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        EDDL Enhancements Gain Momentum Among Major
                 Process Automation Suppliers
             Leading manufacturers announce plans for implementing
                      EDDL enhancements in host systems

AUSTIN, TX (6 July 2005) – The HART® Communication Foundation (HCF)
announces significant progress among its member companies in implementing
enhancements to the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL). During
the recent HCF General Assembly Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, Emerson
Process Management, Siemens and Honeywell individually announced plans to
fully support the EDDL enhancements in their host systems. The EDDL
enhancements provide new capabilities to benefit users in taking full advantage
of the intelligence in millions of smart HART-enabled measurement and valve
actuator devices.

The HCF is proactively enhancing and investing in EDDL technology to provide
the industry with new tools and system solutions for accessing the intelligent
capabilities of HART devices. The EDDL enhancements are being developed by
the   HCF    in     cooperation   with   the   Fieldbus      Foundation,   PROFIBUS
Nutzerorganisation e.V., and OPC Foundation. The EDDL enhancements are an
extension of the International Standard IEC 61804-2.

The new EDDL enhancements enable users to interact with their intelligent
devices in new ways. Graphs, charts, and calculations assist in the configuration
of devices including complex instruments such as digital valve controllers, radar
level gauges and multivariable meters. The enhancements also support storage
of historical data from field devices for troubleshooting and diagnostics.
EDDL is the HART standard and the only technology endorsed by the HCF for
configuration of HART devices. A key element of the HART technology since
1990, EDDL has proven to be a reliable, robust and stable platform for suppliers
to consistently define and document the capabilities of HART-enabled products.

The HART Field Communications Protocol is the global standard for smart
process instrumentation. Seventy percent of all smart process measurement and
control instruments installed worldwide each year use HART Communication and
the global installed base of HART-enabled devices is the largest of all
communication protocols at more than 15 million. Key features of this unique
open standard communication technology include – 4-20mA compatibility, ease
of use, low risk, and cost-efficient implementation for both users and suppliers.

The HART Communication Foundation is an independent not-for-profit
organization providing worldwide support for application of HART technology.
Established in 1993, the Foundation is the technology owner and standards
setting body for the HART Communication Protocol. Major instrumentation
manufacturers and users around the world support the Foundation. Membership
is open to anyone interested in the use of HART technology. For more
information, go to www.hartcomm.org.

                                          ®HART is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation

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