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									NAHOS                                     take advantage of this. Is worse than     properties of other Nazi-victims that
                                          offering a bribe: It’s a dictatorial      did not survive.
MAY 18, 2009                              attempt to silence opposition.”             In our opinion, there never was as
24 IYAR 5769                                The Claims Conference does not          justification to use these entrusted
Volume 13; no: 1                          deny having made this conditional         funds according to the whims of the
                                          offer, but contends it was necessary      JCC. There is no justification to
                                          because of “irresponsible and             cover ‘operational costs’ of other
FROM YOUR EDITOR                          damaging behavior” by people              organizations. How does the JCC
                                          from the ‘Centre of Organizations’.             (continued on page2)
Dear Members & Friends:                   The JCC also asserts that the
                                          ‘Centre’ had not asked for funding        OUR NEXT MEETING
                                          of welfare projects, as usual, but for
SHAMELESS                                 funding of ‘operational costs’. A
COERCION                                  board member of the ‘Centre’              Where: Park East Synagogue
                                          refutes this assertion and reveals that             164 East 68 Street, NYC
                                          the JCC “had funded operation costs       When: Sunday, May 24th, 2009
The ‘Haaretz of May 8th reports that                                                        1PM – 2PM: Social Hour
the ‘Claims Conference – JCC’, “the       for years, before pulling the plug
                                          two years ago.” “Now it’s                         2PM- 4PM: Presentation
world’s richest Holocaust restitution                                               Topic: Film: “All Jews Out”
organization” has offered to give         conditioned on servility” he said.
                                            A spokesperson for the Claims           Speaker: Inge Auerbacher
funds to Israeli Survivor                                                           “All Jews Out” traces the story of
organizations provided they stop          Conference complains: “People
                                          from the Centre of Organizations          the German-Jewish Auerbach family
criticism of the JCC. The umbrella                                                  of Goppingen from 1933 through
group ‘The Centre of Organizations        have recently lashed out at the
                                          Claims Conference, damaging both          1945. This award-winning and
of Holocaust Survivors in Israel’ has                                               captivating film follows Inge from
rejected the offer and called it: “an     bodies. It’s unthinkable for the
                                          Claims Conference to be expected to       her home town to her deportation to
insulting bribe meant to silence                                                    Theresienstadt where she suffered
legitimate criticism.” Apparently.        fund a body which behaves like this
                                          without making sure it acts               for 3-1/2 years and was among the
the ‘Centre’ had financial difficulties                                             100 children who survived. Rare
and the “Claims Conference offered        responsibly for the common goal of
                                          helping survivors.”                       footage is accompanied by an
a no-interest, 12-month loan of                                                     amazing amount of photographs and
$200,000 to the Centre of                          ---------------
                                          Editor: We applaud the board-             documents that were saved.
Organizations in an internal,                                                       Interviews with former Nazi Party
unsigned contract, obtained by            members of the ‘Centre’ who
                                          rejected the debasing offer. In our       members, townspeople and the
Haaretz. The loan, intended ‘to                                                     switchboard operator from
prevent the Centre’s economic             opinion any attempt a stifling
                                          criticism is an outrageous affront to     Theresienstadt were conducted by
collapse,’ is conditioned on the                                                    German high school students and
Centre ‘aligning itself’ with the         the survivor community. We believe
                                          in free, democratic expressions of        expose German citizens who
Claims Conference and refraining                                                    attempted to deny and conceal their
from voicing any criticism.”              opinion and in a free marketplace of
                                          ideas. We scorn and challenge the         involvement in the Holocaust.
The Haaretz further reports:                                                        Critical acclaim: “A wealth of
  “The final clause in the proposed       JCC’s attempts at authoritarianism
                                          and dictatorship. Today’s adults are      extraordinary, previously unknown
contract stated that, should the                                                    archival material and an unflinching
umbrella group take the money and         quite capable of discerning where
                                          the truth lies and what to believe.       revelation of evil and callousness.”
then criticize the Claims
Conference, it would be required to         Furthermore, these funds are not
                                          private funds that the JCC                Members:          $5.oo
repay the debt immediately, and the                                                 Non-members: 8.oo
Claims Conference would halt future       magnanimously provides from its
                                          own pockets. These are funds that         Refreshments will be served
funding.” And:                                                                      All are welcome!!
  “Welfare organizations in Israel        were merely entrusted to them – for
                                          the benefit of survivors – from                   ---------------------------
are on the brink of bankruptcy and                                                  Subsequent meeting: June 28th.
the Claims Conference is trying to        German and other restitutions and
                                          compensations and from the sale of
record these expenditures? As            establish an effective means to          we urge you to act decisively to
Welfare benefits? As educational         return or compensate for the stolen      reverse the current trajectory of U.S.
expenditures?                            assets. The result was that during       policy and deliver real results for
  This practice of providing             the next ten years only about 3          the victims of history’s greatest
‘operational funds’ has led to the       percent of the unpaid Holocaust era      crime.
formation of a number of small and       assets were repaid. It was realized        This is an urgent matter because
servile survivor groups; afraid of       that after more than 60 years any        at the present time, the State
expressing their honest beliefs;         outcome would be “Imperfect              Department is preparing for a
afraid of openly and effectively         Justice.” The results, however, did      conference to be held in Prague this
struggling for survivors’ rights;        not even come close to meeting that      summer. As several of our members
afraid of demanding full and             notion. The Prague Conference thus       have testified in Congress, a major
transparent oversight over all           needs to establish a clear and           reason for the inadequacies of the
financial expenditures. Now the JCC      detailed mechanism to address this       status quo has been the lack of
is attempting to extend its control      issue if it is going to have any         transparency and lack of bona fide
over the entire survivor community;      meaning beyond diplomatic niceties.      survivor representation in restitution
is arrogantly trying to stifle all       So far, however, all the indications     decisions. We hope the Obama-
voices of dissent. We must not, we       are that the Conference will focus on    Clinton approach will be different
will not let this happen! Never!         trying to put the best light on the      and make sure a number of the
     Shalom U’Bracha; L.R.               flimsy results of the past. S.Z.”        survivors’ actual representatives are
                                                  ----------------                included.
