 166,000 Km2           STP
• Distance from Continent: 300 Km
• Population: 160,000 (estimate 2007)
• Climate: Tropical. Average temperature 26° C       São Tomé
  (78° F) on the coast; lower in the highland. Dry
  season June to August. Short periods of tropical
  rains during the rest of the year.
• Official Language: Portuguese
• Government: Semi-presidential Representative
• Natural Resources: Cocoa, coconuts, bananas,
  coffee, palm oil, fishes, Petroleum (not yet
• Export: cocoa, coffee, coconut, pepper
• Currency: Dobras (STD)


The Government
    The Government of the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, at any time and from
    time to time, in accordance with Article 109 of the Constitution of Democratic Republic of São
    Tomé and Príncipe.

Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment
    The Ministry establishes the policies for the petroleum sector.

National Petroleum Agency
    The Agência Nacional do Petróleo de São Tomé e Príncipe (“ANP-STP”) was established by
    Decree-Law No. 5/2004, of the 14th of June. It is the national regulatory body, reporting to the
    Ministry, with responsibility for enforcing the regulations, contracting with third parties and
    supervision of petroleum operations.
         Organisational structure

Petroleum law provides the legal foundation for the governance structure of petroleum
activities clarifying roles and interests:


                                                                  Oil Companies

           Resource owner                     Commercial Interest
        Agencia Nacional do Petróleo (ANP-STP)

ANP-STP (National Petroleum Agency)
• Is the regulatory authority for the petroleum operations
  (exploration, production and transport of hydrocarbons)
• Participate in the proposal of legislation and its implementation
• Promote the exploration within exclusive economic zone
• Organize and conduct licensing including negotiations with
• Assess and recommend the approval of field development
  plans and tail-end production and abandonment
• Co/ordinate all government supervisory functions related to
  petroleum operations
Overview of ANP organisation
Zones & Blocks
           São Tomé and Príncipe Exploration History

Pre 1970        Oil seeps on the islands have attracted interest

1970            Ball & Collins licensed onshore and shallow offshore –
                drilled two shallow wells near seeps

1990            Island Oil drilled two deep onshore wells near seeps,
                including Ubabudo-1 drilled to 1501m

1998            Mobil held 18 month Technical Assistance Agreement for
                whole STP offshore

2001-2005       PGS acquired 10,000 km of 2D seismic in EEZ and 3000
                sq km of 3D in JDZ
        JDZ Update

• JDZ is a Zone established on 21 February 2001 by the Abuja Treaty, jointly controlled
  by the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Democratic Republic of São Tome and
  Principe for the purposes of the exploration for and exploitation of resources,aimed at
  achieving optimum commercial utilization for two countries.

• 2003 and 2004 JDZ Licensing Round
  produced 4 active production sharing
  contracts,for Blocks1-4. The Blocks 5-6
  are yet to be concluded.

• The recent drilling operations for the JDZ
  Blocks 1-4 have encountered some very
  good reservoir sands, many of them
  charged with oil and natural gas.
            STP 1st Licensing Round - Summary

•   License Round opened on the 2nd March 2010
•   The License Round will close on the 15th September 2010
•   The Licensing Round is based on open tender.
•   Applicants will be assessed based on evaluation criteria
•   The State reserves the right to participate in petroleum operations. The
    participation may be directly or through an entity wholly or partly owned and
    controlled by the State
•   No petroleum activity may be undertaken in the EEZ, except pursuant to
    and in accordance with the Petroleum Law n˚ 16/2009
•   3 Phase of exploration: 4+2+2
•   The cost recovery ceiling shall be a maximum of 80%
•   International Oil companies commencing activities in the country for the first
    time are required to either be registered or incorporated upon award of
    acreage and prior to the commencing of any operations
         1st Licenses Round - blocks on offer

