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                                                                    on their current investments.

1. Examples of Poor User Experience              11. Market Trends
2. What is User Experience?                      12. The Future
3. Elements of User Experience                   13. Who can we Target?
4. How Companies can Benefit                     14. Next Steps
5. How Customers can Benefit
6. Which Companies have Benefited
7. Case Studies
8. Blackwell’s UX Team
9. Methodology
10. User Experience Facts

2       Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                       w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
    of Poor User Experience

3    Blackwell Consulting Services Overview   w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
      Example 1

                                             Key Question?
                                             Why make the user scroll thru
                                             8 pages to see the top 8 list?

4   Blackwell Consulting Services Overview       w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
      Example 2

                                             Key Questions?
                                             1. Why are the days of the
                                                week so big?
                                             2. What do the beige colors

5   Blackwell Consulting Services Overview        w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
      Example 3

                                             Key Questions?
                                             1. Is this really a question?
                                             2. What happens if I click “Yes”?
                                             3. What happens if I click “No”?

6   Blackwell Consulting Services Overview             w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                  What is User Experience?

User Experience (UX) is the quality of experience a person has when interacting with
a specific design. This can range from a specific artifact, such as a cup, toy or
website, up to larger, integrated experiences such as a museum or an airport.

  User Experience is …
     the way a product behaves and is used in the real world

     a way of thinking about how you design the site so that your decisions are rooted in an understanding
      of the underlying strategy

     a philosophy that seeks to remind us ”If you’re only looking at the problem from your own point of
      view, you’re only going to be, at best, half right.”
      J. J. Garrett

  7            Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                             w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                Elements of User Experience

Branding                                                             Functionality
Visual Design                                                        Functional Specifications
graphic treatment of interface elements                              "feature set": detailed descriptions of functionality the site must
                                                                     include in order to meet user needs
Interface Design
as in traditional HCI: design of interface elements to facilitate    Interaction Design
user interaction with functionality                                  development of application flows to facilitate user tasks, defining
                                                                     how the user interacts with site functionality

Content Requirements                                                 Usability
definition of content elements required in the site in order to
meet user needs                                                      User Needs
                                                                     externally derived goals for the site; identified through user
                                                                     research, ethno/ techno/ psychographics, etc.
Information Design
designing the presentation of information to facilitate
understanding                                                        Site Objectives
                                                                     business, creative, or other internally derived goals for the site
Information Architecture
structural design of the information space to facilitate intuitive   SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
access to content

Navigation Design
design of interface elements to facilitate the user's movement
through the information architecture

8            Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                                    w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                   How Companies can Benefit

In this era of global competition and rapid software development, a good or
great—user experience is an essential component of a quality software
product and provides a sustainable strategic advantage that differentiates a
product from those of a company’s competitors.

  Increase Revenue                           Reduce Development Costs               Improve Effectiveness

 Increase transactions/ purchases            Save Development Costs                Enable the end-user to do his/her
  “You can increase sales on your           “Approximately 63% of large            job efficiently and effectively
 site as much as 225% by                    software projects are over budget
 providing sufficient product               and the top four reasons rated as      Increase efficiency/ productivity
 information to your customers at           having the highest responsibility
 the right time.”                                                                  (reduce time to complete task)
 (User Interface Engineering, 2001)
                                            were related to usability              “Inadequate use of usability
                                            engineering. ”                         engineering methods in software
 Save development time                                                             development projects have been
 “Speeding up development is a                                                     estimated to cost the US economy
                                            Increase product sales                 about $30 billion per year in lost
 key goal for integrating usability         “It is common for usability efforts    productivity.”
 effectively into product                   to result in a hundred percent or
 development; one-quarter delay in          more increase in traffic or sales. ”
 bringing a product to market may           (Nielsen, July 1999)                   Increase job satisfaction /
 result in the loss of 50% of the                                                  decrease job turnover
 product’s profit. ”
 (Conklin, 1991)                            Reduce maintenance costs
                                            “It has been found that 80% of         Greater customer loyalty
 Retain customers                           software life cycle costs occur
 “More than 83% of Internet users           during the maintenance phase and
 are likely to leave a Web site if          were associated with “unmet or
 they feel they have to make too            unforeseen” user requirements
 many clicks to find what they’re           and other usability problems.”
 looking for. ”                             (Nielsen, 1993)
 (Arthur Andersen, 2001)

  9            Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                    w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
               How Customers can Benefit

When people have a positive user experience, they're likely to return to your
site, increasing your revenue and giving you further exposure. When your
application works well, that's good for business. On the other hand, negative
user experience is expensive, often resulting in lost revenue, increased
overhead, diminished customer loyalty, lost word-of-mouth advertising, and
damaged brand identity.

