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									Informal Essay

  Culture wars.
Informal Essay
 Using informal essay conventions – write an essay between
    500-800 words.
   Topic – something to do with Culture Wars – conflict in our
    culture or somewhere else based on sets of differing ideals or
   Thesis – take a clear position.
   Tone – make sure it is consistent and suitable for the topic.
   Informal essay characteristics – personal pronouns, clear
    personal voice –
   Transition words – use to guide the reader.
    Informal Essay
 Style – have it reflect the topic and tone of the essay.
 Suitable essay title – not “Informal Essay”
 You must own the topic – don’t write about something that does
  not matter to you.
 Typed – 12 pt. font. - double spaced with a title page.
 Title Page – title of essay, class & section, your name, my name,
  date submitted and word count
Essay title: Bitter Irony of Rock Band
 Outline:
 Intro – anecdote – the other day I was in a department
  -sort of a joke at first but became serious
  -cost of money & time
  -irony of the beauty of it
  -thesis – the game itself though may be fun it is actually the
  antithesis of what was used to create the game itself and if
  left to itself with actually destroy the art form
Major points
 It’s a childish game and needs to recognized as such
    -no one is making music
    -its pretend
    -nothing authentic about it
    -story about my nephew

  Its relatively expensive for what child actually gets – in that it robs
     the child of the actual skill and opportunity.
  -its fake – have heard some kids say that it is actually hard to play
     the guitar
  -cost could have gone for a cheap real guitar and lessons
Major points
 It actually leads children away from the things that bring real
  pleasure and success
   -though it may speed up eye-hand co-ordination, it actually
    deduces the child’s ability to really succeed.
   Short changes the learning process
   Discourages creativity
   Stat’s show the reduction in actual brain power etc.
Informal Essay outline
 Conclusion
   -part of our current worldview of easy is better
   Want to mimic rather than create
   Want to be spectacles rather than real
   Put down the toy and pick up a real one
Sample Topics
 Love at a young age – take a position – explore both sides but
  decide – all supporting ideas should lead back to thesis – not
  mature enough, get hurt, clutter life up, distracts from future

 Discipline – refine and focus – what one thing do you want
  to say – examples, importance of it -

 Life Changing decisions – big, small – what’s the one point?
  Life and change in an instant so think ahead? Small decisions
  can turn your life around – never know until later?

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