Block   Zone   Area_sq_km   Status   1st License
  1      A       3,292      Open          Yes
  2      A       4,969      Open          Yes
  3      A       4,228      Open          Yes
  6      A       5,024      Open          Yes
  8      B       6,497      Open          Yes
  7      B       6,384      Open          Yes
 13      B       6,777      Open          Yes
        Seismic Coverage (Multi-Client)

• 5,925km
• Acquired 1999 for Mobil

• 3,600km
• Acquired 2001 - PGS

• 1,500km
• Acquired 2002 - PGS

• 5,800km
• Acquired 2005 - PGS
         Geo-Technical Data

    The Geo-Technical Data package has been prepared from all the
    data available from within the ANP-STP archives and includes:

•   Technical Reports
•   Technical Presentations
•   Well Data
•   Petrographic Data
•   Seismic Data
•   Gravity & Magnetic Data
•   Field Work Data
•   Geochemical Data (seep analysis)
•   GIS Project (copy supplied to data room visitors
•   Workstation Project (SMT Kingdom)
Data Rooms

             Sao Tome Data Room
             Open now

             UK Data Room
             Open now

                –   Key Technical Reports (Paper & pdf)
                –   Technical Reports (pdf)
                –   SMT Kingdom Project
                –   Limited seismic displays

                        Data Room Rules Apply
       Technical Summary

• 7 offshore blocks available in round

• Located in deep water of hydrocarbon rich Gulf of Guinea

• Traps identified in region are both structural and stratigraphic

• Ubabudo-1 well onshore, offshore region undrilled

• Potential reservoirs proven onshore, seeps on and offshore

• Prospective acreage, currently unlicensed
          STP - Play Fairways

Distal toe thrusts of the
Niger Delta

Low relief structures,
fracture zone drape and
stratigraphic traps to
south of toe thrust zone
Major Tertiary fan
Dominantly Cretaceous
fan systems derived from
Eq. Guinea margin
Cretaceous structural
traps and drapes over
fracture zones with
sediment derived from
the Gabon and EG
Regional line (W-E Line)

                           5 km
Drape over tilted fault block

                    Brightening on
                     Brightening on

                                      5 km
          São Tomé and Príncipe Seeps

• Cretaceous oil is currently seeping in to this concrete emplacement of an artesian
  well on São Tomé.
• Natural oil seeps from both islands belong to separate oil families, although similar in
  appearance and viscosity.
    – São Tomé similar to Azile and Anguille Fm sourced oils in Gabon.
    – Seeps in Príncipe more mature.
    – Slicks observed offshore Príncipe

  Gas escaping at Ubabudo-1

• Good quality sands have even been deposited as far
  south as Sao Tome. This slide shows some
  outcropping quartzose sands on the island together
  with a well drilled through several hundred metres of
  sands alternated with shales and volcanics,
  tentatively equivalent to the Agbada Formation.
         Model PSC


 Applicants should take due notice that the PSC is based on an
 administrative law in which a specific number of fiscal elements are non-

Exploration Period
The Exploration and Appraisal period is 8 years, split in to three phases:
• Phase 1 – four (4) years
• Phase 2 – two (2) years
• Phase 3 – two (2) years

Production Period:
   •    20 years with possible 5 year extensions for economic depletion
      Houston – Road Show Presentation

• Houston Presentation Thursday April 15th
   – At PGS Houston Office
   – Invitations on the Sao Tome & PGS Stands

• Houston Data room available
STP 1st Licensing Round

                   1.    INTRODUCTION

                   2.    THE COMPETENT AUTHORITIES

                   3.    LEGAL & FISCAL DOCUMENTS

                   4.    APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS & FEES

                   5.    APPLICATION DOCUMENT

                   6.    SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION

                   7.    BID EVALUATION CRITERIA

                   8.    PROCEDURE FOR ASSESSMENT


                   10.   FURTHER INFORMATION

                   All information is available from
We welcome you in São Tomé and Principe
   License Round closes on the 15th September 2010

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