                                           The following letter, signed by          Despite a vast amount of evidence
                                         executive board-members of ‘The          over the past decade of the grinding
THE PRAGUE                               Holocaust Survivors’ Foundation –        poverty and need among Holocaust
CONFERENCE                               USA’, was sent to Secretary of State     survivors in the United States and
                                         Hillary Clinton on April 22nd, 2009      the rest of the world, the U.S. State
                                          (abridged):                             Department has done little or
The noted economist and
                                              “Dear Secretary Clinton:            nothing to address those needs.
demographer Sidney Zabludoff
                                         As Holocaust survivors, and elected      Fortunately, due to our own
contributed the following article to
                                         leaders of survivor groups from          advocacy via the Holocaust
the “Cutting Edge” News Service,
                                         throughout the United States, we         Survivors’ Foundation USA and the
published on April 13th:
                                         have a keen interest in everything       good offices of our elected
   “The Holocaust Era Assets
                                         you will be dealing with. We have a      Congressional representatives such
Conference to be held in Prague in
                                         unique and indispensable                 as Robert Wexler, Ileana Ros-
late June 2009 provides the last
                                         perspective on one aspect of foreign     Lehtinen, and Alcee Hastings, the
major opportunity to deal with the
                                         policy; i.e.: Holocaust restitution      issue of meeting survivors’ needs
assets stolen by the Nazis and their
                                         and its relationship to the dignity,     was recently placed on the “Prague
collaborators that remain unpaid.
                                         rights, and interests of the dwindling   Conference” agenda. Now, the
Conservatively, that amounts to at
                                         survivor population. We note with        challenge is to take advantage of
least $125 billion in 2007 prices.
                                         appreciation your candor in              this high-profile event to make a
Most remaining survivors are in the
                                         addressing many of our nation’s          commitment to meet survivors’
eighties and there will be few left in
                                         problems. We hope you will address       needs for the next decade, with no
ten years.
                                         survivors’ needs and concerns with       more excuses and no more
  Several previous conferences – in
                                         equal honesty.                           obfuscation. It would be a tragedy of
London in 1997 and Washington in
                                           In January, we sent you a copy of      major proportion if our government,
1998 – attempted to deal with this
                                         our letter to President Obama that       your Department, misses the
unpaid obligation but little was
                                         sets forth the unfinished agenda for     opportunity to use the “Prague
accomplished. The representatives
                                         survivors in the area of restitution.    Conference” to highlight the issues
of many countries made heart-
                                         As survivors now in our 80s and 90s      and set out a real plan to address
wrenching speeches, provided useful
                                         are passing from the scene, and as       the problems with a permanent,
research and made calls for
                                         tens of thousands of our fellows are     dedicated funding source.
restitution. But there was no effort
                                         forced to live in poverty and              We are respectfully requesting
to get beyond the rhetoric and
                                         desperation after all they endured,      inclusion in the U.S. delegation of a
number of the HSF survivor leaders,      family deserves to have its lost          commitment to involve real survivor
as well as those who have been           property, art and insurance policies      leaders from the U.S., Israel, and
supporting us.                           restored. There should be a fully         elsewhere in the Prague Conference
   Survivors are distressed by the       transparent and accountable               the results will not only be timid and
U.S. government’s actions which          process for that.                         ineffective, but will also lack
have allowed global insurance              We survivors believe that you           legitimacy. Below are parts of his
companies to pocket billions of          would like to stand on our side in        “Statement for Records of State
dollars from insurance policies that     these vitally important moral and         Department Town Hall Meetings” :
our beloved parents and                  material issues affecting the quality        “Now that the issue of survivors’
grandparents paid for, but were          of survivors’ lives in our last years –   economic status and living
never honored. ICHEIC failed to          for dignity over despair, for justice     conditions has finally been placed
address the rights of 97% of the         over injustice, for life over death.      on the Prague Conference agenda,
universe of account holders. Court       That is what we ask for and hope for      the question is whether it will be
decisions giving insurers more than      with regard to the Prague                 seriously addressed. Past reliance
they bargained for from President        Conference. We look forward to            on the same groups to set the
Clinton have wrongly deprived            your full support.                        agenda, conduct negotiations for
survivors and heirs of our legal           Respectfully,                           victims they are not authorized to
rights. The State Department’s role      (Signed by ten Survivor leaders from      represent, and make “deals” that all
in defending insurers and                Miami, Boston, Washington, D.C.,          participants glorify – while the
participants on ICHEIC against           Hobe Sound, Queens, Brooklyn,             actual survivors and heirs are
Holocaust survivors and heirs            Boynton Beach; Las Vegas, Seattle).       excluded from the process – has
seeking full disclosure of policy                ----------------                  been catastrophic.
information and full restitution of        In preparation for the Prague              It would behoove the U.S.
policies has been very troubling. The    Conference, a series of town-hall         government to include a number of
corporations and governments that        meetings was held in Washington,          truly representative grass roots
profited from the annihilation of our    D.C. and in Miami. Groups of              survivor leaders, if the United
families should not receive “legal       survivors from HSF attended the           States has any hope of giving some
peace” when survivors and our            meetings and thanks to their input        credibility to the Prague Conference
families have not received moral         the problem of social needs was           process. On behalf of the leadership
peace.                                   designated as one of four priority        of Holocaust Survivors Foundation
  We certainly support the two           issues. Regrettably, other issues of      USA, Inc., I urge the Prague
announced original goals of the          importance to survivors were put on       Conference leadership, including
Conference, restitution of East          the back burner. Worse yet, no            but not limited to the U.S.
