Urology Catalogue by xiaopangnv


									      Urology                 closes when you tilt, lift    Made from heavy duty
                              or lay the bag on its side,   plastic film for long wear
                              helping prevent urine         time, odor containment
        BAGS                  backflow                      and leak resistance each
                              SPLASHGUARD II drain          leg bag contains an anti-
    Allegiance                spout makes drainage          reflux valve reusable,
                              easy and helps protect        sterile
                              you front contact with
Urinary Drainage Bags
                              potentially hazardous         BAR150102 19oz,
with Antireflux
                              body fluids universal         48/cs
Chamber with
                              hanging device fits easily    BAR150103 32oz,
                              over the bedrail and          48/cs
Drain Spout
                              doubles as a carrying
(Kendall) These drainage
                              handle for ambulatory
bags offer a
                              patients each sterile,
                              individually packaged
spout that makes drainage
                              bag is supplied with
easy and helps protect
                              11/32” tubing, nylon
you from contact with
                              hook handing device and
potentially hazardous                                       Center-Entry Urine
                              string hanger 20 bags/cs
body fluids the Antireflux                                  Drainage Bag
chamber minimizes urine                                     -Bard Safe Sampling Port
                              BGHKB5912 Drainage
backflow each bag                                           allows for needle-free
includes nylon hook                                         aspiration
handing device and string                                   -Anti-Reflux device
hanger that fit securely on                                 -Double hook hanger
bedrails and wheelchairs,                                   -Single-use, sterile
urine sampling port and
11/32”tubing sterile bags                                   BAR153504 2000ml
packaged individually 20      Leg Bags
bags/cs                       Our leg bags feature an
                              Antireflux valve,
BGHKB5900 poly bag            universal connections, a
PK only                       twist open drainage valve
                              and adjustable leg straps
                              with buttons bags are
                              individually packaged         Urine Drainage bag
                              with a sterile fluid path     with Anti-Reflux
                              BGHP4015M Medium,             -Bard Safe sampling Port
                              500cc, 40/cs                  allows for needle-free
Drainage Bag w/ Mono-
                              BGHP4017L Large,              aspiration
Flo Antireflux II Drain
                              1000cc, 40/cs                 -Single hook design with
(Kendall) This 2L                                           string hanger single-use,
drainage bag features a               BARD                  sterile
Mono-Flo Antireflux
device that automatically     Dispoz-a-Bag Leg Bags
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BAR154002 2000ml,
20/cs                         KEN3512V 2000ml
                              bag with Anti-reflux
                              chamber and VELCRO
         Tyco                 hanger
                                                             Siliconized Latex Foley
       Healthcare                                            Catheters
                              KEN3502        2000ml          Our catheters feature
                              bag without anti-reflux        high-quality natural latex
      Kendall                 chamber, 20/cs                 that provides patient
                                                             comfort while remaining
                                                             sufficiently firm for
                                                             insertion 12 catheters per
CURITY Urine Leg              CURITY mono-Flo                2-way catheters with 5cc
Bags                          Anti-reflux Device
                                                             BGHPE512       12
Anti-Reflux valve longer      Drain Bag with
catheter adapter for                                         BGHPE514       14
                              SAFEGUARD II
                                                             BGHPE516       16
greater security with all     Drainage Device
types of catheters twist      Mono-Flo Anti-Reflux           BGHPE518       18
                                                             BGHPE520       20
valve for easier emptying     valve automatically
and less spill, no bottom     closes when bag is tilted,     BGHPE522       22
                                                             2-way catheters with 30cc
cap to lose or misplace       lifted, or laid on side        balloon
soft, cloth straps latex-     large diameter drip            BGHPE616       16
free leg straps               chamber provides dry           BGHPE618       18
                              barrier against bacteria,
KEN145516 Large               facilitates passage of clots
32oz/ 1000ml, 50/cs           Splashguard II Drainage
                              Device prevents
                              backsplash of urine            Red Rubber urethral
                              SAFEGUARD Needles              Catheters
                              less sampling port             Our red rubber urethral
                              prevents needle sticks         catheters are made of X-
Reflux Chamber                                               ray-opaque latex, which
                              KEN6300        2000ml          is soft and flexible to
Urinary Drain Bags            MONO-FLO, Polybag
Contoured design for                                         minimize trauma to
                              package, 20/cs                 delicate mucosal tissue
more even filling and         KEN6206        2000ml
complete emptying                                            single-use catheters are
                              Anti-reflux chamber with       sterile 50 catheters per
11/32” drainage tube          SPLASHGUARD II,
provides quick drainage,                                     case
                              CSR Wrap, 20/cs                BGHPRU110 10
eliminates standing
column of urine universal                                    BGHPRU112 12
hanger fits securely on            Catheters                 BGHPRU114 14
bedrails and wheelchairs                                     BGHPRU116 16
                                                             BGHPRU118 18
convenient carrying                Allegiance
handle for ambulatory

