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   1.   What was NEW about the NEW MONARCHIES?

   2.   How were the NEW MONARCHIES being consolidated? (3 ways)

   3. What 3 Empires controlled Eastern Europe in 1500?

   4. What 2 seas defined the northern borders of eastern Europe?

   5. What family ruled Poland, Lithuania, Bohemia and Hungary by the end of the 1400s?

   6. What disadvantages did eastern Europe have that affected wealth? (3 things)

   7. Central Europe was almost entirely populated by people from one language group. Which one?

   8. What advantages did Central Europe have that affected wealth? (list at least 3)

   9. List the major areas of WESTERN Europe: (three)

   10. What geographic reality shaped Spanish history until 1492?

   11. What advantages did France have that affected wealth?

   12. Why did Britain develop a completely separate cultural and political heritage than continental

   13. What two factors worked against consolidation of states in the mid-15th century in Europe?

   14. Define primogeniture:

   15. What military technological advances made medieval fortresses a joke?

   16. What three factors led to the rise of Muscovy in the late 1400s and early 1500s?

   17. What was “great” about Ivan III?
18. What made Ivan IV “terrible”?

19. Who were the boyars?
20. What three groups made up Russian society in the 1500s?
21. Compare Russian peasants to Western European peasants.

22. Poland-Lithuania was to the left of__________ and to the right of __________.
23. List three reasons that a unified state did not appear in Poland-Lithuania.

24. What worked against consolidation of power in England?

25. How did Henry VII overcome financial problems?

26. How did Henry VIII solve his money problems?

27. Anne Boleyn was convicted of adultery and incest. Google: with whom?

28. What was Anne’s real crime?

29. What forces worked against France being unified?

30. Remember Belle singing, “there must be more than this provincial life”? Define Provincialism:

31. Why did Claude de Seyssel feel it was “excellent” that the French throne could not pass to a

32. Which French King is most associated with consolidation of France?_________ Why? (2 things)
33. What was the taille?

34. What was the gabelle?

35. What was the aide?

36. How did the French raise their national army?

37. What two factors divided Spain before the 1500s?
38. What happened in 1479 that began the consolidation of Spain?

39. Define the Cortes?

40. How did the Cortes work against Spanish consolidation?

41. Explain how this statement started a new war in 1482: “We no longer mint gold, only steel”.

42. How did the Reconquista help Ferd and Is consolidate Spain?

43. Define conversos:

44. What two groups were expelled from Spain in 1492?

45. What was the goal of the Spanish Inquisition?

46. Who took the Spanish throne following Ferd and Is?

47. List similarities between Charles V, Francis I and Henry VII ?

48. Where did each (#47) rule?

49. Where were the Habsburg and Valois families from?

50. Explain these two families roles in the Italian Wars.

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