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									                           UNIT 9-Public Safety Management (Police)
              Represented by Santa Rosa Police Management Association (SRPMA)
      Salary Increases:         Last: 7/1/2008 – 3%                     Next: Non scheduled
    Term of Agreement:          July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2014
                                CalPERS Formula: Tier 1 is 3% @ 50 (Single Highest Year).
                                           2 Tier effective 7/8/12 is 3% @ 55 (highest consecutive 36 months).
    Retirement System:
                                ER: 29.485%                                   EE: 9%.
                                EPMC: No                                      Survivor Benefit: 1959, Level 4.
          Retire Medical        ER contribution is $240.05. EE maximum stipend allowance of $490.
         Social Security:       City Employees do not contribute to Social Security.
                                457 plans are available to all EEs if EEs elect to participate with no City
                                contribution. Police SGT only: City will contribute one-half percent (1/2%) of EE’s
         Deferred Comp:
                                base salary per pay period subject to an equal amount (or more) being contributed
                                by the EE.
                Medicare:       1.45%
          Life Insurance:       100% City paid policy of $30,000 with a monthly City cost of $4.38.
                                Employees can apply for up to $200,000 of supplemental life with AD&D for
     Supplemental Life:         themselves and $50,000 for their spouse/domestic partner.
                                City contributes a portion of the monthly premium for a salary continuation plan
  Long Term Disability:         through PORAC.
     CA State Disability        City Employees do not contribute to California State Disability.
                                Medical: 2012 = $1,587.14/mo               2012 PEMHCA is $112
                                           2013 = $1,738.44/mo             2013 PEMHCA is $115
       Health Insurance-
                                Dental: 100% City paid. 2012/2013 = $190.00/mo
            Family Level
                                Vision: 100% City paid. 2012 = $17.85/mo
        (CalPERS Kaiser
                                                          2013 = $18.39.96/mo.
                                *Medical: EE contributes 1% of base salary towards medical.
                                        ~ All contributions are prorated for part time employees~
                                Up to completion of 4th year:      80 hours
                                5th to completion of 11th year: 120 hours
                 Vacation:      12th to completion of 24th year: 160 hours
                                25 years or more:                  200 hours
                                Employees may sell back up to 80 hours.
                                Police SGT and LT receive a lump sum payment of 127.5 hours holiday pay in
                                December each year. Police Captains will be paid for 12 holidays.
                                12 days (96 hours) per year – At retirement a portion of sick leave can be cashed
               Sick Leave:      out and/or converted to retirement credit.
           Bilingual Pay:       3% Intermediate/5% Advanced
        Shift Differential:     3% for swing and night shifts
                                Minimum of 4 hours pay at the overtime rate; in excess of 4 hours is paid at the
  Off Duty Court Comp:
                                overtime rate for actual hours.
   Uniform Allowance:           $875 per year
          Body Armor:           New officers $125
 Educational Incentive          Sergeants that meet the qualifications for Education Skills Based Pay shall
                   Pay:         receive an additional 5% of Sergeant Base Salary.
          On-Call Pay:          Lieutenents Only: $75 daily on call per 24-hour period or $525 per week.
 Management Vacation            Employee may “sell back” up to 80 hours of vacation providing he/she has 80 hours.
             Sell Back:
  Management Benefit            80 hours per fiscal year that can be taken as time off or pay.
 MTO (Mandatory Time            16.5 hours of mandatory furlough for Police Captains between 7/1/12–6/30/13.
         Off Program):
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