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Silicone Elastomer-            BAR0168L14                   -High-quality Bardex
Coated Two-way Foley           14Fr, 5cc, 12/cs             construction
Catheters                      BAR0168L16                   -Single-use, sterile
Our catheters feature          16fr, 5cc, 12/cs             Short-Round tip w/ two
permanent silicone-            BAR0168L18                   opposing eyes
Elastomer coating bonded       18Fr, 5cc, 12/cs             BAR0165L12
to latex for a smooth          BAR0168L20                   12fr, 5cc, 12/cs
surface, helping minimize      20Fr, 5cc, 12/cs             BAR0165L14
encrustation the inert                                      14Fr, 5cc, 12/cs
formulation protects           5cc Coude Bardex             BAR0165L16
against irritation, which      Lubricath latex Foley        16Fr, 5cc, 12/cs
allows the catheters to        Catheter (Tiemann            BAR0165L18
remain in place for a          Model)                       18Fr, 5cc, 12/cs
longer time period with        -Coude tip design            BAR0165L20
comfort two-way                facilitates negotiation of   20Fr, 5cc, 12/cs
catheters are sterile and      the prostatic urethra        BAR0165L22
individually packed            -Medium length – olive       22Fr, 5cc, 12/cs
caution: Federal (USA)         Coude tip with a single      BAR0165L24
law restricts this device to   drainage eye                 24fr, 5cc, 12/cs
sale by or on the order of     -Red latex construction
a physician 12 catheters       for added catheter
per case                       stiffness and Radiopacity
Catheters with 5cc balloon
BGHPS516        16             BAR0102L16                   Medium length – Round
BGHPS518        18             16Fr, 5cc, 12/cs             tip with two staggered
BGHPS520        20             BAR0168L18                   eyes
Catheters with 30cc            18Fr, 5cc, 12/cs             BAR0166L16
                                                            16fr, 30cc, 12/cs
PS620           20             Util-Cath Vinyl              BAR0166L18
                               Catheters                    18Fr, 30cc, 12/cs
        BARD                   Sterile, whistle tip
                               BAR015914                    Bardex All-Silicone 2-
5cc Coude Bardex               14Fr, 6in, 200/cs            Way Foley Catheters
Lubricath Latex Foley                                       -100% Silicone
Catheter (Carson                                            constructions
Model)                                                      -Single-use, sterile 5cc
-Coude tip design                                           Bardex all-silicone Foley
facilitates negotiation of     Bardex Lubricath Latex       Catheter
the prostatic urethra          Foley Catheters              -Short length – round tip
-Medium length – olive         -Lubricath hydrophilic       with two opposing eyes
Coude tip with a single        polymer coating which
drainage eye                   helps reduce irritation of   BAR165816 16Fr, 5cc,
-30cc balloon for post-        the urethral mucosa and      12/cs
operative hemostasis           which helps minimize
(0100LXX)                      encrustation

