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									Teacher Design Team
Interim Summary Report
Design Team:
Teacher Observations

Recommendation for Measure
I recommend that this can be an effective tool in measuring teacher effectiveness and performance; however there are
questions about ensuring equality from school to school across the district.

Research Used in Design Process

    1.   Pressuring Teachers to Leave; Honest Talk About How Principals Use Harassing Supervision By Sara Ray
    2.   Teacher Incentives and Performance: An Application of Principal–Agent Theory by ROSALIND LEVACˇ IC
    3. National comprehensive Center for Teaching Quality
    4. Evaluator Selection and training
    5.   The implementation and early findings from a professional development and performance based teacher
         compensation system. By William J. Mathis
    6.   Requirements for an assessment procedure for beginning teachers: implications from recent theories on teaching and
         assessment. By Anne M. Uhlenbeck, Nico Verloop, Douwe Beijaard

Overview of the Evaluation of the Measure
Please give a brief overview of how the measure will be evaluated. Please include any rubrics or graphics that you have
developed as part of your process. (N.B., these graphics or rubrics do not need to be the “final version” – working
documents are acceptable. If you have multiple products, please label them for clarity.)

The measure should be broken up with specific standards belonging to different areas of measure. Such as “student work” or
“student survey” could be used as artifactual evidence for specific standards found in the teacher evaluation model currently
adopted by CMS. Specifically we need to determine which standards or sub standards should be evaluated solely by the
principal or representative within the classroom setting.

Recommended Evaluators of the Measure

Please include a list of recommended evaluators. Where appropriate please provide a rationale for the recommendation.

PLC for Standards
Student work for standards
Student Survey for standards
Professional development for standards
Principal for standards

Next Steps
Planned and/or recommended steps for summer 2011 (This recommendation should be narrowly defined and actionable with
limited meeting times)
A “walk-through” checklist should be created that includes brief summaries of the standards that can easily be seen in the
classroom during a walk-through observation. Walk-through observations are more frequently administered than formal
observations and should not hold any less weight than a formal observation. It is not entirely fair that some teachers will
receive more than one formal observation in a year. By including walk-through observations as part of the teacher evaluation
model this would eliminate the “one time chance” of getting a great observation.

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Planned and/or recommended steps for school year 2011-2012 (Broader in scope and substance – what needs to be done to
finalize the measure for approval by Executive Staff?)

Principals should meet with experts on the teacher evaluation model and rate videos of different teaching styles to determine
if they score according to the standard set by the system.

About our team (present and future)
List of team members with grade level(s), subject(s)/specialties?
What personnel requirements are necessary for your design team to be successful in the 2011-12 school years? Please be
specific (e.g., more high school teachers, more/less experienced teachers, more diversity in content areas, more
minority/majority representation, etc.)
Please indicate any resources you need to design these measures effectively (e.g., dedicated meeting space, access to district
personnel, technology needs, communication support, etc.).
As you look to the development of these measures (piloting, interviewing, surveying), what resources do you anticipate your
group needing to complete their work effectively?

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Brooke Colby –
Benita Burney –

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