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									                                                                      Wood Middle School E-Library Resources
E-Library Service                                          User Name     Password    Description
ABC-CLIO World History: Ancient and Medieval               ebwoodms      mcps        Ranging from the dawn of prehistory through the great ancient empires to the beginning
http://www.ancienthistory.abc-clio.com/Home/Default.aspx                             of the Renaissance students explore history on every continent.
Atomic Learning www.atomiclearning.com                     ebwms         atomic      Step-by-step technology instruction for professional development resources and
                                                                                     curriculum materials on over 120 computer software programs.
Art Museum Image Gallery                                   mcps1         mcps1       A rich digital resource of art images and related multimedia gathered from the
http://vnweb.hwwilsonweb.com/hww/login.jhtml?_requestid                              collections of distinguished museums around the world that are rights-cleared for
                                                                                     educational use.
Columbia Granger's World of Poetry                         mcps          mcps        Access to 250,000 poems in full text with 450,000 poem citations. Granger's includes a
http://www.columbiagrangers.org/Home.html                                            wide range of critical and historical tools and features to enhance an understanding and
                                                                                     enjoyment of poetry .
CultureGrams                                               mcps          search      Up to date information on 182 countries and cultures. 25 categories are tracked
http://school.eb.com/all/databases                                                   including history, land and climate, religion, personal appearance, gestures, language,
                                                                                     government, family, dating and marriage, etc.
eLibrary Elementary                                        mcps          mcps        An easy-to-use full-text general reference database designed specifically to guide
http://elibrary.bigchalk.com/libweb/k6/do/search                                     younger readers and researchers and older students who need differentiated materials.
Annals of American History                                 mcps          search      Explore American history through primary sources and multimedia.
Global Reference Center http://global.eb.com/              mcps          search      Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French Britannica encyclopaedias and another link to the
                                                                                     Spanish Reference Center.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Academic Edition           mcps          search      Although every student has access to this encyclopaedia it is recommended for high
http://search.eb.com/                                                                school and higher education.
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition             mcps          search      3 encyclopedias in one: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Compton’s by Britannica and
http://school.eb.com/                                                                Britannica Elementary. A search will return articles from all 3 encyclopedias so students
                                                                                     can choose which level meets their needs.
Enciclopedia Juvenil y Gran Enciclopedia Planeta           mcps          search      Enciclopedia Juvenil provides a Spanish elementary encyclopedia, images, videos, and
http://www.spanish.eb.com/                                                           Spanish language learning materials specifically designed for younger learners.
Webster’s Dictionary Unabridged                            mcps          search      Throw out that URL to dictionary.com. This is a real dictionary and without those pesky
http://www.mwu.eb.com/                                                               advertisements and pop-ups.
World Data Analyst http://www.world.eb.com/                mcps          search      Similar to CultureGrams, World Data Analyst provides "Country Snapshots." However, it
                                                                                     goes further -- students can create "current comparisons" of countries based on a large
                                                                                     list of data points. It is also possible to make "chronological comparisons," which
                                                                                     compares changes over time up to 90 years.
History Resource Center: U.S.                              ebwoodms      library     A collection of primary and secondary resources to support the study of United States
http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/rock20012                                        history from middle school through college. Provides a complete overview of U.S. history
                                                                                     covering the most-studied events, issues and current information.
                                                                       Wood Middle School E-Library Resources
Issues & Controversies                                      ebwoodms      library     Explores today’s controversial issues in depth and in language student researchers
http://www.2facts.com/icof_home_feature.aspx                                          can understand. Includes timelines, primary source documents, statistical
                                                                                      tables, editorial cartoons, newspaper editorials and interviews.
NoodleTools http://noodletools.com/login.php                Your          blue        This is an online bibliography (works cited) composer and note taking tool. The student
                                                            computer                  inputs the information necessary and prints out the bibliography. Students can also take
                                                            user name                 notes online using this product.
ProQuest Professional Education                             mcps          mcps        Full-text professional publications for K-12 educators and high school students. All
http:/www.proquestk12.com/myproducts                                                  subject areas are addressed. Great for teachers working on graduate degrees. Great for
                                                                                      students with advanced research needs.
ProQuest Historical Newspapers                              mcps          mcps        Primary source historical newspapers from the New York Times from 1851 through
http://portal.bigchalk.com/portalweb/home.do                                          2005.
ProQuest Platinum                                           mcps          mcps        ProQuest Platinum offers a comprehensive full-text publication collection that meets a
http://portal.bigchalk.com/portalweb/home.do                                          wide range of research demands from general reference to advanced subject matter.

Science Resource                                            ebwoodms      library     Science Resource Center includes thousands of topic overviews, experiments,
Centerhttp://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/rock                                        biographies, pictures and illustrations. Scientific articles are from 200 magazines and
20012                                                                                 scholarly journals. Curriculum related topics cover a wide range of topics related to
                                                                                      science curricula and correlated to national and Maryland standards.
SIRS Decades http://www.proquestk12.com/                    mcps          mcps        SIRS Decades covers the 20th century decade by decade with 5,000 primary and
                                                                                      secondary sources selected by the editors of SIRS. This has been an invaluable resource
                                                                                      for 7th grade research on the 1940s and 8th grade research on the 1930s.
SIRS Discoverer                                             mcps          mcps        The database includes carefully selected full-text articles and images from more than
http://portal.bigchalk.com/portalweb/home.do                                          1,600 domestic and international newspapers, magazines, government documents, and
SIRS Knowledge Source                                       mcps          mcps        SIRS Knowledge Source includes SIRS Researcher, a periodical database. Resident in SIRS
http://portal.bigchalk.com/portalweb/home.do                                          Researcher is a link to SIRS Pro/Con.
Student NewsNet                                             mcps          search      Engages students with timely, relevant news and current events. Designed for students
http://school.studentnewsnet.com/index.php?fuseaction=hom                             in grades 4-8, related learning activities and lesson plans teach students how to organize
                                                                                      facts, make connections, and use information in problem-solving activities.
Student Resource Center, Jr.                                ebwoodms      library     Databases of curriculum targeted primary documents, biographies), topical essays,
http://infotrac.galegroup.com/itweb/mcps                                              critical analysis, full-text coverage of newspapers and periodicals.

Teachingbooks.net                                           none          mcps        Teaching books is a unique service that provides up close and personal interviews
http://www.teachingbooks.net/home/                          needed                    (multimedia abounds!) with some of the most loved and respected children and young
                                                                                      adult authors.
World Book                                                  mcpswood      mcpsmd      Includes access to World Book Student, World Book Kids (an elementary encyclopedia),
http://www.worldbookonline.com/wb/products?ed=all&gr=W                                Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos, an elementary Spanish language encyclopedia, the
                                                                                      World Book Atlas and the World Book Dictionary.

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