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Bardex Silicone-               BAR120614 14Fr, 12/cs
Elastomer Coated latex         BAR120616 16Fr, 12/cs
Foley Catheter
-Silicone Elastomer            Bard Red Rubber All-
coating provides               Purpose Urethral             ULTRAMER Foley
protection against urethral    Catheter                     Catheter
irritation                     -Radiopaque red rubber       100% silicone Foley
-5cc balloon Foley             catheter with a round,       catheter Add-A-Foley
catheter features a short      hollow tip can be used as    Tray
length – round tip and         a Robinson or a Nelaton
two opposing eyes              catheter                     KEN8256          10cc Pre-
(0165VxxS)                     -Two opposing drainage       filled syringe, 10/cs
-Single-use, sterile           eyes
                               -16”long                            Mentor
BAR0165V16S                    -Single-use, sterile
16Fr, 5cc, 12/cs
                               BAR177714 14Fr,
Urethral Catheters             100/cs
-Semi-rigid construction       BAR177716 16Fr,
to facilitate negotiation of   100/cs
                                                            Self-Cath Female
the prostatic curve
                                                            Self-Cath 240 is designed
-Coude olive tip with a                 Tyco                for women who practice
single drainage eye
                                      Healthcare            intermittent self-
located on the top of the
                                                            catheterization self-cath is
prostatic curve
                                                            made of medical grade
-Raised indicator to                 Kendall                PVC, then siliconized for
identify direction of
                                                            friction-free insertion
Coude tip
                                                            Mentor’s unique fire
-Semi-rigid Red Rubber
                                                            polished eyelets enhance
                                                            patient comfort
Bard Coude Tip Latex
Urethral Catheters
                                                            MNT240          14Fr, 6”
One Eye (Tiemann Model)        KENGUARD Silicone-           Long, 30/bx
-Single-use, sterile           Coated Foley Catheter
BAR010114                      Silicone coating provides
14Fr, 12/cs                    a smooth exterior shaft,
BAR010116                      facilitates insertion
16Fr, 12/cs                    5cc Balloon, 2-way
BAR010118                      KEN3560        16Fr 17”,
18Fr, 12/cs                    10/cs
Two Eyes (Tiemann              KEN3563        18Fr 17”,
Model)                                                      Self-Cath Male
                               10/cs                        The self-cath family of
-Coude olive tip with two      30cc Balloon, 2-way
staggered drainage eyes                                     latex-free catheters offers
                               KEN3607        18Fr 17”,
to provide for higher                                       patients a variety of
drainage flow                                               options for intermittent
-Single-use, sterile                                        self-catheterization each

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catheter is made with the                                   Single Eye Tiemann
highest quality standards                                   Model, 10/cs
dedicated to patient                                        RUS318118 PTFE
comfort and ease of use                                     Teflon Coated, 2 Way,
the Self-Cath Straight Tip    All purpose Robinson/         5cc, 18Fr, 16” Coude
is 100% latex-free with       Nelaton Catheters             Single Eye Tiemann
fire-polished eyelets and     Red rubber latex, 2           Model, 10/cs
a siliconized surface for     opposed eyes, X-ray
smooth insertion              opaque length 40cm (16”)
                              Sterile, single use 100/bx
MNT450        14Fr, 16”
Long, Funnel End,             RUS3510-08    8Fr             RUS180705160
Curved Packaging, 50/bx       RUS3510-10    10Fr            Silicone Coated, 2 Way,
                              RUS3510-12    12Fr            5cc, 16Fr, 16” 2 Opposed
                              RUS3510-14    14Fr            Eyes, 10/cs
                              RUS3510-16    16Fr            RUS180705180
                              RUS3510-18    18Fr            Silicone Coated, 2 Way,
                              RUS3510-20    20Fr            5cc, 18Fr, 16” 2 Opposed
                              RUS3510-22    22Fr            Eyes, 10/cs
Freedom Cath Male
External Catheter                                             Catheter Kits
Mentor offers a complete
line of latex and non latex
male external catheters a     Catheters                             BARD
variety of adhesive styles,   RUS564000 Cath Word
sheath lengths and one        Bartholin Gland Catheter,     Foley Catheter kits
two-piece configurations      5cc Balloon, 5cm Length,      Bard Foley Kits feature
are designed to suit a        Latex 6/bx                    high quality Bardex Foley
variety of patient needs a    RUS220005140                  catheters in a selection of
complete incontinence         Female ERU Siliconized        coatings: Lubricath
system can be achieved        PVC, 14Fr, 6.5” Single        hydrophilic polymer or
by combining a Mentor’s       Eye, 50/cs                    Silicone-Elastomer these
male external catheter                                      coatings provide
and Leg Bag Freedom                                         protection against
Cath is a self-adhering,
                                    RUSCH                   irritation of the urethral
one-piece catheter for                                      mucosa, help to minimize
secure everyday use,                                        encrustation and enhance
combining a comfortable                                     patient comfort
sheath with a wide,                                         -Each kit contains: -5cc
watertight adhesive seal                                    Latex Foley catheter –
                                                            Prefilled water inflation
MNT8400        Large,         Foley Catheters               syringe –5 gm Lubricant
100/bx                        RUS318116 PTFE                packet
                              Teflon Coated, 2 ways,        -The Bardex Lubricath
                              5cc, 16Fr, 16” Coude          Foley Catheter provides
      RUSCH                                                 for smoother insertion