European real property, and art          actual survivors have, so far, been       government, not to make the same
claims. It is important that you         accepted as speakers. Reuven              fundamental error as was made by
understand, however, that the            Merhav, of the Israeli Ministry of        the organizers of the 1998
current system for restitution of East   Foreign Affairs will speak on behalf      Washington Conference, which
German properties has been flawed        of Israeli survivors and Greg             completely ignored the issue of
because of lack of transparency in       Schneider of the Claims Conference        survivors living in poverty and the
the publication of information about     will represent the U.S.A. situation.      need to provide dignity and basic
survivors’ and heirs’ rights, and        HSF’s attorney Sam Dubbin pointed         services for the surviving generation
lack of disclosure about the             out that, in 1998, actual survivors       as a natural and moral element of
disposition of properties and            had also been excluded from the           “restitution.” One reason for this
disposition of recovered funds.          Washington Conference and – at            omission is that the Washington
Although we support the use of truly     Eizenstat’s suggestion – had been         Conference failed to include bona
“heirless” funds to be used to assist    represented by the Claims                 fide elected survivor leaders whose
survivors in need, it is morally         Conference, the ADL, the                  agenda was solely and exclusively
wrong to place excessive obstacles       AJCommittee, the B’nai Brith, etc..       the advancement of survivors’ rights
for true heirs in order to create        Today’s catastrophic state of             and interests.
“humanitarian funds”, which the          survivors’ health and welfare is a          It is imperative that the voices of
current system, relying on the           direct result of their exclusion in       those who have been directly
Claims Conference, has done. Every       1998. He added that without a             affected and impacted be heard. This
is not being accomplished by the       -- Holocaust survivors responded to         The survivors leave the rest of us
Conference in its current format.      survival in the most biblical of ways     who are not survivors or
     - ---------------                 possible: by remembering evil and         descendants of survivors with an
  Readers who believe – as we do –     suffering, to deepen conscience,          important legacy and significant
that actually elected survivors’       enlarge memory and broaden                responsibilities. We were not
leaders ought to speak on behalf of    responsibility, they have made a          witnesses, we have lived in the
the survivor community, may write      most particular story universal. It is    presence of witnesses. Future
(urgently) to:                         thus that the ancient Israelites          generations will not even be able to
  The Honorable Christian Kennedy      responded to slavery and the              say that.”
  Special Envoy Holocaust Issues       Exodus. It is thus that survivors                -----------------
   EUR/OHI State Department,           responded to the Shoah.”                  Editor: We are grateful to professor
Room 4232; Washington, DC 20520                                                  Berenbaum for his moving essay
                                       Prof. Berenbaum goes on to query:         and his recognition. We hope other
                                        “What will be lost when the last         non-survivors will concur with his
                                       Survivor is gone?                         findings about our contributions.
THE LAST SURVIVORS                       Survivors have a unique moral            There was only one sentence that
                                       authority. Survivors have been            we were wondering about. After the
The distinguished scholar Michael      essential to Holocaust education.         statement: “All too soon, there
Berenbaum wrote an essay in the        They have served as volunteers,           would be no survivors” professor
‘’ April 24th issue in      guides and teachers at every              Berenbaum reports: “The
which he gives credit to the           Holocaust institution in the United       membership of every institution
contributions of survivors. Below is   States – less so in Israel – and each     acknowledged the problem and
an abbreviated narrative of what he    memorial or museum can point to           dreaded that moment.”
wrote about the achievements under     survivor volunteers who have              Forgive us, professor Berenbaum if
the leadership of survivors:           become an irreplaceable part of           we question the all-encompassing
 “-- The Shoah has been moved into     their staff, adding immeasurably to       reach of that statement. “Every (?)
the forefront of contemporary          what makes a visit memorable.             institution” and “dreaded” (?).
political and ethical consciousness.     Survivors also have been an             Undoubtedly, most museums and
-- Museums and memorials teaching      essential part of the funding of          memorials will deplore the loss of
and commemorating the Holocaust        Holocaust institutions. Their             valuable input, but the sentiment
have been created throughout the       monetary contributions have been          among the survivor population is
world.                                 significant, and their ability to         that most American Jewish non-
-- Holocaust remembrance has           appeal to others to support these         survivors organizations are not
become a basic part of the Jewish      institutions has been irreplaceable.      overly concerned with the fate of
calendar and increasingly a part of    One suspects that many descendants        Holocaust survivors.
the calendar of many nations           of Holocaust survivors will continue        They were not overly concerned
affected by the Holocaust, including   to donate funds, albeit with less         when we first came to these shores
the United States, Germany, Poland     urgency than their parents, and           (especially in the larger cities); they
and Great Britain - as well as the     often more out of a sense of              do not seem concerned with the
United Nations.                        obligation than of mission.               current obscenely high level of
-- Testimony has been gathered at        When the last survivor is gone, the     poverty among survivors; they are
an unprecedented scale, using the      Holocaust will become about the           not concerned that the rights of
most contemporary technologies. In     past and recede into the past.            survivors - of deciding over their
addition, many memoirs have been       Whether it can still retain its current   rightful restitutions - are being
written Both of these forms will       status is unknown but, perhaps, not       usurped by the Claims Conference’.
provide voices of their witness far    unknowable. It is clear that courses        The USHM Museum is not
beyond their lifetimes. For            will be taught on the Holocaust and       concerned that most survivors will
generations, their stories will form   genocide. Survivors transformed           have passed from this world before
the basis for scholarship, films and   victims into witnesses,                   the Museum will have put valuable
educational programs.                  dehumanization into a plea to             information about the fate of their
                                       deepen our humanity.                      murdered relatives on the Internet;
                                                                                 the large Jewish Foundations who
give away sizable funds to all kinds     in Holon, Israel. Jacob is survived       Holocaust survivor, became a
of fashionable causes while ignoring     by his wife Ella, daughters Esther        Holocaust educator in the United
the plight of destitute survivors who    and Ranit, brother Roman and              States and subsequently the
cannot afford their medications,         Jechiel, sister Rachel Wald,              Holocaust Commissioner of West
seem also not concerned.                 grandchildren and great-                  Virginia, a State with a sizable
Let’s face it: There are numerous        grandchildren. To the grieving            number of neo-Nazis and anti-
Survivor voices who refused to be        family we extend our heartfelt            Semitic denizens. All her life she
treated like sheep; who object to        sympathies.                               was, and courageously continues, to
have non-survivors decide over their                   -------                     struggle against the forces of
fate and their restitution-funds; who    We report with great sadness the          prejudice, bigotry and xenophobia.
