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					Central Directorate of National Savings
             Request for Proposal (RFP)
          Provisioning of Licensed Software for the

         Automation Project of CDNS

             Government of Pakistan
                Ministry of Finance

                          JUL, 2012

                              Tender for CDNS Project

Provisioning of Licensed Software for the Project of
“Automation Project of Central Directorate of National
Sealed bids (Technical Proposal in separate and Financial Proposals in separate sealed envelops)
are invited for supply and installation of the following item group(s) for the project of
“Automation Project of Central Directorate of National Savings” for the provision of :-

       Item Group No I.)     Provision of Oracle Golden Gate Software

       Item Group No II.)    Provision of NMS Software

   The vendor can bid in one or more items, mentioned above, independently or in the form of
    consortium. In case of any consortium or joint bidding the legal contract must be attached.
    The vendor cannot bid partial items with in the each item group (I, II or all).
   Bids may be submitted to the undersigned in SEALED ENVELOPS (as per instructions in
    detailed RFP) at the address given below latest by ’30th July, 2012’ 11:00 AM PKST.
    Technical proposals of the bids submitted will be opened on the same date at 11:30 AM
    PKST.    The bids will be evaluated based on marks formulae where 60 is reserved for
    technical and 40 is reserved for financial hence makes 100 marks in total. The Financial
    Proposals of those bidder who score more than or equal to 36 (i.e 60%) out of 60 in
    technical evaluation shall be opened. The financial proposals of those companies whose
    technical proposals could not score more than or equal to 60% will be returned in sealed
   Detailed RFP (Request for Proposal), specifications, detailed itemized list, terms and
    conditions are available in the tenders section of the            National Saving’s website:
    www.savings.gov.pk and PPRA’s website: www.ppra.org.pk.
                                  Muhammad Rafique Shaikh
                             Project Manager/ Director (Operations)
                   Central Directorate of National Savings, Ministry Of Finance.
        GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN, 23-N Savings House, G-6 Civic center, Islamabad.
                       Tel: Direct: 051-921-5753, Fax: +92-51-9215762
                   E-mail: pm@savings.gov.pk Website: www.savings.gov.pk

1. Description of Work
CDNS,    Ministry   of    Finance   invites   proposals/Bids   (Technical   and   Financial)   from   IT
firms/companies for Provision of Licensed Software for the Project of “Automation Project of
Central Directorate of National Savings”

2. Timelines
              Bids submission deadline                 : 30 July , 2012 11:00 PKST
              Opening of Technical Bids                : 30 July , 2012 11:30 PKST
               1-        The dates can be changed by competent authority.

3. Scope of Work
The proposed tender is for supply and installation/ configuration of Licensed software at CDNS .
The detailed technical specifications are mentioned in the annexure “B”. For execution of the
work, the bidder shall undertake to supply all software, media kits, installation material and
accessories etc which shall be necessary for a complete functioning entity. Any other settings or
accessories under scope of work which may not have specifically mentioned in the RFP or not
covered in technical proposal of responding firm/company, but which are necessary to meet the
functionality for full functioning of the software shall be provided by the bidder without any
extra charges to CDNS. The firm if quoting for NMS software shall provide 8x5xNBD response/
support for software. In case of Oracle Golden Gate software the firm shall provide 01 Resident
Engineer (RE) for maintenance and day to day operations of data replication of CDNS business
in MITC and remote sites. The detailed duties of RE are mentioned below

