Assessment Boards and the role of the external examiner

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					Assessment Boards and the role of the external examiner

Areas covered well in theses examples:

      The role of the external examiner for a programme
      The function of assessment boards


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Role of External Examiners (Visiting Examiners)

The role of the external examiner is that of moderator:
   To approve examination programme
   To view assignment briefs
   To review coursework
   To view examination scripts
   To attend MABs and PABs

       Module Assessment Board (MAB)
        The MAB meets at the end of the module, either at the end of the
         semester or the end of the year. Your marks are provisional until the MAB
         has met
        The purpose of the MAB is to ensure that all of your work has been
         marked to the same standard. It has the authority to amend marks if it
         agrees that one piece of work has been marked more easily/strictly than
        The MAB takes each student’s marks in turn and agrees the final mark for
         the module
        When the final mark is 40% or above you are awarded the Credits for the
        When the final mark is 39% or below the MAB will decide the remedial
         action you will need to undertake. This will take the form of referral or
         deferral. NB When an assignment is marked at 39% or below you are
         not allowed to re-do that piece of work until the MAB has met. Your
         tutor will give you feedback as quickly as possible. Ensure you know the
         date of the MAB!
        The minutes of the MAB are then submitted to the Programme
         Assessment Board

        You will given the right to attempt the module assessment again = re-sit.
          There is only one referral opportunity.
        The maximum mark available for the re-submitted work is 40%

        There have been proven mitigating circumstances causing you to achieve
          below the 40% mark the MAB will give you a new attempt at the
          assessment setting appropriate variations to the assessment task.
        The maximum mark available will be as the new piece of work deserves

       Programme Assessment Board (PAB)
   The PAB meets at the end of the academic year to establish whether you
    have passed a Level and you are eligible for the award
   Should you not have achieved the 120 credits the PAB is empowered to
    facilitate your progression in one of two ways -compensation or trailing.

    NB the PAB has the right to deny progression on academic grounds

External Examiners

The University Modular Framework and the QAA Code of Practice inform the
role of the External Examiners for this programme for External Examining.

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