resent seeing the deprivation of         passing of our dear member:
many of their fellow survivors. Their              Suzanne Cohen                    The young medic carried her
voices have been and are a constant      on March 26th, after a long battle        maiden name as his family name. He
irritation to the conscience of the      with cancer. She is survived by her       carried that name in her honor. He
“machers” of many Jewish                 son Glen, his wife Michelle and her       also took that name, his great-
institutions. They do not actually       two grandchildren. To the entire          grandfather’s family name, to
wish the passing of the last             family and friends we extend our          venerate the memory of this ancestor
survivors, but – judging by the belief   most sincere condolences.                 who perished in Auschwitz, a
of most survivors -- it is unlikely                                                forefather he never knew. He
that they would “dread the moment.”                                                carried that name with pride and as
                                                                                   an unceasing reminder of the
                                         EULOGY                                    struggle to defeat evil. Before his
                                                                                   untimely death, he had donated all
HONOR & MEMORY                           A shot rang out!                          his organs so that others may live.
                                         One shot!                                 The young man’s name was
In Honor of:                             One single shot in the wee morning            Noam Adin Rechter-Levy
 By Beth Sholom, Roslyn Heights;         hours of May 7th.                         He was my grandnephew.
in honor of Rochelle Sameroff for        A shot rang out and a handsome            May his soul rest in peace! L.R.
her dedicated teaching about the         young Israeli Soldier fell dead.
Holocaust to Beth Sholom students:       Was it a foe’s bullet? Was it
$100                                     ‘friendly’ fire? Was it an accident?
In Memoriam:                             A young medic who only weeks              MADOFF & INSURERS
 In loving memory of the Family of       before had helped save the life of a      Law professor Thane Rosenbaum,
Kalman Nudelstein, of Naleczow,          seriously injured terrorist.              novelist and essayist wrote an article
Poland. May you rest in Peace! By        A 20-year old youth, full of life, full   in th ‘Huffington Post” of April 10th.
Rose Nudelstein/Welner: $200.            of love, full of empathy for all of       Following are some passages from
                                         mankind; treasured by all who knew        the article:
 In memory of his beloved sister:        him. A compassionate being who –
Pelu/Pnina, who passed away on           from early childhood on – loved to        “Unlike Madoff, European
March 23rd in Rechovot, Israel; by       share his good fortunes with others.      Insurers Remain At Large.
Henry Grossman,              $100        A young medic with a unique sense           For all the focus on the trademark
                                         of justice, cherished and respected       Six Million Jewish dead, the
                                         by all.                                   Holocaust was a colossal financial
                                         Why this painful tale here and now?       crime as well. The human death toll
OBITUARIES                               A Holocaust nexus:                        coincided with financial fraud.
                                         The young man had – in addition to        Breach of trust and betrayal can be
   Our sincerest condolences to the      carrying his father’s family name –       its own form of murder. Millions of
president of the ‘New Cracow             also adopted and assumed his              European Jews lost their lives and
Friendship Society’, Mr. Roman           grandmother’s maiden name and             family fortunes, plundered
Weingarten, upon the passing of his      thereby his great-grandfather’s           businesses, property, bank accounts,
brother:                                 family name. His grandmother is a         life insurance policies, and artwork
      Jacob Weingarten
– even gold teeth. Until recently        Ponzi scheme. They took their           Schwager, Inge               July 5
there was little spoken about            customers’ money, ultimately            Blackman, Judy               July 6
financial restitution for survivors,     making payments to no other than        Chernoff, Rena               July 6
and even less about the financial        themselves and the Nazis. And unlike    Prasquer, Lucien             July 7
predators who operated during the        Madoff, whose financial empire          Tambor, Yona                 July 7
                                                                                 Stanton, Renata              July 8
Third Reich.                             deflated and imploded in scandal,       Steinfeld, Ruth              July 8
 Each day there is news about the        these European insurance                Jacobs, Jack                 July 9
efforts of Madoff’s victims to seek      companies, flush with Holocaust         Guttsman, Rita               July 10
restitution. And the obsession is even   theft, grew into global                 Wegh, Paulette               July 10
greater with Madoff’s ultimate           conglomerates, enterprises that are     Gottlieb, Nina               July 11
punishment. Nest eggs have               among the wealthiest corporations       Nudelman, Ann                July 11
vanished in the Three-Card Monte         in the world. Yet, unlike the widely    Kalter, Herbert              July 12
of Madoff’s investment enterprise.       held belief that Madoff should be       Rauch, Ruth                  July 12
Yet, no one disagrees that Madoff        deprived of his wealth and suffer the   Chazen, Mini                 July 13
should be stripped of his unjust         consequences of his misdeeds, there     Mandel, Sylvia               July 14
enrichment, his homes, yachts and        is a consensus that these Holocaust     Faiwiszewski, Judit          July 15
                                                                                 Geiringer, Frederick         July 18
jewelry must be forfeited and sold       profiteers should be entitled to        Erlichster, Joe              July 19
with the proceeds divided among his      “legal peace.” Holocaust survivors      Bania-Palumbo Berthe         July 19
scammed investors. And, of course,       are not permitted to sue these          Dan, Clara                   July 19
he must spend the rest of his life in    insurance companies in American         Junger, Goldy                July 20
prison.                                  courtrooms and the insurers are         Getman, Abraham              July 21