Job description of Resident Engineer (RE):
        The successful firm shall provide 01 RE on 24x7 bases to manage the day to day
operations of data replication and Oracle RAC administration in MITC and remotes sites. The
duties of the RE shall include but not limited to:
        a. Configure, Manage and troubleshoot the 02 nodes Oracle Real Application Cluster
           (RAC) in MITC and submit activity reports to higher management on regular basis
        b. Configure, manage, monitor and ensure successful data replication from remote sites
           to MITC and vice versa
        c. Prepare and execute reliable/ solid data backup, recovery and performance tuning
           plans using the best industry practices as per the policy given by the higher
        d. Configure viable Plan and Manage RMAN Backup at remote sites and at MITC.
           Validate and prepare data backup reports on periodical/monthly basis and submit to
           higher management. Test the backup data periodically to ensure its integrity,

           accuracy, consistency and normality. In case of any abnormal situation immediately
           report to the higher management.
     e. Prepare and test disaster recovery plans as per policy given by higher management
     f.    Coordinate and facilitate the Network and System team to store backup on tape
           library or other storage medium
     g. Coordinate and facilitate CDNS management in printing of centralized reports
     h. Validate and prepare data backup reports on monthly basis
     i.    Test the backed up data on monthly basis to ensure its integrity
     j.    Deploy OGG with full topology support; configure effective conflict detection and
           resolution techniques during the data replication.
     k. Utilize TCP/IP and apply additional compression as data is routed
     l.    Prepare solid presentations and conduct training sessions of RAC, OGG, Data
           replication Process, Backup, Recovery and Performance Tuning to the officers/officials
           as nominated by the higher management of CDNS from time to time.
     m. Document and troubleshoot all the day to day performance tuning/management
           issues related to RAC and GG replication.
     n. Prepare technical deployment guides and manuals of the deployment
     o. Perform any other task assigned by the Higher Management from time to time.

          Item Group-I (Provision of Oracle Golden Gate Software)
                 Item Description
                 Oracle Golden Gate with Management              100 sites
                 Resident Engineer                              01 at MITC
                 Recovery catalogue for Oracle                   100 sites

          Item Group-II (Provision of NMS Software)
                 Item Description
                 Network Monitoring System                QTY up-to 400 nodes
                 54” Full HD LED with complete            QTY up-to 04
                 wall mount and accessories for

Important Note:
  a. The Quantities may decrease or any item or item group can be dropped from the
     procurement as per requirement.
  b. Training: firm/company is responsible to provide comprehensive training for operation &
     maintenance of all supplied items to the staff nominated by CDNS.

         c. Responding Organizations must bid for all the items with in each group (I or II all of
         d. CDNS reserves the right of awarding the tender for none, one or more items in an item
            group, after opening of financial proposals.

4 Implementation & Payment Schedule
         Milestone                 Time Period                     Payment

1.       Signing of Contract       One week after the issuance     0%.
                                   of Purchase order
2.       Supply of Licensed        Two weeks from date issuance    75%.
         software                  of Purchase order
3.       Configuration and         Two week from Supply of         25%.
         replication of remote     Items.
         sites data to MITC and
         submission of
         performance guarantee/

5 . Format for Technical Proposals
In addition to the format given as Annexure-B, the technical proposal should be concisely
presented and structured in the form of chapters to include, but not necessarily be limited to, the
following information. Support material i.e. Data Sheets, Ranking, Comparisons etc should not
be part of the main proposal but should be placed in annexure.
Note: During the technical evaluation the responding organizations may be called for
detail technical presentation/ demonstration of their quoted product, if the committee
(i)         General
The responding firms/companies should provide the following.
             Name of the participating firm/company or participating firms/companies (if more
              than one) in the responding consortium, including their scope of involvement.
             Value, Size and Nature of Projects in hand and projects completed, in tabular form
              as mentioned below in clause 5.(iii).
             In case of consortium of two or more firms/ companies, the firm/ company leading the
              consortium and responsible/ mandated to communicate on behalf of consortium must
              be mentioned.
(ii)        Financial Capabilities
The responding firm/company shall describe the financial position of its firm/company. Income
Statement and Annual Audit Report should be included in the detailed Technical proposal.
The National Tax Numbers and Sales Tax Registration Numbers of the company and/or

partners should also be indicated (Photo copies of concerned documents should be

(iii)     Relevant Experience
The firm/company, if applying for Oracle Golden gate must have at least 02 deployments within
Pakistan with proven evidence shall be required out of which 01 must be completed for financial
institute. In case of NMS, the firm/company must have completed minimum 02 deployment of
the quoted product in Pakistan. Responding organizations should provide the details of
experience in similar projects according to the following format.
Sr. No.     Nature of          Value of    Size of Project (Ex: No.      Name of the Customer
            Project (Small     Project     of licenses/support           with Contact person &
            Brief)                         provided etc.)                Contact Details

