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Alternative Browsers by fN5aMB


									Which one should you use?
Every person is different, and there is a browser out there to fit
 everyone’s needs. Even though Internet Explorer is the most
widely used browser there are other alternatives that many feel
 have a lot more to offer the user. In 2009,
       ranked the following the top 5 internet browsers:
Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5
 Firefox is great for someone who likes to customize. Users have the
 ability to choose from thousands of add-ons such as tools, themes,
 plug-ins, skins, entertainment, news, and extensions. Firefox utilizes
 the use of tabs so many sites can be opened up in the same browser
 window. There is a built-in spell checker and words or links can be
 dragged directly into a search bar. Private browsing allows users to
 browse without sites being added to the browser’s history. Firefox
 also offers session restore so if your browser closes unexpectedly, it
 will re-open to the same windows and tabs. Firefox is great for
 students too with the option to place notes on webpages . These
 notes are archived and make compiling notes or research a snap.
Google Chrome
 Google Chrome is the new kid on the block, but is already
 making a statement. It’s easy to use tab browsing will give you
 suggestions as you type. Tabs run separately so if one crashes it
 will not affect the others and related tabs are grouped together
 for quick navigation. Applications can be opened in separate
 windows without toolbars so the user feels as if they are
 running software vs. a website. Google Chrome also offers an
 online task manager and the option for private browsing . The
 private browsing is unique in that one tab may be using normal
 browsing while another uses private.
Internet Explorer 8
   Internet Explorer is a leader is enhanced security.
   Parental controls can be customized to fit any
   families needs. Like Firefox and Google Chrome,
   Internet Explorer has the option of private
   browsing. Internet explorer uses a smart toolbar
   that offers suggestions based on previously viewed
   content. The help and support center is top of the
Opera 9.64
   Opera is very customizable and often tops the charts
   with it’s speed. It offers interactive voice commands
   and will even read text aloud to users. New
   applications do not need to be opened to download
   files and it is capable of syncing information directly to
   a mobile device. However, Opera does not offer
   parental controls and has compatibility issues with
   some websites as is it not one of the most used
Safari 4
    Safari 4 is steered towards Mac users, but is now
    available for PCs. It has a simple design that is
    similar to an Apple Touch. Safari is compatible with
    most sites and has a great help and support center
    that Apple users have grown to expect. The “top
    sites” most visited are compiled together as
    thumbnails for quick navigation. Safari is not
    concentrated on customization and does not provide
    a smart tool bar or parental controls.

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