   Yet, paradoxically, in the case of    being allowed to conceal the            Gottlieb, Max                July 21
aging Holocaust survivors who,           evidence of their shameful conduct      Ruston, Janet                July 21
unlike Wiesel, are not victims of        from moral and legal scrutiny. Just     Rottenberg, Sigmunt          July 21
Madoff but nonetheless have been         imagine if Madoff remained a man        Kaminker, Mathilda           July 22
victimized by financial hustlers         living in luxury and financial          Eisenstein, Nathan           July 22
wearing fancy suits, no such             secrecy, and free from punishment.      Steiner, Edward              July 22
                                                                                 Silverstein, Hedy            July 22
restitution is granted. A number of        Congress must pass legislation to     Ruston, Henry                July 23
today’s largest insurance companies      force insurers to disclose the names    Hodys, Paul                  July 24
based in Europe in the early years of    of their wartime policyholders and      Weiss-Merdinger, Ruth        July 24
the century, betrayed and defrauded      to allow survivors to pursue their      Kaplan, Helen                July 25
hundreds of thousands of Jews and        remedies in American courtrooms.        Testa, Annette               July 26
their families. These multinational      Holocaust survivors who survived        Siegel, Emil                 July 27
corporations pocketed billions from      the Final Solution are entitled to no   Silberstein, Eva             July 27
life insurance policies that were sold   less than the victims of Bernard        Schoenberg-Siegel            July 27
but never paid to the beneficiaries of   Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.                  Tenenbaum, Paul              July 27
these last ditch efforts to insure                Thane Rosenbaum                Weinberger, Veronica         July 28
legacy after death. Despicably, these                                             Stillman, Lucienne          July 31
corporations, Generali, Allianz,
Axa, Munich Re, Swiss Re, and
others demanded death certificates       BEST WISHES &                           NOTICES:
and original policy documents that       CONGRATULATIONS
no survivor could possibly have          Birthdays:
obtained after Auschwitz. When                                                     1) The Teaneck Second
                                         Sorger, Ann                  July ?     Generation Group will meet
these facts surfaced in the 1990s, the   Bensaid, Denise              July   1
companies cleverly set up an                                                     Thursday May 21st at 7PM at the
                                         Tambor, Sandor               July   1
“ international commission” that         Peleg, Ephraim               July   1   Jewish Family Service of Bergen
operated in secret, excluded             Lerner, Bianca               July   2   County, 1485 Teaneck Road.
claimants and ultimately paid less       Pearlstein, Cecilia          July   2   Topic: “Caring For Elderly Parents:
than three percent of the face value     Wider, Sol                   July   3   The Challenges and Joys”. Even if
of these policies. Indeed, these         Nessof, .Jeremy Chad         July   4   parents are deceased your insight
                                         Newman, Alan                 July   4   and experiences may benefit others.
companies performed a reverse
Free of charge; advance registration    Office; or the Foundation For The        not have the option of admitting
preferred at 201-837-9090 or e-mail:    Benefit of Holocaust Survivors.          refugees to the U.S.A., giving               “Survivors would have to fill out      Congress’ implacable resistance to
  2) The International Raoul            long, complicated forms to prove         raising quotas on immigrants.
Wallenberg Foundation is making a       they matched the criteria and then       Roosevelt is quoted as saying:
worldwide appeal for testimonies of     would be forced to wait for a long       “There are only …14-16 million
Jews saved by Catholics during          time to get an answer.”                  Jews in the whole world, of whom
WWII. For further info write to         The new Information Center was           about half are already in the United
Agnes Adachi, at 69-02 Dartmouth        supposed to solve these problems,        States. If we could divide the
Street, Forest-Hills, N.Y. 11375.       but already has run into criticism.      remainder in groups of 8 or 10,
  3) On June 1st and 2nd, the           The director of a charity                there would not be any Jewish
Government of Canada and the            organization which provides hot          problem in three or four
League For Human Rights will host       meals, home visits and other             generations.”
a Conference, titled: “The St. Louis    essentials “The Association For            Editor: Roosevelt’s expression of
Era: Looking Back, Moving               Immediate Help to Holocaust              a “Jewish Problem” does not
Forward.” The conference will be        Survivors”, Tamara Mor, claims : “I      exactly indicate benevolent feelings
attended by many renowned               don’t know anyone who has received       for the Jewish people. Nor did the
academics, educators, community         real help. Some people have              book reviewers explain why the “St.
professionals and government            received the forms but it seems like     Louis” was turned away and why the
officials. It will commemorate the      it will still take a long time befor     railroad tracks to Auschwitz were
time when Canada excluded               they get answers.”                       not bombed. David Wyman and
refugees seeking sanctuary. There         Doron Cohen, the director in           Rafael Medoff of the Wyman
will be plenary sessions as well as     charge of the new Information            Institute for Holocaust Studies point
individual sessions. For additional     Center, calls these charges unfair.      out that Roosevelt opposed the 1939
information contact: Tema Smith, at:    “The Situation has been very             Wagner-Rogers bill that would have
416-633-6224; ext. 122, or by e-        confusing and complicated up until       authorized to take in 20,000 Jewish
mail:              now. How can they expect us to           children from Germany, in addition
  4) The Queens Jewish Community        make sense of the past 40 years of       to the existing quota. They proclaim:
Council announces weekly delivery       mess in only two months?” He             “when it came to substantive action,
of Meals-On-Wheels Dinners, free        pointed out that work had already        he did nothing.”
of charge for eligible seniors          started to visit survivors’ homes and    One thing is certain: the book is sure
throughout the borough of Queens.       help them fill out the necessary         to rekindle the debate about FDR’s
For info, call: 718-544-9033.           paperwork and that forms can now         role.