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and enhanced patient          FAST-CATH Female              With BZK and
comfort through the           Urethral                      Specimen Container
hydrogel coating’s unique     Catheterization Kit
ability to absorb 800% of     Kit Contents: Underpad,       Our sterile catheterization
its own volume in fluid,      Vinyl Gloves, PVI swab        trays are available with a
thus creating a               sticks (3), 15ml Specimen     red rubber latex or plastic
hydrophilic “cushion”         Tube and Flipcap, Sterile     14Fr catheter or without
between the catheter          Lubricating Jelly, 10gm,      catheter trays include:
surface and the urethra       Patient Label                 -Outer basin, 1200cc
-Single-use, sterile          KEN3411        female         -Water-resistant underpad
                              urethral Cath kit, 25/cs      -One pair latex gloves
BAR710012S-26S                                              -Fenestrated drape
12-26 Fr, Silicone-                 TRAYS                   -Three Benzalkonium
Elastomer Coated Foley                                      chloride (1:750) swab
Catheter, 20/cs                                             sticks
                                  Allegiance                -Lubrificant jelly packet
                                                            -Specimen container
                                                            20 trays per case
Female, Infant and
Pediatric Catheter kits                                     BGH3T6033 With red
-Closed system reduces                                      rubber latex catheter
the risk of specimen          Basic Foley                   BGH3T6030 With
contamination and             Catheterization trays         plastic catheter
associated false readings     With Syringe and PVP          BGH3T6031 Without
-Collection tube is           Sterile Foley                 catheter
centrifuge-ready              catheterization trays are
-Kit includes: pair of        available with either a 10
vinyl gloves, towel, 3        or 30cc printed syringe
iodophor swabsticks, 3g       with sterile water and
lubricant packet and label    Luer tip no catheter-
-Single-use, sterile          included trays include:       Universal Foley
                              -Outer basin, 1000cc          Catheterization Trays
BAR0035380 8Fr, Basic         -Water-resistant underpad     With Hospital Wrap
Female Cath kit/rigid         -One pair latex gloves        (Kendall) These
(gloves, swabs, and           -Fenestrated drape            convenient sterile trays
label), 100/cs                -Three povidone-iodine        come with or without
DAV0035630 5Fr,               swab sticks (1% available     catheter 20 tray per case
Infant, Soft, 50/cs           iodine)                       trays include:
DAV0035640 8Fr,               -Lubricating jelly packet     -CSR wrap
Pediatric, Soft, 50/cs                                      -Anatomically shaped
                              BGH3T5786A                    basin, 1200cc
                              W/ 10cc Syringe               -Water-resistant
                              BGH3T5785A                    absorbent underpad
                              W/30cc Syringe                -One pair latex exam
                              Basic Urethral                -Fenestrated drape
                              Catheterization Trays         -Prepping balls
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-Plastic forceps              Tray w/ 14Fr red rubber       Trays with 100% silicone
-10% povidone-iodine          latex catheter                cath 10 trays/cs
solution, 1oz
-Lubricant jelly, 2.7g                                      BGHKB5936A             W/
-Sterile specimen                                           16Fr Cath
Trays without catheter
Prefilled sterile water       Foley catheterization
syringe, 10cc                 trays with Antireflux
Trays with Elastomer-
                              Device drainage Bag
coated latex Foley catheter
                              and Drain Spout               Foley Catheterization
                              (Kendall) These sterile       Trays With Antireflux
14Fr catheter Prefilled
                              trays offer a bag with        Device Drainage Bag
sterile water syringe, 5cc
                              Splashguard II drain          Drain Spout & Lube
                              spout that makes drainage     Jelly
16Fr catheter Prefilled
                              easy and helps protect        (Kendall) these sterile
sterile water syringe, 5cc
                              you from contact with         catheterization trays offer
                              potentially hazardous         a bag with Splashguard II
                              body fluids trays include:    drain spout that makes
                              -Patient information          drainage easy and helps
                              pamphlet                      protect you from contact
Urethral                      -CSR wrap                     with potentially
Catheterization trays         -Water-resistant              hazardous body fluids a
20 trays per case trays       absorbent underpad            “Wash your Hands”
include:                      -One pair latex exam          reminder encourages
-Anatomically shaped          gloves                        procedural asepsis trays
basin, 1200cc                 -Fenestrated drape            include:
-Rayon balls                  -10% povidone-iodine          -Patient information
-Removable prep cup           solution, 1oz                 pamphlet
-Water-resistant underpad     -Prepping balls               -Water-resistant
-Fenestrated drape            -Plastic forceps              absorbent underpad
-Specimen container           -Sterile lubr. jelly, in      -One pair latex exam
-One pair of latex gloves     bellows syringe, 10g          gloves
-Lubricating jelly, 2.7g      -Prefilled sterile water      -Fenestrated drape
-10% povidone-iodine          syringe, 10cc                 -10% povidone-iodine
prep solution, 1oz            -Tape strips                  solution, 1oz
-Forceps                      -Sterile specimen bottle      -Prepping balls
-Hospital wrap                -Drainage bag with            -Plastic forceps
BGHKB4731B                    Mono-Flo Antireflux           -Sterile lubricating jelly,
Tray w/out cath               valve, 2000ml                 5g
BGHKB4730B                    -Tubing, 11/32” diameter      -Prefilled sterile water
Tray with 14Fr vinyl          -Splashguard II drain         syringe, 10cc
catheter                      spout                         -Tape strips
BGHKB4733B                    -Bedsheet clamp               -Sterile specimen bottle

