Request to Identify Potential Interns
          National Employee Safety and Workers’ Compensation Division (AHR-100)


The National Employee Safety and Workers’ Compensation Division (AHR-100) within the
Office of Human Resource Management is committed to provide policy and oversight for the
occupational safety and health of FAA personnel. The lines of business need AHR support in
developing methods that prevent accidental loss of human and material resources, and that avoid
interruptions to essential services resulting from injuries, illnesses and property damage.
Occupational safety and health in the FAA is the responsibility of all FAA personnel. Effective
operation of the FAA Occupational Safety and Health Program is the responsibility of all levels
of FAA management. However, few Lines of Business and Staff Offices have staff with
expertise in occupational safety and health.


AHR-100 requests an intern who will supply current assistance in meeting its responsibilities for
policy and oversight of the FAA Employee Safety and Health program. The intern should have
completed both management and technical safety and health courses.

B. Intern Qualifications

The intern should be enrolled in a major course of study that leads to a career path in a field
related to industrial hygiene, safety management, safety engineering, environmental safety and
health management, psychology or occupational health. He/she should have knowledge of the
various regulations and standards that affect the occupational safety field: 29 CFR Part 1910 –
Occupational Safety and Health Standards, and Part 1926 Safety and Health Regulations for
Construction, and various health and safety standards. A working knowledge of those Consensus
Standards adopted and/or referenced by OSHA and 29 CFR Part 1960 – Basic Program Elements
for Federal Employee OSH Programs and Related Matters, would be helpful.

Intern Duties:

The intern will assist in: 1) ensuring that all employees are provided a safe and healthful work
environment, 2) developing safety and health policies, programs and procedures to provide
appropriate direction, guidance, and program requirements, and to monitor compliance with
those policies; and 3) formulating operational safety standards for FAA facilities and equipment.
Specific tasks may include any of the following, based on the intern’s knowledge and experience
and the then-current needs of AHR-100.

   Research and Analysis:
   Track and evaluate the progress of OSH programs and projects.

   Support ongoing oversight, coordination and evaluation of OSH programs and resources and
   develop new concepts and plans, new technologies and analytical tools.
Identify and recommend program information and analytic tools, as requested.

Use a risk management process to assist AHR-100 in determining adequacy of FAA OSH

Evaluate and analyze FAA’s historical mishap data, including cause, nature, source, region,
cost, and LOB analysis. Analysis performed on this data will assist AHR-100 to determine
agency OSH priorities and policy needs.

Management Review & Support

Assist FAA to monitor progress in fulfilling technical objectives, in responding to deadlines
and schedules. .

Assist the FAA in reviewing management and planning studies.

Assist FAA to provide technical and management support for: program/project management
reviews and oversight.

Assist in operating, maintaining, and implementing administrative and management

Technical and Activity Management

Support the development of policies such as: Fire Protection, Electrical safety, Fall
Protection, Compressed Air Equipment & Compressed Gas, Shop/Office Safety, Hazardous
Materials, Hand & Portable Powered Tools, Machinery & Machine Guarding, Welding,
Cutting & Brazing, System Safety, and Multi Employer Worksites.

Develop information resource materials to meet the AHR-100 mission. Examples are:
briefings, information packages for the field, technical evaluations of safety issues, etc.

Assist the Division in performing program evaluations at various FAA locations. The
scope of the evaluation will be comprehensive to include selective operations at the
facilities. The focus of the evaluation will be prevention of occupational injuries and
illnesses. The evaluation will consist of a preparation phase, site visit phase, and a
report preparation phase. The preparation phase will include: logistics planning,
coordination and support; identification of program areas requiring evaluation; pre-
evaluation analysis for use in developing tailored checklists; and other related
activities as required by the strategic/implementation plans and protocols. The
duration of the on-site evaluation shall be no more than one week at each location.
FAA personnel will accompany the intern during the assessments and provide facility
   Use the following regulations and standards when doing research, developing policy, and
   analysis related to the OSH program: OSHA Standards/Laws, FAA Orders and Standards,
   DOT Orders, consensus standards, and other nationally recognized standards.

   Support, plan and collect data generated as part of the Memorandum dated July 19, 2010,
   applicable to Federal Agencies, The Presidential POWER Initiative: Protecting Our Workers
   and Ensuring Reemployment. This task includes obtaining data from targeted sites, detailing
   methods implemented to reach goals and/or detailing problems incurred during the year.
   Subsequently, conduct data analysis to identify trends to be incorporated into a final report
   for submission to the Department of Labor in the OSH Annual Report.

   Develop OSH program documents to assist Lines of Business and Staff Offices (LOB/SO) in
   the implementation of proactive safety programs for their employees. This will include
   conducting training workshops on the establishment of LOB/SO OSH programs, guidance
   and consultation on areas of concern, ergonomic assessments, and hazard identification and

Period of Performance:

The period of performance is for 15 weeks, beginning on or about September 1, 2011, with the
option for extension by mutual agreement.


The intern will work primarily at FAA Headquarters at 800 Independence Ave. SW,
Washington, DC. Occasional travel may include trips to field locations to meet with FAA
personnel and to conduct other provisions included in the duties shown above.

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