Student Roster and Assignments by 98w4iY


									Spring 2005 Student Roster and Assignments

Ahmed, Ather - St. Rose Dominican Hospital                         Hines, Monique - University Medical Center
Project Title: Market Development Plan for San Martin              Project: Improving the Staffing Process: Identify
Preceptor: Matt Koschmann, Vice President of Business              Selecting Software
Development                                                        Preceptor: Vickie Huber, Chief Nursing Officer

Bastian, Cyril Kris – University Medical Center
Project Title: Point of Service Policy for utilization of          Ihde, Robyn – Dr. John Wechsler, Internal Medic
Emergency Department                                               Project Title: Financial Reconciliation of a Group
Preceptor: Blain Claypool, Chief Operations Officer                Preceptor: Kim Bartlett, Practice Administrator

Branner, John - Boulder City Hospital                              Kalahiki, Janeen – NevadaCare
Project Title: Multi-Task Management Project: HIPAA                Project Title: Data Transfer Corruption Preventio
Security Compliance and Physician Recruitment                      Preceptor: Heather Schouten, System Administr
Preceptor: Kim Crandell, Chief Executive Officer                   Coordinator

Bukovi, Kristina - Las Vegas Anesthesiologists                     Kanda, Erica - Sierra Health Services
Project Title: Developing a Risk Retention Group                   Project Title: Quality Improvement and Research
Preceptor: Larry G. Roberson                                       Preceptor: Linda Lee, QIR Manager

Caceres, Glen - Sierra Health Services                             Oneal, Dionda - Veterans Administration
Project Title: Medicaid Dental “Insourcing”                        Project Title: Quality Improvement Research for
Preceptor: Amanda Day, Senior Project Coordinator,                 Geriatric Clinic
Provider Services                                                  Preceptor: Martha Shaffer, Clinic Director

Carrillo, Freddy - University Medical Center                       Paderna, Joahnna - Sierra Health Services
Project Title: UMC Fitness and Wellness Program                    Project Title: Developing the Baseline Assessm
Preceptor: John Espinoza, Senior Associate Administrator; Prabha   HEDIS
Cox, Manager, Workmen’s Compensation and Benefits                  Preceptor: Linda Lee, QIR Manager

Cavanaugh, Sheavon – NevadaCare                                    Pickard, Lori - Sunrise Medical Center
Project Title: Federal and State Legislation Tracking              Project Title: Employee Retention Project
Preceptor: Larry Hurst, Director of Public Affairs                 Preceptor: Susie Cram, COO

Davis, Naly - Sierra Health Services, Inc.                         Opel Ramos, Zheily – Westcare Nevada, Inc.
Project Title: Corporate Credentialing Project                     Project Title: Marketing the Community Triage C
Preceptor: Lonna Burress, MSN, RN                                  Preceptor: Stacey Debourg

Ezeli, Chinazor - Southern Nevada AHEC                             Radziewicz, Jaclyn - Sunrise Medical Center
Project Title: Targeting Students for Health Care Careers          Project Title: Translation of Forms into Spanish
Preceptor: Michelle Dewey                                          Preceptor: Susie Cram, COO

Giordani, Misti - Kindred Healthcare
Project Title: Quality Improvement Activities and Quality          Yepa-Morales, Patricia - American Cancer Socie
Award Project                                                      Project Title: Relay for Life
Preceptor: Sieglinde Donohue, Executive Director                   Preceptor: Lateef Durosinmi, Gina Germany, Ex

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