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									                                              Bereavement Resources

 We hope that these resources can help you find some comfort and peace following the loss of your loved one.

                                            RESOURCES FOR ADULTS

Websites                                   The Compassionate Friends                   Healing After Loss: Daily
Alive Alone (loss of a child)              (loss of a child)                           Meditations For Working Through                               Grief
                                                                                       Martha W. Hickman
Balloon Release (loss of a child)          Books                     Angel Catcher: A Journal of Loss            Healing Your Grieving Heart:
                                           and Remembrance                             100 Practical Ideas Alan Wolfelt
Bereaved Parents USA                       Kathy Eldon and Amy Eldon
(loss of a child)                          Turteltaub                                  I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye                                                             Brook Noel
                                           A Time to Grieve: Meditations for
Caring Connections                         Healing After the Death of a                The Bereaved Parent                         Loved One                                   (loss of a child)
                                           Carol Staudacher                            Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
Centering Corporation                      Finding Your Way When A                     The Worst Loss – How Families
                                           Spouse Dies (loss of a spouse)              Heal From the Death of a Child
Good Grief Resources                       Ed. Linus Mundy                             Barbara D. Rosof
                                           Going On - A Pathway Through                Understanding Your Grief
Grief Watch (bereaved families)            Sorrow (loss of a spouse)                   Alan Wolfelt                         Jane Woods Shoemaker

                                    RESOURCES FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS

Organizations                              Websites                                    Books
Center for Good Mourning -                 Child Grief                                 After Charlotte’s Mom Died
Arkansas Children's Hospital                               (for children; loss of a parent)
Telephone: (501) 364-7000                                                              Cornelia Spelman
Fax: (501) 364-5230                        Children’s Grief
800 Marshall Street, Slot 669                          A Birthday Present for Daniel
Little Rock, AR 72202                                                                  (for children; loss of a sibling)                        The Dougy Center                            Juliet Rotham
Kaleidoscope Kids                                                                      Badger's Parting Gifts
Telephone: (501) 978-5437                  Kidsaid                                     Susan Varle
Fax: (501) 537-2718              
1501 N. University, Suite 680                                                          Coping With the Death of a
Little Rock, AR 72207                      National Alliance for Grieving              Brother or Sister (for teens; loss of           Children                                    a sibling)
                                           http://nationalallianceforgrievingchild     Ruth Ann Ruiz
                                              Bereavement Resources

 We hope that these resources can help you find some comfort and peace following the loss of your loved one.

Don’t Despair on Thursday!                 I Will Remember You: A                      Saying Goodbye
(for children)                             Guidebook Through Grief for                 (for children)
Adolph Moser                               Teens (for teens)                           Jim & Joan Boulden
                                           Laura Dower
Facing Change: Falling Apart and                                                       The Tenth Good Thing About
Coming Together Again in the               "I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand":            Barney
Teen Years                                 A Child's Guide to Grief and Loss           Judith Viorst and Erik Blegvad
Donna O’Toole                              Ed.D. Pat Palmer and Dianne
                                           O'Quinn Burke                               When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to
Fire in My Heart, Ice in My Veins                                                      Understanding Death
(for teens)                                Memories Live Forever                       Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc
Enid Samuel Traisman                       (for children)                              Brown
                                           Sharon Rugg
The Grieving Teen (for teens)                                                          When Someone Very Special Dies
Helen Fitzgerald                           Molly’s Mom Died                            (for children)
                                           (for children; loss of a parent)            Marge Heegaard
Healing Your Grieving Teen’s               Margaret M. Holmes
Heart: 100 Practical Ideas                                                             You Are Not Alone (for teens)
Alan Wolfelt                               Recovering from the Loss of a               Lynne B. Hughes
                                           Sibling (for children; loss of a
Help for the Hard Times: Getting           sibling)
Through Loss                               Katherine Donnelly
Earl Hipp
                                           Sam’s Dad Died
I Heard your Daddy Died                    (for children; loss of a parent)
(for children; loss of a parent)           Margaret M. Holmes
Mark Scrivani

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