      Easier to find information and purchase products        Users are more productive, and less frustrated,
       more quickly                                             employees
      Content is clear, concise and easily scanned            Websites purpose more clear
      Increase success rate, reduce user error                Easier for users to complete an objective
       “In Jared Spool’s study of 15 large commercial          Contact information is simple to find
       sites users could only find information 42% of the
       time even though were taken to the correct home
       page before they were given the test tasks.”
      Increase user satisfaction
       “In a Gartner Group study, usability methods
       raised user satisfaction ratings for a system by
       40%; when systems match user needs,
       satisfaction often improves dramatically.
      Reduced task time and increased productivity
      Complete their tasks faster, with more ease, and
       sometimes even joyfully
      Less stress from frustrating software

  10         Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                   w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
             Which Companies have Benefited

    Ford Motor Company                                 Digital
     build user testing labs for $70K, saved $100K       revenue grows by 80% as usability errors are
     with first session                                  fixed in first release software

    AT&T                                               IBM
     $2.5M saving in training expenses                   average reduction of 9.6 minutes per task,
                                                         $6.8M saved in one year. 400% increase in
    Microsoft                                           sales and 120% increase in traffic after
     implemented significant product changes as a        Feb,’99 redesign
     result of tracking user support calls
                                                        American Airlines
    American Express                                    decreased development costs 60-90% by
     $45million saved as a result of iterative           correcting usability problems in the design
     development and validation process”                 phase

11         Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                             w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
     Case Studies

12    Blackwell Consulting Services Overview   w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
              UX Case Studies

Case Study #1
Client      Kraft Foods Global, Inc

Project     Website Design & Development

Challenge   To re-organize content and provide a new visual
            design to help direct the proper traffic to a site which
            had seen a decline in new idea submissions as well
            as the wrong types of submission

Results     The new site, which contained revamped content
            and a “more professional” appearance, was
            delivered quickly and exceeded the expectations of
            the client.

  13        Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                     w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
              UX Case Studies

Case Study #2
Client       Kraft Foods Global, Inc

Project      IS Tools & Services Intranet Portal

Challenge    To help design and develop a major section of
             a revamped portal site

Results      •Organized site content
             •User tested preliminary designs to hear what
             users thought
             •Established an information hierarchy
             consisting of 4 levels to the site
             •Designed the look and feel
             •Coded the portal using HTML and CSS

  14        Blackwell Consulting Services Overview           w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
              UX Case Studies

Case Study #3
Client      Allstate Insurance Company

Project     User Experience Team Practice Development

Challenge   To establish standards as well as promote the
            User Experience team's services to the
            internal teams

Results     • Created a detailed team development plan
            • Consisting of four main areas: marketing,
            storage, standards, and process.
            • Designed and developed team website
            • Began developing web based style guide
            • Helped standardize UXA methodology

  15        Blackwell Consulting Services Overview          w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
     Blackwell’s UX Team

16    Blackwell Consulting Services Overview   w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                About Us

Who We Are                                                          What We Do
Our User Experience (UX) team consists of:                          • We design websites and web applications which are
• interaction designers                                             easier to use by applying a modified version of
•usability professionals                                            User-Centered Design.
•visual designers                                                   • We use a variety of methods to help increase the
•front end developers                                               efficiency, effectiveness, satisfaction, and
                                                                    ease-of-learning for users.
Our team values consistency, pays attention to detail,              • We incorporate user feedback in all phases of web
and are pragmatic. We are good listeners and                        development We focus on User Research, Information
communicators, and excellent team players. Most                     Architecture, Content/Copy Writing, Interaction
importantly, we are user advocates.                                 Design, and Visual Design