(iv)      Staff assigned to the Project
The firm/company must have following professionals on the permanent pay role, working for
firm/company at least since one year.
          Oracle Golden Gate Software (Linux Environment)
   a. At least 02 Oracle Golden Gate certified resource.
   b. At least 05 Oracle certified professionals (OCP).
   c. At least 01 Oracle Certified Trainer for the quoted product

          NMS Software
          a. At least 02 certified resources on either IBM, HP, EMC or Solar wind NMS solutions.
          b. At least 02 Juniper Certified resources.
          c. At least 01 RHCE/ MCTS or 02 Oracle Enterprise Linux/ MCITP or 04 LPI

List of personnel who will be working on this project, their names and roles should be provided
as per format given above and at Annexure-A. Particular focus should be on core skills set
required for implementation of project of this nature.

CDNS requires the resumes of staff, assigned to this project as per format given in
annexure A along with the proof of their employment in the organization for last one
year (the income tax return or Certificate of employment from the companies
1. Total Staff assigned to the project (Please specify role of each person for this project, as
per minimum requirements).
2. Total Staff assigned to the project for Support purposes.
(v)    Deliverables
The responding organization should clearly mention and list all the deliverables to be provided
under the proposed project. Project deliverables should at least include descriptions of supplied
software along with their detailed technical specifications, the way software will be configured
as per requirements of this RFP, user manuals, training manuals, and technical specifications.
The licenses delivered should be purchased in the name of Central Directorate of National

    Compliance to Specifications

        The firm/company quote for the items listed having detailed specifications as mentioned
    below. The firm/company should not propose and kind of refurbished/ End of Life
    software/components in their proposals. The firm/company should provide variation in
    specifications (if any) in the following tabular form. The firm/company cannot propose any
    software which is procured using illegal/unofficial channel not authorize by the Principle.

      Sr. No.    Item Quoted                  Requirement as per       Details of item
                                              Annexure- B              quoted

6      General Terms & Conditions

       6.1      Bid Bond
A bid bond, in the shape of a Bank Draft or Pay Order in the name of Project Director,
Automation Project of Central Directorate of National Savings, equivalent to 2% of the total cost
of bid should be submitted along with the sealed financial proposal. In case if the bid bond is
found to be missing from the financial proposal on the time of financial bid opening or less than
2%, the bidding firm/company will be disqualified immediately. The format for financial
proposals is given at annexure “C”.

       6.2      Validity of the proposal
All proposal and price shall remain valid for a period of 120 days from the closing date of the
submission of the proposal. However, the firm/company is encouraged to state a longer period
of validity for the proposal.

       6.3      Performance Bond
The successful vendor shall be required to deposit in the form of an unconditional Bank
Guarantee, a sum equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the contract value. This Bank Guarantee
shall be issued by a scheduled bank operating in Pakistan and the value for the outstanding
deliverables of the contract will remain valid until the final and formal termination of Contract
by CDNS (this includes the warranty period). The Government shall forfeit the Performance

Bond if the responding organization breaches any of its obligations under the contract, including
slippages in the committed schedules.

       6.4    Penalty Clause
The contract to be executed between CDNS and the selected vendor will contain penalty clauses
for delay in the implementation schedule given at section 4 as well as failure to comply with the
provision of providing the required services during the post-approval phase. The penalty shall
be 01% per month on remaining delivery. This also may lead to the black listing of the
company. In case the RE failed to perform his assigned duties or disaster occur to the data
stored on the systems due to any malfunction of the software being handled by the RE, then a
penalty of minimum 10% of total contract shall be imposed on the firm/company.