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-Drainage bag with                                          KEN76020 30cc Pre-
Mono-Flo Antireflux                                         filled Syringe, BZK Swab
device, 2000ml                                              Sticks (3), 20/cs
-Tubing, 11/32” diameter
-Splashguard II drain
spout                         CURITY MONO-FLO
-Bedsheet clamp               Antireflux Device Foley
10 trays per case             Tray
Tray without catheter and     Ultramer Foley Catheter       CURITY Urethral
CSR wrap                      KEN6014        16Fr, 5cc,     Catheter Tray (Open)
BGHKB5970                     10/cs                         All trays feature (unless
Trays with silicone           100% Silicone Foley           otherwise indicated):
Elastomer-coated latex        Catheter                      CSR wrap, underpad,
catheter and CSR wrap         KEN6140        16Fr, 5cc,     latex gloves, PVI solution
BGHKB5974S                    10/cs                         10%, prepping balls,
With 14Fr catheter                                          forceps, lubricating jelly,
BGHKB5976S                                                  specimen container
With 16Fr catheter
BGHKB5978S                                                  KEN3217       14Fr,
With 18Fr catheter            KENGUARD Universal            ULTRAMER Red
                              Catheter Tray (Peel           Rubber, 20/cs
         Tyco                 Back Lid)
       Healthcare             All trays contain (unless           RUSCH
                              otherwise indicated):
                              Lidded tray, underpad
      Kendall                 otherwise indicated):
                              Lidded tray, underpad,
                              latex gloves, fenestrated
                              drape, PVI solution,          Catheter Tray
                              prepping balls, forceps,      RUS75735      urethral
KENGUARD Foley                lubricating jelly,            Cath Tray w/ Red Rubber
Catheterization Tray          graduated basin               Cath, 14Fr (1100ML
Includes #3512 Drain                                        Basin PVI Swabs), 20/cs
Bag-2000ml capacity,          KEN3505          30cc Pre-
                              filled Syringe, 20/cs
absorbent underpad, latex                                           BARD
gloves, fenestrated drape,
PVI swab sticks (3),          KENGUARD Universal
lubricating jelly, 5 gram     Catheter Insertion Tray
pouch, CSR wrapped,           (Peel Back Lid)
specimen container with       All trays contain (unless
cap, 10cc pre-filled          otherwise indicated):
                              Lidded tray, underpad,        Bardex Lubricath Foley
syringe                                                     Tray
ADD-A-Foley Tray              latex gloves, fenestrated
                              drape, lubricating jelly,     -5cc Bardex Lubricath
KEN3531         30cc Pre-                                   latex foley catheter
filled Syringe with 3502      and graduated basin
                                                            -Bard safe sampling port
Drain Bag