 Team Background
 Skill                     Description
 Research                  Card Sorting, Contextual inquiry, Emotional response testing, Surveys, Usability testing
 Information               Labeling, auditing content, categorization, creating sitemaps, wireframes, metadata design
 Interaction Design        Scenarios, flow diagrams, interaction models, prototypes and wireframes
 Graphic Design            Translate concepts into visuals, produce ‘comps’ (short for composite or comprehensive),
                           advertisements, illustrations and corporate identity treatments.
 Writing Skills            Write manuals, help files, instructions, labels, advertising headlines and copy, style guide
 Front end Developer       HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

17          Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                                 w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                   Core Principles

The users voice should always be heard and that's why Blackwell has created the
USERS RULE Principles.

 Understand your users and their needs                  Relay feedback to users in a timely manner
 Simplify everything by including only essential        User Test, User Test, User Test
                                                        Label all navigation clearly
 Ensure interfaces are obvious, consistent, and
       forgiving                                        Enable users to easily cancel or undo an undesirable
 Remember content is why people go to a site.
       Graphics should be complementry

 Save user's work carefully & continuously while
       always allowing the user to undo

  18           Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                             w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                Full Service Listing

User Experience Designers can:
• Gather requirements from a user experience perspective
• Assess an existing application’s usability
• Observe and interview existing users in their work environment
• Translate requirements into a wireframes or prototypes
• Work with your business to ensure that the end-user needs are met

   Plan                           Analyze                        Design                         Build
   •Requirements gathering        •Application/Website                                          •Web Standards based
   •Project management            Assessment                     Information                    HTML/CSS templates
                                  •Usability Assessment          -Content Inventory             •Accessibility Testing
                                  •Heuristics Evaluation         -Information Architecture
                                                                 -Content/Copy Writing
                                  •Competitiveness Analysis
                                                                 -Site Mapping
                                  • Business Process
                                                                 -Screen Flows
                                  User Research                  -Wireframing
                                  -Surveys                       -Contingency Design
                                  -Focus Groups
                                  -User Interviews               Visual
                                  -Contextual Design             -User Interface Design
                                  -Usability Testing             -Branding
                                                                 -Multimedia/Rich Media
                                                                 -Design Mockups
                                                                 -Style Guides

  19          Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                         w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
               UX Express Services

UX Express Services are services which run no more than 4 weeks, using
minimal FTE's (no more than 2), within a reasonable cost and have real tangible
value to the client when completed. These can also generate follow up-work.

  Usability Review                     Competitive Analysis                 Usability Testing
  Get an expert assessment of          Find out how you stack up            See what users really think of
  how well your site meets user        against your competitors             your website.
  needs and stacks up against
  your competition.                                                         "It takes only five users to
                                                                            uncover 80% of high-level
                                                                            usability problems"
                                                                            - Jakob Nielsen

  Visual Redesign                      Web Standard Templates               Style Guide Development
  Give your site new life by           Let us code your pages for you       We’ll help you set branding,
  creating a new look and feel.        and we'll make sure all pages        usability, accessibility
                                       are consistent in layout and         standards for your designers,
                                       style, are accessible to all users   developers and content authors
                                       and work across a wide range         to ensure consistency.
                                       of browsers and platforms.

  20        Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                            w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
               Experience by Industry

Consulting                                                Management and                 CCR Investments, Inc.
     Bronner Group, LLC                                                            Travel & Logistics
     Silverhorn Ventures, LLC                     State                                  Orbitz
Childcare                                                 Illinois Department of         International Trucking
                                                          Children and Family
     Department of Children and                           Services
     Family Services
                                                          Illinois Department of
Education                                                 Transportation
     Chicago Public Schools                               Illinois Emergency
     NDS Computer Training Center                         Management Agency
     United Learning Centers              Information Technology and
Environmental                                Infrastructure
     Clean Air Counts                             Hostway Corporation
Food & Beverage                                   Covansys Corporation
     Kraft Foods Company                  Insurance
     PepsiCo                                      Allstate
     Kite Mandarin and Sushi                      State Farm
Government                                        Coventry Healthcare (Medical)
     Local                                Media
              City of Chicago                     ESPN Radio
              City of Chicago Business    Mechanical Contractors
              & Information Services              A.J. Demor & Sons, Inc.
                                          Public Health
              City of Chicago
              Department of Housing               Illinois Department of Public
              City of Chicago
              Department of Zoning        Real-estate
              Office of Emergency                 Management Innovation, Inc.

