waec and neco by fOCEUx4


									Certificate exams seem to be the ones that warrant high level of exam malpractices. Others to some
extent include the common entrance and JSSCE. Like a do or die affair,candidates want to secure
certificates by all means!
Non cerrtificate exams like the annual Cowbell Maths Competition are devoid of malpractices because
nothing but prizes are at stake.A visit to any center of this Cowbell Maths Competition will show the
dream of stake holders in education, WAEC, NECO and JAMB of how an exam hall should be!
Here,these bodies hope they can have their exams done this way so that certificates or scores awarded
to candidates will be true reflection of their academic abilities.
JAMB is nearing perfection by some strategies adopted to check exam malpractices. Luckily for the body,
they conduct a one day exam and the results are needed only for admissions into tertiary institutions;
again , they are valid for one year!.
WAEC and NECO are not lucky to conduct one day exams and the certificates they award can secure
jobs and admissions into tertiary institutions. These certificates are not valid for a specified time but
remains for life.Thus exam malpractice is inevitable because these certificates have major links to the
survival of the individual in the society.
To make matters worse, cheaters are constantly reviewing their strategies to fraustrate the efforts of the
relevant bodies,stakeholders and government aimed at curtailing exam malpractices.
Internet giant Google has contributed immensely to formal learning but this stepping stone is converted to
stumbling blocks by exam cheaters who have answers to exam questions at their finger tips.
"Paperless" is another recent strategy... a teacher is allowed in the exam hall to guide or write exams for
candidates.The era of photocopying answers and passing to candidates is history.Especially when this
has implicated some of the cheaters and used as an evidence against them.
Another form of "paperless" cheating is to write answers on the board for candidates who have indicated
interest in cheating. The answers can be erased quickly if an intruder is detected.
I suggest WAEC and NECO should emulate the efforts or strategies adopted by JAMB in combating
exam malpractices. From the last UMTE exam held 21st March 2012, one can give kudos to JAMB
whose efforts frautrated the sophistication adopted by cheaters.

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