       6.5    Currency
All currency in the proposal shall be quoted in Pakistan Rupees (PKR).

       6.6    Withholding Tax, Sales Tax and other Taxes
The responding firm/company is hereby informed that the Government shall deduct tax at the
rate prescribed under the tax laws of Pakistan, from all payments for services rendered by any
responding firm/company who signs the contract with the Government. The responding
firm/company will be responsible for all taxes on transactions and/or income, which may be
levied by government and price quoted shall be final and inclusive of all taxes. The tender
should be accompanied by firms Sales Tax Registration Certificate and National Tax Number.

       6.7    OEM relationship and warranties
The   responding   firm/company     should   be   authorized   Partner,   FROM   THE   ORIGINAL
EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER, for the all the items quoted, in Pakistan. Firms/companies
having Tier 1 or 2, Platinum, Gold, Silver or premier partnerships with the original Manufacturer
will be given preference in final technical evaluation. The firm/company having Platinum or
equivalent partnership shall be preferred. The software supplied should be through verifiable
distribution channel in Pakistan.

       6.8    Ownership
The ownership of all products and services rendered under any contract arising as a result of
this RFP, including any source code developed, will be the sole property of Central Directorate of
National Savings Pakistan.

       6.9    Contracting
The selected vendor will submit and finalize Contract with CDNS, as per draft to be provided by
CDNS, within seven days of issuance of Purchase Order.

       6.10 Governing Law
This RFP and any contract executed pursuant to this RFP shall be governed by and construed in
accordance with the laws of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan and all firms/companies
responding to this RFP and parties to any contract executed pursuant to this RFP shall submit to
the exclusive jurisdiction to Courts at Islamabad.

         6.11 Acceptance Criteria
         Bid    from    any   firm/company       which   is   blacklisted   by   any    government
department/organization will not be entertained. In order to address this clause all firms/
companies are requested to submit an affidavit stating that they are not blacklisted.
         As per two stage bidding process the proposals will be evaluated technically first and
those companies who will not be able to achieve the 60% marks in technical evaluation will be
returned their sealed financial proposals. The total evaluation formulae of the bids will be as
Technical Proposal (T)         =      60 % Marks.
Financial Proposal (F)         =      40 % Marks.
Total (T+F)                    =      100 % Marks. (final score)

The proposals which achieve 60% Marks in the technical evaluation i.e. 36 marks out of 60, will
qualify the company for the next stage, i.e. financial opening. The company whose prices are
lowest in financial opening will get the maximum marks in financial evaluation. Then the total
marks will be calculated based on above mentioned formulae. It can be possible that a company
which is lowest in price but has less mark(s) in total from others then as per rule the company
will not qualify for award of project/tender. The PO will be issued to the company whose final
score/total score (T+F) is higher than all other companies.
Technical proposal which meets the technical requirement mentioned in this RFP including
          OEM relationship as per clause 6.7.
          Submission of Bid Bond as per clause 6.1.
          Documents certifying the firm/company as Authorised Partner.

         6.12 Delivery Time
Delivery of the Items should be completed as per timeline mentioned at section 4 or otherwise
specified in contract.

       6.14       Technical evaluation (Criteria)
There will be a two-stage technical evaluation.
   a. Preliminary evaluation (Initial Screening) of technical bids will be done on the basis of
         following parameters:

   1. The firm/company or Lead bidder should be an IT Company.
   2. The company is registered with Tax Departments.
   3. Satisfy the clause 6.7 OEM & Warranties.

      4. Provide the Affidavit as per 6.11.

      b. Detail Technical Evaluation will be conducted for only those companies who are qualified
         in initial screening.
         The detail technical evaluation will include all points mentioned in the RFP including

                            1. Having successfully completed two similar projects in size , nature
                                 & Value as per parameters provided below:

      For all items                                projects   of   Delivery,   Configuration     &
                                                   Support of at least same category & scope

                            2. Must have Certified Professional as per 5(iv)
                            3. Comply with specifications in annexure “B”.
                            4. Financial strength of the organization.
                            5. Support capabilities
                            6. Partnership with Principal (OEM) level
                            7. Solution proposed by the company

Financial bids of technically qualified firms who score at least 60% or above on the technical
evaluation will be opened before the representatives who wish to attend the tender opening.
The decision of this Committee will be binding on all concerned.

