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									       An ‘Inside Look’ at Your Site
                       Analyzing Your Content for Search
                              Engine Optimization

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Proprietary  2009 StoneRiver, Inc.
The following presentation has been designed for
general information purposes only. Establishing
a unique, on-line marketing presence that is also
consistent with the NAIC Advertising Guidelines,
FINRA regulations and New York Life corporate
policies is important. Individual circumstances
may vary. Please utilize the tools available to
you via Emerald Support, Agency Marketing and
Technology as well as SMRU for assistance in
maximizing your web site's potential.

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Our staff of marketing consultants can share
with you best-practices information on . . .

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Today’s speakers:

Paul Bello
 Technical Support

Mike Woods
 Vice President, Product Development & Technical

An ‘Inside Look’ at Your Site

First item:
 Open a browser
 Open your website administrator

Krafting Killer Copy

 What people read vs. what you
  believe they read
 Phrase repetition matters
 Word Repetition

Action Item
   Go to your Web site
   Choose a couple of important words and/or
   Visit other pages on your site to look for
    important words
   Your language should be consistent with what
    you are licensed to offer.
   Identify the different roles and titles that you
    may have as either an Agent, RR, Adviser or

Google Keywords/Adwords

 “Visit Google’s “keyword” tool"
 Search your Web site for keywords
 Search terms should be consistent
  with the products and services you
  are licensed to offer

   •   Keyword Density Analyzer

An ‘Inside Look’ at Your Site

 Check your Web site for
  word/phrase repetition
 Take advantage of these Web tools
      Google Keywords
 View your Web site like the Web
  sees your Web site
Questions and Answers
    800-233-2834, Option 1
    SMRU 1-800-846-5021

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