21           Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                     w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
     UX Methodology

22    Blackwell Consulting Services Overview   w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
Design Process

                   Overall Methodology

    User Experience Methodology
    We deploy a proprietary, 6 (six) phased Web Design and Development
    Principles and Methodology to rapidly redesign, develop, and deploy an easily
    accessible, highly usable, and visually appealing Web sites and Applications.
    During each phase, the team is engaged in activities that produce
    deliverables that enable the subsequent phase to be performed effectively.

    Each phase is complete when all required deliverables for that phase have
    been delivered and approved by the responsible approver.

    23           Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                             w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
             Phase 1

Phase 1. Plan
Planning is critical because it helps focus your goals and objectives. It also
helps plan for the design and usability activities which are key success
factors. We will help you think about what you want to achieve and create a
focused vision that will benefit both your and your key customers/users.

24         Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
            Phase 2

Phase 2. Analyze
Before any design takes place, we need to find out how well your current
application/ site is working and set measurable usability goals. You should learn
as much as you can about your users and their tasks. Personas, scenarios, and
measurable usability goals all help you focus on users, their tasks, and their
expectations. This phase consists of three (3) main analysis steps:

• Current Site/Application
• User Research
• Functional Requirements Documentation

25        Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                    w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
             Phase 3

Phase 3. Design
During the Design phase the functional requirements are analyzed and a
design solution is created. This solution includes an initial wireframe as to
how the page will look. Then the approved wireframe will come to life by
utilizing our strong design principles to create a clean and visually
appealing interface.

The   Design phase consists of four (4) key steps:
1.    Information Design
2.    Interaction Design
3.    Visual Design
4.    Technical Design

26         Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                               w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
            Phase 4

Phase 4. Build
The goal of the Build phase is to convert the design into working assemblies.
Each unit of work is thoroughly unit tested by the developer to minimize the
number of errors that must be corrected during the Test phase. While the
application is being constructed, testing activities such as planning and test
script creation will take place.

27        Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                 w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
              Phase 5

Phase 5. Test
During this phase, our Quality Assurance team confirms that the site
conforms to the your standards (as well as ours). A site that has
undergone a thorough QA test cycle will have fewer bugs, dead links,
typos, and errors than a site without appropriate QA.
A focused QA initiative results in a much more positive experience for the

28          Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                           w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
             Phase 6

Phase 6. Deploy
Now your site actually launches - we'll work with you to ensure your domain
transfer or registration is handled correctly and your visitors experience a
smooth transition. Our team will also provide training so that you're
comfortable maintaining your site and keeping all of its features current.

The final step is for the project manager to ensure that the project is brought
to its proper completion. This is accomplished by a written formal project
review report containing the following components: a formal acceptance of
the final product by the client, Weighted Critical Measurements (matching the
initial requirements specified by the client with the final delivered product),
rewarding the team, a list of lessons learned, releasing project resources,
and a formal project closure notification to higher management.

29         Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                 w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                 User Experience Facts

$2.8 billion is projected to be spent worldwide in 20210 on Web conferencing and
team collaborating software
                                                                                   Garner, June 2007

  It can cost 10 times as much to correct user              An individual dissatisfied web customer may tell
  interface problems in development than in                 as many as ten friends about their bad
  design and 100 times after product release.               experience.
  “You can fix it on paper with an eraser, or you can fix   Brand erosion can happen exponentially faster than
  it on the construction site with a sledge hammer.”        brand development.
  - Frank Lloyd Wright

                                                            30% of large companies will launch some kind
  Sensitivity to the user experience early-on has           of Web 2.0-enabled business initiative by year-
  demonstrated reductions in the product                    end 2007
  development cycle by over 33-50%.                         - Garner
  Some companies have seen a return of $100 for
  every $1 spent on developing the right user
  experience.                                               22% annual average worldwide growth will
                                                            occur from 2006 to 2010 for web conferencing
  Companies spend on average $45 to acquire a               and team collaboration software marketing
                                                            - Garner, June 2007
  web site customer. That customer spends an
  average of $35 and never returns.
  Pure-play e-commerce startups pay as much as
  $75-$95 per customer