                                        be downloaded from the Prime               3) Germany and Moslems: Most
                                        Minister’s web-site:                     students in Germany of immigrant
                               In the interim,          backgrounds are Moslems and
TIDINGS & TIDBITS                       Prime Minister Netanyahu stated:         German teachers report that they
                                        “We will not forget the Survivors; it    face a special challenge from these
 1) Israeli Helpline: As we reported    is appropriate that they should live     students when they try to teach
in our April issue, a new Center and    out their lives in honor and in          about the Holocaust. Micha
telephone-line aiming to help           health.”                                 Brumlick, professor of pedagogy at
survivors to obtain their rights, was    2) FDR: Unconcerned or Friend?:         the Johann Wolfgang Goethe
inaugurated in Israel on February       A soon-to-be- published book: “The       University in Frankfurt, reports : “I
12th. Before that Information Center    Diaries and Papers of James G.           have heard so many teachers say
opened, survivors seeking help had      McDonald, 1939-1945” contends            that- when they have eyewitnesses
to deal with one of the four offices    that – contrary to wide-held beliefs –   of the Holocaust at their schools –
distributing funds: the Claims          Franklin Delano Roosevelt worked         parents excuse their children and
Conference; the Department of           out a scheme in 1938 to save and         say that they are sick and the same
Rehabilitation for Survivors; the       relocate millions of European Jews       happens when classes are going to
German Federal Indemnification          to undeveloped areas in Latin            visit the Information Center at
                                        America and Africa. The book’s           Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial or
                                        editors maintain that Roosevelt did      Jewish museums.”
German authorities, burdened by           London Jewish Museum of Art,              educators told me it only takes three
their Nazi past, are reportedly keen      charges that the essential first stages   weeks.” Aviner also objects to
on combating anti-Semitism and            of the process, namely a full             providing revenues to Poland and
have initiated a proliferation of         publication of collection inventories     the Ukraine. Hebron and Kiryat
programs designed to reach the            and a meticulous research                 Arba chief rabbi Dov Lior concurs,
Moslem students. Seminars are             provenance research of the period         stating that he sees no educational
being held at the ‘Wannsee House’         1939 – 1945, are not being                value in the trips, asserting that: “ to
where, in 1942, drafted their             effectively addressed. “In some           understand what is anti-Semitism
genocidal plans for the Jews.             countries almost no progress has          and why they hate the Jewish
   4) Suppliers of Iran: as reported in   been achieved and the signatory to        people, there is no need to travel
the ‘Cutting Edge’ of April, 27th:        the principles has proved, at best,       abroad.”         cosmetic.” Suzanne Lewis                  Editor: While left-wing and right-
Iran, despite its huge deposits of        admonishes: Museums have an               wing opponents of the trips debate
petroleum, has to import about 40         obligation to occupy the high moral       the lack of educational value, neither
percent of gasoline, because it lacks     ground; Jewish museums above              side mentions, nor is outraged by the
processing refineries. Despite the        others have a duty to set an example      fact that Holocaust compensation
American-led boycott, six foreign         and demonstrate leadership.”              funds had been used to subsidize
oil companies are still supplying           7) March Of The Living: In 2006         these trips while tens of thousands of
Iran with gasoline. They are: Vitol.      and in 2007 we reported – and             survivors in Israel, the U.S.A. and
Glencore International, the               helped to expose – the scandal            all over the world are lingering in
Swiss/Dutch firm Trafigura,               surrounding the ‘March Of The             deprivation and deprivation.
France’s Total, British Petroleum         Living’s financial dealings. Curtis         8) Catch 22: Some of the grant-
and India’s Reliance Industries.          Hoxter, a friend and associate of the     money the Claims Conference
  On April 22nd, The US House of          program’s founder, politician             provides to the JFS- Jewish Family
Representatives introduced a bill         Avraham Hirchson, had received            Services of North Jersey is
which would – in addition to a            about $710,000 in payments and was        conditional , requiring the JFS to
warning to Iran about its nuclear         unable to explain what services he        raise matching funds. Because of
weaponization program – would also        had provided to earn this money.          the current economic downturn,
impose heavy sanctions on the               The Claims Conference which for         philanthropic contributions have
gasoline suppliers.                       years had provided supporting funds       dried up and if the JFS cannot raise
   5) French Compensation: A              to the ‘March Of The Living’              $33,000 by June, the survivors’
French delegation of the CIVS – The       subsequently suspended these              program may lose $90,000. The
Commission for the Compensation           subsidies pending results of an audit     curtailment would dramatically
of Victims of Spoliation – will           which has not yet been completed.         affect home support services which
convene in Israel from May 18th to          For years, criticism of these death-    help to avoid institutionalization and
May 22nd. They will examine the           camp trips had come almost                which enable the preservation of
files of 75 Israeli survivors who         exclusively from the Israeli left-        dignity in their familiar home
lived in France during WWII and           wing politicians. It seems that now       surroundings. The caregivers
were victims of confiscations.            even the right-wing religious Zionist     evaluate and monitor survivors’
Claimants will have the possibility       community is turning against the          needs, assist them with entitlement
to attend in person or be represented     ‘March Of The Living’ and other           applications, help with ancillary
and to express themselves freely and      death-camp trips for young people,        services such as transportation and
find in common a fair and                 questioning the trips’ value in           provide supportive counseling.
appropriate response.                     Holocaust education. Rabbi Shlomo         Another director of a JFS Service
   6) Return of Art: At a Washington      Aviner had released an opinion            group opined: “It’s completely
Conference, ten years ago, 44             paper claiming that the trips’            outrageous that the reparations that
countries endorsed principles on          influence “..disappears and               the people are entitled to are not
Nazi-confiscated art, “ to provide for    evaporates like the morning fog”          given without strings attached. This
the return of artifacts and objects to    within one to two years.                  is completely a service grant. I don’t
the lawful owners, their heirs and        Subsequently, he updated his              know what they are thinking. Why is
successors.” Suzanne Lewis,               opinion by stating: “ I once said that    this acceptable?”
director of operations Ben Uri            it fades away after six months, but
                                         trouble. Also, immigration officer      that discussion forum disappeared
                                         Aaron Roby wrote in an affidavit:       from Buchanan’s web-site.