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-Patented Tamper-             -Complements Bardex
Evident seal                  I.C. system                         Urine
-Uro-Prep tray
-Single-use, sterile          BAR899100 10/cs                    Collectors
BAR899614 14Fr, 10/cs                                                 BARD
BAR899616 16Fr, 10/cs
BAR899618 18Fr, 10/cs
                              Bard Bilevel Universal        Bard Midstreams with
                              Trays                         Funnel Collector
Bard Lubricath Foley
                              -Uro-prep Tray with 5g        -Pre-connected large
                              lubricant pack                target collection funnel
-5cc Standard Bard
                              -Single-use, sterile          -Instructions for male and
Lubricath latex foley
                              BAR792116 With 16Fr,          female patients
                              5cc Bardex Lubricath          -Lid protector minimizes
-Bard safe sampling port
                              Latex Foley Catheter,         contamination potential
-Patented Tamper-
                              20/cs                         -Single-use, sterile fluid
Evident seal
                              BAR781600S With 16Fr,         path
-Uro-prep tray
-Single-use, sterile          5cc Bard Silicone-
                              Elastomer Coated Foley        BAR842801 3oz.
                              Catheter, 20/cs               container with BZK
BAR898316 16Fr, 10/cs
                              BAR782102 With 30cc           Wipes, 50/cs
                              pre-filled water syringe,
                              20/cs                                    Tyco
                              Bard Bilevel Urethral
Bardex Lubricath Foley        Catheterization
Tray                          Procedure Trays                         Kendall
-5cc Bardex Lubricath         Basic tray contents:
latex foley catheter          -Sequence packed in a
-Bard safe sampling port      bilevel configuration,
-Patented Tamper-             which separates prepping
Evident seal                  components from
-Uro-prep tray                catheterization
-Single-use, sterile          components
                              -Prepping components          Pediatric Urine
                              include; drape, underpad,     Collectors
BAR899716 16Fr, 10/cs                                       Non-Sterile
                              latex gloves, forceps,
                                                            Ken145500 100ml,
                              rayon balls, 5g lubricant
                                                            50/bx, 10bx/cs
                              packet, specimen
                              container, label,
                                                            KEN14501 100ml,
                              povidone-iodine solution
                                                            30/bx, 10bx/cs
                              -Single-use, sterile
Infection Control Add-
A-Foley Tray                  BAR772100 Basic Tray
-Patented Microbicidal        without either a catheter
outlet tube                   or a collection bag, 20/cs

