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									                             Gift Membership Application                                                 As advertised on
                             Return this completed form to:   Contact us at:
                             MCofS                            t: 01738 493 943
                             The Old Granary                  e:
                             West Mill Street                 w:
                             Perth PH1 5QP

Recipient                                                        Your
Name:                                                            Name:
Additional names for Joint or Family membership:                 Address:

Recipient’s                                                                                      Postcode:

                            Postcode:                            Email:

Welcome pack                                                     Annual Membership type:             
Please indicate where you would like the member’s                Individual                                                  £19.50
welcome pack delivered to by ticking one box:
Send directly to the recipient (in time for the                  Youth                                                       £13.75
membership start date)
                                                                 Concession                                                  £17.10
Send pack to me                                                 Joint
                                                                 (2 adults at same address)
                                                                                                                             £39.50

                                                                 Family - Kids are free!                                     £39.50
                                                                 Kids enjoy free membership but please ADD
Membership start date
                                                                 £3.50 insurance fee for each child under 18 yrs             £ ____
First day of which month?
                                                                 Total                                                       £ ____
                                                                 This offer is only available to UK residents

FREE gift (choose one): 
 Silva Expedition 4 Compass                   
                                                                 Payment Options (choose one) 
 MCofS ‘Saltire’ Chalk Bag                                      Cheque payments are accepted only if drawn on a UK Bank Account
 Hill Walking Essentials DVD                                     Cheque Make your cheque payable to MCofS.
 Map (See website or phone for choice)                           Credit/Debit Card Please insert your card details
    Choice of Map ………………………………..                                   ____ ____                    ____ ____ ___
                                                                   Valid from(if applicable) _        _/_ _      Expires   _ _/_ _
                                                                   Issue No.(If shown) _        _ Security Code _ _ _
Gift card
Enter details for a personalised gift card or leave blank          Signed ___________________ Date _________
if you do not want one                                           Please supply the address to which your card is registered IF it is
                                                                 different from that above.
To (recipient):

From (your name):                                                Where did you see this offer advertised?
                                                                 MCofS website




                                                                 Other ……………..

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