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					Education is life itself…
               (Dewey 1938)
I cannot teach anybody anything. I can
only make them think. Questioning is the
beginning of wisdom.
                         ~ Socrates ~
            Joseph Schwab
 Believed the only hope for curriculum is for
  energies to be directed away from “theoretic
  pursuits” and towards a practical model
 Any discussion of curriculum - of what we
  should be teaching - needs to seriously
  consider the real needs and abilities of all four
  characteristic participants (equally ranked) in
  any educational encounter
 Called for a team effort using the four
  commonplaces for learning as a base
    Schwab’s Four CommonPlaces:

 Curriculum    (subject matter)
 Teachers

 Students

 Milieu   (setting or context)
 Curriculum
What do we teach? (What can we learn?)
 Teachers
Who are we as teachers? (Who am I as a learner?)
 Students
How do we teach? (How do I best learn?)
 Milieu
Where do we teach? (What is the learning environment like?)

 Field Experiences:
How can we use Schwab’s Commonplaces as a way to
  focus and guide our inquiry into our own teaching
  practice in the field?
 Positions  learner in the center
 Rest of the three commonplaces around
  the learner
 Set a demanding role for teachers to
  design and provide a healthy milieu for
  the child to learn
Teaching and learning is a
continuous process of reconstruction
and experience. (Dewey 1938)
What do we want
students to …
     KNOW?

     DO?

     BE LIKE?

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