Country Life Cl 1and 2 July 2011 by fOCEUx4


									                                                                             6th June 2011

Dear Parents

This year it is intended that Class 1 and 2 will visit The World of Country Life in
Exmouth as our summer trip.

The visit is planned to take place on ----------------------. The coach will leave school at
9.15am and return to school at 3.15pm approximately.

Please provide your child with a packed lunch and a non-fizzy drink in a carton or
plastic bottle and place it in a named plastic carrier bag and not in a packed-lunch
box. This will help us when the packed lunches have to be handed out and
afterwards the carrier bag will be used to collect all the rubbish and then be disposed

Would you please ensure that your child is wearing suitable clothing (non-uniform)
and footwear for the weather on the day and that he/she has a coat. Your child will
not require any spending money.

To enable this visit to go ahead we shall need a voluntary contribution of £11.20. This
price includes the coach, a trip on a train to feed deer and an informative talk,
walking baby goats and looking at small animals, and a walk around the museum, as
well as playing on a pirate ship and adventure play area. Children will not be treated
differently according to whether or not their parents have made a voluntary
contribution.    However, the visit can only take place if there are sufficient
contributions. All contributions must be received by Thursday 8th July so we
can assess whether sufficient funding has been received to cover the cost of
the trip or if the trip has to be cancelled.

If you are willing to let your child participate in the visit to The World of Country Life,
would you please return the reply slip overleaf as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Brealy and Mrs Anthony
Class teachers


World of Country Life – --------------------------------

In consideration of Mr Rylance, Head of Ottery St Mary Primary School, allowing my
child _______________________________ to join the proposed party to World of
Country Life and of Mrs Taylor, Mrs Brealy and Mrs Anthony, members of staff, and
others, undertaking to take my child, I agree:
1     To pay for any damage which may be occasioned solely through the
      misconduct or carelessness of my child to the person or property of any other
      party or parties.
2     I will not hold the Head or the above staff responsible for any loss of personal
      effects where reasonable steps have been taken to safeguard such effects and
3     I will indemnify them in respect of any expenses reasonably incurred in
      consequence of any accident to or illness of my child.
4     I further consent to my child travelling by coach.

Please note the children will be coming into close contact with animals. Please
indicate if your child has any allergies.

I enclose £11.20 (by cheque where possible [please make payable to ‘Ottery St Mary
Primary School’] or correct money in a named envelope).

Signed: _______________________________                    Dated: ____________________

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