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					                                    Cheese Platter & Wine Combinations

Cheese Platter
Thorpe's knockout combinations would match a hard, saltier cheese, such as Parmigiano-
Reggiano or a nutty, well-aged Gouda, with a "bloomy rind" - those soft, melting tallegios
and Camemberts - and one slightly less accessible cheese, for instance, a classic English
Stilton. For good measure, you could throw in a Spanish manchego, made of sheep's milk,
 or one of its goat-milk cousins, such as the Drunken Goat, a hard, mild, wine-washed

Wine with cheese
And show off all your good work by picking the right wine. Steer clear of the big reds, which
can overwhelm the cheese, says Marnie Old, author of "Wine Secrets." Reach instead for
white wines that are dry, un-oaked and medium-bodied - Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio,
Spanish Albarino, Austrian Gruner Veltliner or dry, bracing Australian Riesling. Their higher
acidity complements elements like salt and fat.

"They are the workhorses of wine," says Old, who also is the former director of wine studies
at New York's French Culinary Institute. "They lift up the flavors and the brightness."

Complement the cheese with two or three high-quality nibbles. Dried cherries brighten up
those bloomy rinds, Thorpe says, and marcona (Spanish) almonds highlight the butterscotch
tones in aged Gouda.

AZ Central - Dec. 16, 2009 by Michele Kayal, Associated Press

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