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SAGE Midstream Catch          Complete line of              male or female medically
Kits                          specimen containers           approved adhesive
KEN2110SA Calculi             allow for sterile specimen    protects sensitive skin
Strainer 100                  collection protects against   adhesive completely
                              leakage clearly marked        surrounds opening,
                              gradients                     assuring a leak-proof fit
                                                            and a clean, usable urine
                              17000 Series: Polyethylene    specimen enlarged foam
                              Screw Caps, Sterile,          area provides ease of
Commode Specimen              individually wrapped with     application and
Collection System             screw-on caps                 comfortable fit, while
Ideal collection unit for     KEN17000 4.5oz                keeping walls of collector
urine and stool samples or    Graduated Containers,         open available sterile or
kidney stones Wipe lip        200/cs                        clean, 50/bx capacity 7fl.
and firm base helps           KEN17080 4.5oz                Oz. 200ml
prevent splashing,            Graduated Containers,
spilling, tipping clearly     Attached ID Label,            PRE05001-00MCF
marked gradients are easy     100/cs                        Non-Sterile
to read                                                     PRE05002-00MCF
KEN2500SA Commode             17000 Series: Polyethylene    Sterile
Specimen Measuring            Screw Caps, Non-Sterile,
System, 100/cs                individually wrapped with
KEN4014          CURITY       screw-on caps                      Premium
                              KEN17500 4.5oz
SPECIPAN with clearly
                              Graduated Containers,               Plastics
marked gradients, 100/cs

                              13000 Series: Snap Caps,
                              Sterile, individually
                              wrapped containers
PRECISION 24 hour             KEN13000 5oz
Specimen Container            Graduated Containers,         Specimen Collection
3000ml capacity lined         200/cs                        Commode and Toilet
plastic screw cap                                           Collection Pan
minimizes leakage easy-            Precision                Securely fitting standard
to-ready graduations                                        toilets and commodes,
                                   Dynamics                 this specimen collector’s
KEN5000SA 3000ml,                                           winged edges facilitate
40/cs                                                       application, handling and
                                                            removal each Gent-L-Pan
                                                            has easy-to-read
                                                            graduations in 50cc and
                              Lil-Katch Pediatric           1oz increments up to
                              Urine Collector               800cc’s a handy pour
PRECISION Specimen            Versatile design provides     permits specimens to be
Containers                    a comfortable fit for         discarded quickly and
                              infant or pediatric use,

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safety Bulk (2 bags of         purchased separately or
50ea) 100/cs                   with specimen containers
PP4707          800cc,         PP4629         Specimen
100/cs                         Container w/o lid, 20/bg,
                               25bg/cs                      Specimen Containers
                               PP4646         Specimen
                                                            W/ Liqua Guard Lid
                               Container w/ Printed         and Label
                               Paper Lid, 20/bg, 25bg/cs    4 oz sterile specimen
                                                            container w/ gray Liqua
                               PP4630         Specimen
                                                            Guard lid & label each
                               Container w/o Lid, 20/bg,
Calculi Strainer                                            specimen container is
Fine mesh filters stones                                    marked in 10cc (ml) and
                               PP4647         Specimen
or other foreign matter                                     .25oz increments up to
                               Container w/ Printed
quickly and easily                                          120cc’s Liqua Guard lids
                               Paper Lid, 20/bg, 25bg/cs
strainers fit securely on to                                ensure leak resistance and
24 hour specimen                                            make them perfect for
                               Specimen Containers w/
containers, remaining                                       transport each Liqua
                               Liqua Guard Lid
stable throughout the                                       Guard lid is engraved and
                               Available with several
entire filtering process                                    provides ample space for
                               packaging options, each
built-in ridge serves as a                                  writing the date, name,
                               specimen container is
handle for simple                                           doctor and room number
                               marked in 10cc (ml) and
application and removal                                     polybagged
                               .25oz increments up to
                               120cc’s containers are
PP4712        White,                                        PP4928        4oz.
                               available with Liqua
25/bg, 4bg/cs                                               Specimen Container w/
                               Guard lids, ensuring leak
                                                            Gray Liqua Guard Lid &
                               resistance and making
                                                            Label, 100/cs
                               them perfect for transport
                               each Liqua Guard lid is
                               engraved and has space             Vollrath
                               for writing date, name,
                               doctor and room number
Specimen Containers            depending on package on
6.5oz containers are           package lids can be
available in polystyrene       purchased separately or
and polypropylene.             with containers
Polystyrene enhances
clarity and polypropylene      PP4651         4oz           Sterile specimen
improves durability both       Specimen Container w/o       Containers
come with a convenient         Lid, 20/bg, 25bg/cs          Vollrath Group’s 4oz.
pour spout for simplified      PP4653         4oz.          specimen container
specimen retrieval each        Specimen Container w/        features full-turn screw
container is graduated in      Liqua Guard (Turquoise),     thread, provides excellent
10cc (ml) and 5oz              20/bg, 25bg/cs               leak-resistant seal tough,
increments up to 6.5oz                                      durable inert material.
printed lids can be                                         Integrity seal includes