                 From the time of bid opening to the time of contract award, if any bidder wishes
                 to contact CDNS on any matter related to the bid, it should do so in writing.
If a bidder tries to directly influence the evaluation committee or otherwise interfere
in the bid evaluation process and the contract award decision, its bid will be rejected.

7        Instructions for Responding Organizations

7.1      Communication
Enquiries regarding this RFP shall be submitted in writing, 3 days before closing of bid date to:
Muhammad Rafique Shaikh
Project Manager/ Director (Operations)
Central Directorate of National Savings.
Ministry Of Finance.
23-N Savings House, G-6 Civic Center, Islamabad.
Tel: Direct: 051-921-5753, Fax: +92-51-9215762
E-mail: pm@savings.gov.pk Website: www.savings.gov.pk
    7.2     Submission of Proposal
    The 3 sets of the technical and financial proposals, 1 original and 2 copies, should be submitted
    by at the address given at 7.1 above. The technical bids, financial bids and the bid bond may be
    in separate envelops clearly mentioning “Technical Bid, Financial Bid or Bid Bond” accordingly.
    The Bank Draft or Bank Guarantee for Bid Bond to be enclosed in a separate envelope with in
    the Financial Proposal sealed envelop, labelled as “Bank Draft (Bid Bond)”, and which should be
    sealed. Please ensure that bid Bond should be in separate envelop of the financial proposal.

    7.3     Mode of Delivery and Address
    Proposals shall be delivered by hand or courier so as to reach the address given at section 7.1
    by the last date and time indicated for submission. The technical proposal shall include its copy
    on CD/DVD delivered with the proposal as well.

    Summary for Technical Proposal
    Summary of Technical proposal should be accompanied by the detailed technical proposal in the
    form of chapters mentioned from clause 5(i) to 5 (viii) & 6.

1     CAT     S. NO             INFORMATION REQUIRED
A                               General
              1                 No of Years in business in Pakistan
              2                 No of Offices locations in Pakistan
              3                 Annual Turnover (Million Rs.)
              4                 Value of projects in hand (details given at ___ in main
                                proposal as per table provided in 5 iii)

B                               Details of total staff employed
                                (Proof must be provided)
              1                 No of permanent staff employed:
              2                 Cumulative Experience (in years)
              3                 Total No of certified professionals in Technical Domain

C                                 Experience of Implementation of proposed systems
              1                   No.    of   similar   projects   that   have   been   completed
                                  (details given at ___ in main proposal as per table provided
                                  in 5 iii)
              2                   No of Banking/Financial sector’s project completed
                                  (details given at ___ in main proposal as per table provided
                                  in 5 iii)
              3                   No of non-banking/financial sector’s project completed
                                  (details given at ___ in main proposal as per table provided
                                  in 5 iii)

E                                 Support Capabilities
              1                   Years in Business of “Support”
              2                   No. of Staff employed : (Capable of providing Support)
              3                   Cumulative Experience (in years)
                                  Expertise/Skills (tools/application/packages) – Details in
                                  Annexure ____
              5                   List of Customers of “Support” along with contact details
                                  (details given at ___ in main proposal)

    SECTION 5 & 6.
    Annexure-A:                   Format for Resumes
    1. General Details:
2      SR. NO.             3    NAME
      1.                   4    DESIGNATION IN THE COMPANY
      2.                   5    ROLE ASSIGNED IN THIS PROJECT
      3.                   6    EMAIL
      4.                   7    MOBILE


    Sr. No.       Degree       Year   Institution Name         Major/Minor       Division /GPA

   3. Certifications

Sr. No.      Name of Certification         Year of        Date till Certification        Certification ID
                                           obtaining      is Valid                       / Number

Please    provide   attested    photocopies   of    certifications   with   prescribed    resume    format.
Certifications will not be considered valid without the attested photocopies.
4. Experience
Total IT Experience (Yrs): ______________
Details of IT Experience:
Sr. No.    Company             Designation         Job Description                       Experience
           Name                /Position                                                 Years/Months

                                     Annexure “B”
(Note: The below mentioned Quantities may decrease or any item or item
group can be dropped from the procurement as per requirement.)

