FT Essay Question Template by 98w4iY


									                         W. P. CAREY MBA ADMISSIONS
                       ESSAY QUESTIONS- FULL-TIME MBA
MBA Applicants are required to submit answers to essay questions during the online
application process. Essays may be typed in the document below, saved and uploaded in one
document when requested during the online application. Responses to each essay question
should be no more than the stipulated word length.

Some students pursue an MBA to make a career change; others pursue an MBA to
accelerate their current career path. (500 words or less)
   a) If your goal is to change careers, describe your plan to achieve your goals before,
       during and after your MBA.
   b) If you intend to follow your current career path, describe how the MBA will add
       value to achieve your goals.

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There are many important factors to consider as you choose an MBA program. What
matters most to you for your MBA experience and why? How will the W. P. Carey MBA
provide you that experience? (500 words or less)

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If you had five tweets to describe the most significant moments in your life, what would
you tweet? (140 characters for each tweet)

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