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patient ID label on body                                    convenient hanging a
Leak-resistent seal meets     VOL02051 4.5oz                wide flange with
NCCLS specimen                Polypropylene, 25/Sleeve      reinforcing ridges for
handling guidelines for       VOL02052 4.5oz.               strength and stability
primary containers.           Styrene, 25/Sleeve,           when emptying pan or
(M29-P, Vol7, No.9).          500/cs                        carrying pan with
Integrity seal indicates                                    contents a sturdy,
internal sterility when                                     stackable one-piece
intact. Cup is graduated                                    design that can be nested
in both ounces and ml on                                    for compact storage
two sides                                                   graduations in cc’s and
                              Measurite Specimen            oz’s have large, angled,
VOL01055       100/cs         Pan With Black                easy-to-read numbers
                              Vollrath Group’s              VOL02071       100/cs
                              improved injection
                              molded MeasuRite                Miscellaneous
Specimen Containers           Specimen Pan offers
without Cap                   accurate urine output
Vollrath Group’s non-         measurements, even at              Allegiance
sterile specimen container    volume as low as 50cc’s
without cap is graduated      no need for additional        Catheter plug/Protector
for easy measuring in cc      measuring black printed       (Kendall) This catheter
and oz                        graduations in oz and cc.     plug/protector is sterile
                              Ounce graduations are         and individually
VOL02053 4.5oz.               2,4,6,8,10,12,16,20,24,28,    packaged 200
Polypropylene 25/sleeve       32, cc’s graduated at 50,     plug/protectors per case
VOL02263 6oz.                 then 100 through 1000 in
Styrene, 25/sleeve, 500/cs    100cc increments              BGHKB9660 catheter
VOL02265 6oz.                 increased wall thickness      Plug/Protector
Polypropylene, 25/sleeve      to provide improved
                              stability during transport           BARD
                              large capacity to reduce
                              the risk of accidental
                                                            Urinary Cunningham
                              spills and permit urine
                              output measurements up
                                                            Used to control stress
                              to 1000cc’s a molded area
Specimen Containers                                         incontinence or dribbling
                              on the top front with
with Cap                                                    of urine constructed of
                              space to record the
Vollrath Group’s screw                                      soft sponge rubber and
                              doctor, patient, and room
Cap Specimen Containers                                     can be adjusted to fit
                              number a grooved pour
are graduated for easy                                      comfortably reusable,
                              spout for easy and
measuring in cc and oz.                                     non-sterile
                              accurate pouring of
Area on white cap allows      contents from the front or
for patient identification.                                 BAR004053 Regular,
                              back. The specimen pan
Caps are sleeved and cups                                   2in
                              also has a hole for
are stacked

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Bard Penile Clamps
For catheterization
procedures usage
stainless steel, reusable,

BAR600404 Zipser


Dale Foley Catheter
Latex-Free. Put an end to
the problems associated
with tape, and reduce the
potential for infection and
trauma. Easy to put on
and take off, the Dale
foley holder features a
patented locking device
that securely anchors the
catheter in place it helps
minimize patient
tampering, facilitates
catheter traction,
encourages mobility, and
can be moved from leg to
leg with total ease the
legband is comfortable,
due to a unique stretch
material that distributes
stretch material that
distributes compression
evenly around the thigh to
avoid a tourniquet effect a
Velcro fastener engages
the band at any point for a
custom fit

DAL316          Leg Strap

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