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									The Lord is My Shepherd

        Psalm 23
• One of the best known Psalms
• Life of a sheep with a shepherd
  compared to life of a believer with God
 “The Lord is my shepherd”
• That makes us sheep, not ‘junior shepherds’
• The shepherd’s duties are explained in the
  rest of the psalm
• But the sheep’s ‘duty’ is to follow the
  – Before that happens, the sheep have to know
    their shepherd
    • Sheep recognize the voice (authority) of the
  – There is no room for divided loyalties
         “I shall not want”

• A declaration of complete trust
  – The sheep has complete confidence in
    the shepherd
  – The sheep won’t be second guessing
    the shepherd as to what is best
  – The shepherd is responsible for the
    needs of the sheep
     • It’s a huge responsibility, but our Lord is
       up to the task
        – We will have no spiritual needs unmet
“He makes me to lie down in green pastures”
• Sheep can’t find pasturage on their own
• Sheep won’t change pasturage on their own
  – Sheep can starve to death within a short
    distance from a green field
• But we know our shepherd will always take us
  to the best fields
  – We will have all the spiritual food needed for a
He leads me beside the still waters

       • Sheep don’t swim
         – Sheep can’t right themselves if
           turned over in water
         – Sheep prefer safe, calm waters
       • Our Lord won’t let us get in over
         our heads
         – If we follow Him, He’ll guide us in
           the ways that are best for us
“He restores my soul”

• The shepherd won’t let one of his sheep
  – If lost, he’ll find us
  – If taken, he’ll come after us
• God won’t let His children just disappear
  – He wants all to be saved
  – He sent His Son to give us a way back
    “He leads me in the paths of
righteousness for His name’s sake”
       • The shepherd knows which paths
         are best
         – If he chooses the wrong path, it
           would be a mark against him
         – The shepherd leads … in front
       • God knows which way we should
         go in life
         – If He led us wrong, it would be a
           mark against His holiness
         – We can safely follow His lead
           without worry about going wrong
“Yea, though I walk through the valley
       of the shadow of death,
             I will fear no evil”
• Sheep follow their shepherd anywhere
• We can trust the Lord
  – Even when danger is all around
  – Even when death seems imminent
  – Why?
    • The rest of the verse
          “For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me”
 • The shepherd – complete faith and trust
   in the one who guides
 • Rod – a weapon, about 3’ long
   – Used to fight off wild animals
 • Staff – about 8’ – 10’ long
   – Used to test waters, guide sheep
     around dangerous areas, etc
   – Crook used to lift fallen sheep from
     crevices, etc
          “For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me”
 • If we face dangers from outside
   – God is there to protect us
 • If we stumble and fall
   – God is there to lift us up
 • Our shepherd is with us, there is
   nothing to fear
 • His strength and compassion both
   should give us comfort
You prepare a table before me in the
     presence of my enemies

           • Sheep don’t know to avoid
             poisonous plants, brambles,
             – The shepherd has to go first
               and “prepare the table”
           • We don’t always know what
             is right for us
             – If we follow our Lord, we
               know there won’t be danger
                • Danger comes when we “go
                  it alone”
       “You anoint my head with oil”
• Shepherd would
  pour oil on each
  sheep’s head
  – Oil acts as
    antiseptic for
    cuts, scrapes
  – Oil cools head,
• Our Lord cares
  about even our
  minor struggles
  – He provides the
             “My cup runs over”

• Before enclosing the sheep for the night
  – Shepherd will give each sheep a full cup of
• When we are weary, He revives us
  – His care for us is unceasing
 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
              All the days of my life;
    And I will dwell in the house of the LORD
• Why would a sheep
  ever want to leave
  such wonderful
  – They wouldn’t
• Why would we ever
  want to leave such a
  wonderful and caring
  – Perhaps we aren’t
    as smart as sheep

• We have a wonderful Shepherd
  – He wants what is best for you
  – He has provided a way to save you
  – He will always care for you
• Won’t you come to Him?

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