                      Technical Specifications of Items
           Item 3.1 Item Group I (Provision of Oracle Golden Gate Software)
    Oracle Golden Gate Software with Management pack (100 sites)

License type: User based
Database support: Oracle 10.2 and above with heterogeneous OS and
database support
Real time data transfer: Required
Topology support and configuration: One source to one target, one to many,
many to one, many to many, cascading, bi-directional
Support License: 01 year

                              Resident Engineer

Qualification: Minimum Bachelor in Computer Sciences
Certification: Minimum OCP
Experience: 05 years or above post qualification
Duration: 01 year

           Recovery Catalogue for Oracle database (100 sites)

Type: RMAN Recovery Catalogue for distributed databases backup and recovery
Management: Centralized management at MITC

                   Item 3.1 Item Group II (Provision of NMS Software)
                                   NMS Software
Nodes: 400
Product deployment architecture: Flexible and Modular i.e. starting from
base line requirements and upgrade to additional features as needed without
any major architectural change. The architecture must be object-oriented, open,
distributed, scalable, multi-platform and open to third party integration.
Functionality matrix: Data collection, storage and reporting
Data Collection methods: At least: SNMP, XML/SOAP, SSH/Telnet,
WMI/PowerShell, Text/CSV, JMX, JMS, SQL, VMware vCenter and NMS/EMS
specific (e.g. VMWare vSphere)
Root Cause Analyzer: Product must support RCA with at least Support
advanced filtering to eliminate extraneous data / alarms. Support automatic
event correlation, in order to reduce event occurring on such a large network, on
events arising due to any of the following pair wise events (ex: link up/down)
Chassis, Intermittent status, node interface, Multiple reboot, etc. Should have
the ability to correlate event across the entire spectrum of infrastructure
component that our critical application ----routers, switches provided by
heterogeneous vendors. Operator updates – all operator actions to be logged
regarding alarm changes and topology changes. Logged details to include
operators name/login id, date and time stamp. Capable to support 500 up to
1000 events/sec for a sustained period of at least 5 or up to 15 minutes. The
system shall record event and alarm information for Configuration changes and
Topology Changes

Detailed Dashboard: Required with full customization support
Dashboard Security: Role based
SNMP version: Support all versions, with certification support for more than 80
vendors devices out-of-the-box. The system must have MIB compiler to
customize and extend the functionality when required
Device/ Hardware Support: Leading manufacturers including HP, CISCO,
DELL, JUNIPER, IBM, FORTIGATE. Support new hardware as well
Operating System: Full support for 32-bit and 64-bit
Proactive Server Monitoring: Required and must cover maximum server
resources like processes, disk space, memory, file system etc. Embedded
intelligence which builds intelligent, sophisticated algorithms into its software to
enable proactive service assurance. The system should have integrated fault,
performance and availability solution built into a single database that manages
the entire infrastructure from end to end. Out-of the box support for at least 350
Network devices from a variety of vendors to allow for rapid deployment
Polling policy: Required with provision to configure flexible polling intervals,
System shall support discriminated polling where some interfaces or devices
may be polled more frequently than others
Node Auto discovery: Required with capability of auto draw topology maps of
layer 2 and 3 devices, network protocols like TCP/IP, Ethernet, FDDI, ATM,
Frame relay, Token ring etc, Device containment information like cards, ports,
interfaces, IPs and MACs, Physical and logical relationship among the elements,
connectivity information like cables, trunks, network connections, VLANs, VPNs
etc. Network protocol Analysis to assist Troubleshooting
Report Manager: Required with ability help administration in identifying chronic
bottlenecks and problem pattern, allow creation of customized reports.
Generate web-based reports including but not limited to alarms/ assets/
configuration changes/connected/ unutilized ports. Configure, display and print
reports on Service Affecting events/alarms for a given time period. The system
shall provide the ability to search and review all device historical events for at
least 6 months prior, including that of all ports/ interfaces. A distributed global
architecture that scales to 1 million plus elements and enables centralized web
based reporting.       Out of the box Automated Reporting for service and
performance level management for network system, applications and Response
Report Packs: Must have ready to run report packs for leading hardware and
software like Oracle etc.
Database: Module having single database with in-memory capability shall be
preferred. Provide embedded SQL database for strong historical data and no
limitation on the size of database. Able to set the retention period for data
tables in the database and rollup period for as polled data
Maintenance: The system must have its own integrated facility to backup all
databases on a periodic basis, maintenance functions must be able to execute
remotely. The system administration should make use of minimal configuration
files, and should mostly be configured without the requirement to edit
configuration files. Provide scheduler for task such as database backup, data
rollup, data analysis, maintenance jobs, reporting etc
Security: The solution must have an auditing component included. The audit
trail to include user id, date /time stamp and change. Must have the facility to
support secure remote access with the ability to encrypt data. The system must
support encrypted passwords and maintain user profiles. Support AD/LDAP
integration shall be preferred. For each User there must be a set of available