                                         “ I helped him climb into the pickup    -- Several thousand people attended
DEMJANJUK – A                            truck, a Ford F-150, with a rather      the opening of the new Holocaust
FESTERING SORE                           high seat. He had no more difficulty    museum in Skokie Ill., on April 19th.
                                         than I would expect from someone        The program featured former
                                         his age getting into the truck and he   president Clinton as keynote
-- The Nazi camp-guard Demjanjuk         scooted over once he climbed in.”       speaker, a video presentation, a
chronicles continue to torment our       -- May 1st: The Sixth Circuit Court     candle-lighting ceremony by
sense of justice. Our readers might      of Appeals in Ohio denied a stay and    survivors and musical performances.
recall that Demjanjuk had been
                                         opened the door for deportation.        The German ambassador Klaus
accused – several decades ago – of
                                         -- May 6th: Demjanjuk’s lawyer          Schariot stated that “Germany
being “Ivan the Terrible.” He had
                                         appealed the deportation order to the   unequivocally recognizes its
been deported to Israel and then set
                                         Supreme Court.                          historical guilt and responsibilities.”
free after a number of years because
                                         -- May 7th: the US Supreme Court        He called the Holocaust: “ the most
of insufficient evidence of being
                                         rejected, without commentary,           shameful period in German
“Ivan”. After his return to his home
                                         Demjanjuk’s request to halt             history.” The Museum houses over
in the Cleveland area, he was
                                         deportation.                            2,000 recorded survivor testimonies;
charged again and this time
                                         -- May 11th: Demjanjuk was              a huge collection of photos and
convicted of being a brutal camp-
                                         removed from his home by                documents; clothing and artifacts; a
guard at the Trawniki, Majdanek,
                                         ambulance and taken to the airport,     Nazi rail car and an exhibit for
Sobibor and Flossenburg death
                                         accompanied by a doctor and a           children.
camps. He was ordered deported to
                                         nurse. He was put on a medically        Neo-Nazis held a a counter-rally two
Germany which had requested his
                                         equipped charter-flight and arrived     miles from the museum site.
extradition on charges relating to the
                                         in Munich, Germany on May 12th, at      -- At a commemoration in the
deaths of 29,000 Jews.
                                         9.20AM. He was taken to the             Capitol Rotunda, organized by the
-- April 14th, 2009: A Federal
                                         hospital wing of the Stadelheim         USHM Museum on April 23rd;
Appeals Court in Cincinnati blocked
                                         prison..                                president Obama said: “How do we
his deportation pending
                                         Editor: We can’t help but thinking      ensure that ‘Never Again’ isn’t an
investigation whether a deportation
                                         that his many victims, young or old,    empty slogan, or merely an
of the 89-year old would amount to
                                         did not receive the same kind of        aspiration, but also a call to action?
torture because of his many illnesses
                                         consideration. German Jewish            I believe we start by doing what we
, including a tumor on his kidney.
                                         leaders are hoping that Demjanjuk       do today – by bearing witness, by
-- April 16th: A United States
                                         will be put on trial as quickly as      fighting the silence that is evil’s
Immigration Appeals Board refused
                                         possible.                               greatest co-conspirator.” He called
to re-open the deportation order and
                                                                                 the State of Israel a ‘Symbol of
ordered him deported.
                                                                                 Hope’: “The hope of a chosen
-- April 17th: The former presidential
                                                                                 people who have overcome
candidate and political commentator      GLOBAL NEWS                             oppression since the days of Exodus;
Patrick Buchanan compared                (Items you may have overlooked)         of the nation of Israel rising from
Demjanjuk to Jesus and described
                                                                                 the destruction of the Holocaust; of
him as an “American Dreyfus” and a       United States:                          the strong and enduring bonds
“sacrificial lamb.”                       -- Former presidential candidate and   between our nations.”
-- April 21st: The U.S. Justice          political commentator on MSNBC,         -- Admiral Mike Mullen, the
Department asked the Federal             Pat Buchanan had hosted a               chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Appeals Court in Cincinnati to lift      discussion forum for Holocaust          Staff, broadcast on the Pentagon
their stay of deportation.               deniers on his web-site. After          channel a message to his troops on
-- April 24th: The Justice Department    Menachem Rosensaft,                     accountability. In his speech on
released a surveillance video which       General counsel for the WJC and        April 21st he said: “The story of the
showed Demjanjuk walking and             the son of Holocaust survivors drew     Holocaust, however ghastly, offers
getting into a car without much          attention to this fact by writing an    us an opportunity to reflect on the
                                         article in the New York Daily News,     responsibilities in life.”
Israel:                                   ones.” Yet, in his speech, he did not     -- A message written in pencil and
-- A Greek Jewish boxer from              mention Germany, the Nazis or his         dated September 9th, 1944, was
Salonika – who was a boxing star          own war-time experience as a              found by construction workers in a
before being deported in 1943 – has       member the Hitler Youth.                  bottle hidden in a concrete wall, near
died in Israel at the age of 86. In the   Germany:                                  the Auschwitz concentration camp.
concentration camp Shlomo Arough          -- For the first time since its           The note was signed by seven
had been forced by the Nazis to fight     production in 2001`, the musical          prisoners from Poland and France,
fellow prisoners in win-or-die            “The Producers” will be performed         who apparently were trying to leave
matches. He served as a consultant        in a Berlin theater. Beginning May        behind some trace of their existence.
in the 1989 film: “Triumph Of The         15th, the Admiralspalast theater will     -- Holocaust survivors from the
Spirit.”                                  stage the show which features a           Ebensee slave labor camp and
-- In our December 2008 issue, we         singing and dancing Hitler.               visitors from France and Italy ,
related the story of a delegation of      -- Near the end of WWII, over 800         commemorating the 64th anniversary
Australian aborigines headed by           Jewish concentration camp prisoners       of the camp, were attacked by
William Cooper, who – in December         were shot by the SS in the small          masked youths shouting ‘Heil
1938 – delivered a petition to the        Brandenburg town of Jamlitz., 75          Hitler’. The teens aged 14 to 17 fired
German Consulate in Melbourne,            miles South-East of Berlin.               plastic bullets from air guns and
protesting: “the cruel persecution of     Excavation of the 54,000 square-          harassed the visitors. The teens,
the Jewish people by the Nazi             foot site, to find the bodies, has        from the Salzburg, Austria area,
government.” On April 28th five           started and will take at least three      were later arrested.