  30          Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                  w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                Market Trends

A poorly engineered product that gains wide visibility simply because it captures
“first mover advantage” will ultimately fail, due to low customer satisfaction.
Products rushed into market will typically not live up to the expectations in the
vast marketplace of the Internet.”
                                                   Mike Devlin, CEO of IBM, and Paul Levy, CEO of Rational

   Web 2.0 services popular                                    The growth rate of user flow of communities
   Collaboration is huge                                        will exceed that of news portals. Internet users
                                                                   get accustomed to acquiring, sharing and
   New competition                                                publishing information in communities.
       Instead of share of product or service market,
       businesses are now competing for a share of the          Communities and business blog like
       customer relationship.                                    corporation blog will continue to grow.
   Seamlessness: the ability to combine user                   Improvements to service accessibility: mobile
       research, interaction design and UI design into             Web browsing platforms will improve and facilitate
       one natural uninterrupted flow.                             access to off-deck content, and presentation of
                                                                   off-deck content will become more streamlined
   Advances in User Interfaces                                    and user friendly
       Technologies such as XML, Tags and Ajax allow
       new applications keep coming forth, such as              Wider availability of content
       knowledge management, AI, smart engine and               Improvements to service usability
       knowledge network.
                                                                Corporate giants are now forced to turn to
   User experience and individualization
                                                                 good design in order to stay ahead
    become more and more important. "Forever
       Beta version" will be the developing trend. Product
       plan will center on user experience. Research and
       test cycle will be shortened greatly.

  31          Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                                      w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
                  The Future

“We see a bright future for user experience, where practitioners of different
backgrounds will know how to work well together to design complex products,
strategies, communications, and services. … User Experience will mature into
a cross-disciplinary practice comprised of common language, concepts,
methods, and shared wisdom needed to enable collaboration.”

   Global knowledge economy                                 Designing for all 5 Senses
   Innovation                                               User experience design will increasingly
       Informed creativity for market differentiation.        become integrated into business practices
       Uniqueness replaces standardization
                                                             Machines taking a stronger part in analyzing
   User-centered design
       Understand what people need and desire
                                                              the web, and solving problems
   Sustainability                                           More information sharing at a more
       Materials with extended lifecycle. Environmentally     spontaneous and direct level
   Invisible design
       Products blend with their environment
   Emotional design
       Products designed to make emotional connections.
   Companies aggressively trying to seize
    customers by innovating their products
    through basic listening and responding

  32           Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                              w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
               Who can we Target?

The current potential exists in moving information rather than goods

   Target Areas                                          Not-For-Profit & Public Sector
      Electronic commerce businesses                    Professional Services
      E-Marketplaces                                    Publishing
      Procurement
      Knowledge Management                           Other Ideas
      Customer Relations                                Electricity, water and gas companies are
                                                          combining and selling insurance and credit
      Wireless applications
      Information appliances
                                                         Fifteen of the world’s top retailers now offer
                                                          financial services; eight sell gasoline
   Industries to Research                                Fourteen of the world’s top 20 media
      Biotech & Healthcare                               companies have IT or internet services ten of
      Community                                          the top 20 telecoms and eight of the top 10 IT
                                                          firms have media interests
      Consumer & Retail
                                                         Six of the global top 20 consumer goods
      Education
                                                          companies have media Interests
      High-Tech & Industrial
                                                         Gas companies are becoming food and
      Insurance                                          convenience retailers

  33         Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                            w w w . b c s i n c . c o m
             Next Steps?

Items needed to be put together
 Stu will create listing of all our User Experience Qualifications

What else is needed before we begin selling?
 Determine who we are planning on selling to
 Create a Sales Strategy

Next Steps
 Create external presentation to clients
 Contact existing clients do see what their needs are and explain how we can help

34        Blackwell Consulting Services Overview                              w w w . b c s i n c . c o m

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