roles. Roles must allow access to system functions required to carry out specific
tasks. Conversely, roles prohibit access to information not required to carry a
specific function on a need-to-know basis. The system must safeguard against
unauthorized access to the system. Different access levels must be able to
assign for both administration and users. For each role or set of roles, there
must exist a set of available functions required to execute the tasks belonging to
the roles
Features required: Must be able to model complex services such as redundant
configuration, failover and backup configuration. Ability to monitor VMWARE
domain version 5 and above with the ability to show virtual to physical network
map. Support Power Path VE. Discover, relate and correlate UCS servers. In a
DR situation, there must be no manual configuration to switch over to DR
system. The switchover to DR system must be completely transparent to users
without the requirement of using a different method/ address of accessing DR
system. The NMS must store and catalog firmware versions by make and model
of network devices. The NMS must be able to determine new and deprecated
settings between firmware versions and must automatically reconfigure devices
to continue to comply with group configuration policies when upgrading of
downgrading firmware. The NMS must validate whether a firmware of OS
upgrade has been successful or not. If a firmware upgrade being applied to a
group of devices fails, the NMS must be automatically stop the group process
and alert an administrator. Able to provide management information to meet
different personnel’s requirement from summary management report for senior
IT management to detailed reports for engineering / trouble-shooting, and to
real-time alerts for operations
Onsite Support and warranty: 01 year

                    Item 3.1 Item Group II (Provision of LED for NOC)
                          Full HD LED (Qty up to 04)
2D to 3D conversion: Required
3D: Yes
3D sync transmitter integrated: Yes
Brands: Sony, Philips or Panasonic
Energy Star compliant: Yes, above v5.0
Video processing: X-Reality PRO engine
Video mode: Full, Normal, Wide zoom, Zoom, Caption, Normal/Full/Full2 for PC
Internet browser: Yes
TCP/IP Connectivity: Required
Wireless LAN: Yes, Integrated
WiFi Direct: Required
Audio: Invisible speaker, Dolby digital, digital plus and Dolby pulse,
headphone/speaker link
USB Support: USB 2.0 or higher
Warranty: 01 year

                                     Annexure-C        Format for Financial Proposal

Item-(#): Heading

   A         B       C         D                   E                      F                  G                  H
 S.N     Item                                Unit Cost (Rs)         Unit Cost (Rs)     Total Cost (Rs)   Total Cost (Rs.)
       . Group   Item         Qty            (Without Tax)         (With Tax)          (Without Tax)       (With Tax)


Authorized Signature:_________________
Full Name:          _________________
Designation:        _________________
Validity:           _________________

Note I: The delivery must be done on the location of the branches or controlling offices on the expenses of vendors
hence the proposal must be based on FOR.


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