Overpopulation: AC ultural Issue

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					    Photos that changed
        the world…
"Sometimes breathtaking;
sometimes horrific.

Each photo has the power to inspire."
► Pictures have the ability to stir emotions in us
  that we wouldn’t think possible. They can take
  us to far away lands and put us inside the head
  of the person who recorded the image.

► The purpose of this assignment is to take you on
  a journey.
► Look at the following images.

► Select one of the images that hits you the
  hardest and stirs your emotions. Reflect on it
  and complete the following:
1.   How does the image make you feel immediately after
     seeing it for the first time?
     (3 marks)

2.   Find the photo in the internet by “Googling” the
     photo title. Learn a little bit more about the
     background behind the image. Summarize the event
     in your own words and include the name of the
     (3 marks)
3.   Find some responses to the images on the site. Read
     through other people’s reactions and write your own
     reflection or rebuttal to one of them. Include the
     original online response.
     (5 marks)

4.   Now that you’ve had the chance to think more about
     the photo and read other people’s viewpoints on it,
     has your original reaction to the image changed?
     Explain. (4 marks)
►   15 Marks Total…
The First Photograph
Starving Child Vulture
The Baby Hand
Napalm Girl
The Power of One
Afghan Girl
Burning Monk
Palestinian Father Shields Son
Little Rock Desegregation
Nagasaki Mushroom Cloud
Tiananmen Square Protests
Child Draws Home
SWAT vs. Cuban Boy
Segregated Water Fountains
Burial of an Unknown Child
Mouse With Human Ear
Dolly The Sheep
Che Guevara
              Criteria                    Level 1                                  Level 2                                Level 3                                  Level 4
 Initial response – feelings directly     Unclear initial feelings and emotions    Somewhat clear initial feelings and    Clear initial feelings and emotions      Very clear initial feelings and emotions
        after seeing the image                                                     emotions                               expressed
Event summary – what was                  No summary provided or incomplete        Some clear explanation of what was     Clear explanation of what was            Very clear summary of the event.
occurring when the image was                                                       occurring during the event             occurring during the event

Response to other people’s views          Response was unclear or didn’t link at   Response was somewhat clear, but       Response was clear, and linked           Response was very clear and linked
       – rebuttal or reflection           all to another person’s view             didn’t link to another person’s view   somewhat to another person’s view        clearly to another person’s view
Change since original reaction? –         Incomplete                               Some comparison, but problems exist    Good reflection from original response   Excellent reflection – well thought out
Reflecting on initial response now that
   you know more about the event
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