Australian trees were planted at the      weeks. The victims had been               Australia:
‘Martyrs’ Forest’ near Jerusalem in       prisoners in a Sachsenhausen              -- Nicole Hanley, a support manager
honor of William Cooper. Sixty-five       satellite camp. Remains that will be      for a company which specializes in
more trees will be planted in the         found will be reburied according to       high technology for military defense
Australia-Israel friendship forest.       orthodox Jewish rituals. Some 500         systems, has been suspended for her
-- At Israel’s Holocaust Memorial         bodies from the same camp were            involvement with the noe-Nazi
Day ceremony, president Shimon            found decades ago in a gravel pit in      group ‘Blood and Honor’. Among
Peres remarked: “ Soul searching          Staakow. After the reburial, a            discovered messages between
about the Holocaust is not yet over –     memorial site will be established.        group-members, was Nicole’s diary
not for us and not for the world at       -- In June, on the anniversary of         which revealed that – during her last
large. Nazism was defeated, but           D-day, president Obama has                year’s trip to Europe – she had
anti-Semitism is still alive and well.    reportedly planned to visit the site of   visited Hitler’s birth place; had
The gas has dissipated but the            the former Buchenwald camp.               attended neo-Nazi concerts and had
poison remains. There are still           Obama’s great-uncle allegedly was         bought Nazi-memorabilia.
Holocaust deniers and hot-headed          among the U.S. troops that liberated      -- Two groups promoting Holocaust
skinheads in the world.”                  the camp.                                 denial, titled: “The Holocaust is a
-- On Holocaust Memorial Day,             Europe:                                   Holohoax” and “Based on the Facts:
Ibrahim Amira, a Palestinian              -- A cattle-wagon which had               There was no Holocaust”, have been
resident and leader of the anti-fence     transported Jewish prisoners to           removed from the web=site
protests, dedicated a small               Drancy and had been designated a          ‘Facebook’, for promoting hate.
Holocaust museum in Na’alin.              French Holocaust Memorial, has              -- A Holocaust denier, Frederick
Israel’s Yad Vashem museum had            been vandalized with large black            Toben, had been ordered in 2002
provided Ibrahim with pictures and        swastikas.                                  by an Australian Federal Court to
educational material in Arabic.           -- Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon          stop publishing material denying
-- During his visit to Yad Vashem,        Brown has pledged – during a visit          the Holocaust and to stop vilifying
Pope Benedict XVI remarked that he        to Auschwitz – that his government          Jews. He ignored the order and
was there to honor : “ the memory of      would continue to encourage school          continued to publish. Now he has
the millions of Jews killed in the        visits to Auschwitz. The government         been convicted on 24 of 28 counts
horrific tragedy of the Shoah. They       now funds trips for secondary school        of “deliberate and calculated
lost their lives, but they will never     pupils and has committed to                 disobedience” and criminal
lose their names. There are indelibly     continue funding for the next three         contempt and sentenced to three
etched in the hearts of their loved       years.                                      months in jail. Toben who was
born in Germany spent seven            Exhibit: “Between Collaboration
months in jail in Germany for          and Resistance – French Literary
inciting racism. He was one of the     Life under the Nazi Occupation”
speakers at the Teheran Denial         French writers who were
Conference.                            underground resisters (Camus,
-- Family Court Deputy Chief           Sartre); non-aligned & others.
Justice John Faulks in Canberra         Info: 212-592-7700
banned a German-born former            San Francisco
skin-head from taking her young        At Congregation Emanu-El, 2 Lake
son to racist political rallies or     Street: Monday June 8th; 2PM
teaching him her views. She was          “Musical Diaries from The
also prohibited from viewing web-      Ghetto”. The program will include
sites promoting Nazism or neo-         a lecture by acclaimed composer
fascism while the child is in her      Dr. Hunt Jugend; performance by
care.                                  pianist Edna Koren and an
                                       extraordinary exhibition of original
                                       paintings and sculptures by
                                       Holocaust survivors. No
WHERE TO GO                            reservations necessary and no
  WHAT TO SEE                          admission charge.

  1) At the Anne Frank Center, 38             NAHOS Inc.
Crosby Street; Info: 212-431-7993      The National Association of Jewish
Thursday, May 21st,6-8PM: “Under        Child Holocaust Survivors, Inc.
the Floor Board – Hidden Art of
the Holocaust.” A visual lecture on    P.O.Box 670125 Station C,
clandestine artwork made by camp-      Main St,, Flushing, N.Y. 11367
prisoners, By Marc Dennis,
professor of Art at Elmira College.    Fax: (718) 820- 0859; or e-mail:
  2) At the Jewish Museum, 1109
Fifth Ave. 212-423-3337;ext 3200       or
    a) Film: “The Danube Exodus –
The Rippling Currents of the           President & Editor:
River”, closes August 2nd.             Leo Rechter
    b) A video installation bu Yael
Bartana: May Koszmary                  Executive V.P. Public Relations
(Nightmares); closes June 28th         Esther Widman
   c) Exhibit: “Reclaimed Paintings
from the Collection of Jacques         Treasurers
Goudstikker. Rarely seen old-          Gilberte Hunkins
Master paintings reveal the legacy     Minia Moszenberg
of a pre-eminent Jewish art-dealer
whos vast collection was looted by     Auditor
the Nazis. A dramatic story of great   Sol Lipper
art, injustice and reclamation.
  Closes August 2nd.
  3) At the New York Library, Fifth
Avenue & 42nd Street:

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