2012 Spruce Run Boat Storage Application Fill and Save Draft by Orp92g


									                            Spruce Run Recreation Area
                        Boat Storage Application & Agreement
Name:                                                            E-mail Address:
City:                                                            State:                                         Zip Code:
Telephone Number: (Cell)
Telephone Number: (Home)                                                  Boat Make:             1.                    2.
Driver’s License No.:                                                     Boat Color:            1.                    2.
Vehicle Make & Model:                                                     Boat Name:
                                                                                                 1.                    2.
Vehicle License Plate:                                               Trailer Plate No.:
                                                                Boat Registration No.:           1.                    2.
                                   Summer                Winter      Site Preference:            1.                    2.
Unit to be stored (√ one):         Car Top Boat          Boat & Trailer          Double          1.                    2.

      Applications are accepted beginning March 1st for summer storage and Oct 1st for winter storage. Only one application per
family or organization will be acknowledged, and any application not fully completed will be returned. Mailed applications must
be accompanied by credit card information or check or money order made payable to Treasurer, State of New Jersey. (No
cash will be accepted through the mail.) Storage sites will be assigned consecutively on a first come first served basis beginning with
site number one until 300 applications for summer and 150 applications for winter have been satisfied. Boat storage permit holders
shall not make use of the Spruce Run Boat Storage Area contrary to regulations and written instructions as regulated under NJAC
7:2-2.13.                              Summer                                        Winter
                                        April 1 - October 31                                   Nov 1 - March 31

Single Boat Storage Fee        $250 (Resident)        $295 (Non Resident)           $200 (Resident)           $240 (Non Resident)
Double Boat Storage Fee $325 (Resident)               $370 (Non Resident)           $260 (Resident)           $320 (Non Resident)
Cancellation Fee        $ 35 (Resident)               $ 35 (Non Resident)           $ 35 (Resident)           $ 35 (Non Resident)

        The undersigned acknowledges that only one application is submitted, per family or organization, a n d acknowledges receiptof a copy
of Spruce Run Recreation Area Boat Storage Selection Procedures and Regulations and is responsible for full compliance with these
regulations. The State of New Jersey and its employees or agents are not responsible for the protection of boats or any equipment stored and
is not liable if vandalized, damaged or stolen. Enclosed is credit card information o r a check or money order in the amount of $
                  . Boats left in storage after the final day will be assessed a late removal fee of $35 and a boat storage fee of

NOTE: Fees are subject to change. Information provided on this application may be subject to review and
inspection under the Open Public Records Act (NJSA 47:1A-1). By signing or typing your initials below, you agree
to the Terms and Conditions of the storage agreement.

                 Signature of Applicant                                                                Date

                                                           Method of Payment
                 (Check One)          Cash      Check or Money Order; Check No.                                   Credit Card
                                         Please include credit card number and expiration date.
 Billing Address::       If you are using a credit card, make sure the address above is where you receive your credit card statement.
                           MasterCard         Discover/Novus               Visa
 Credit Card Number                                                                Expiration Date

 Signature                                                                                    Date

              Please mail to: Superintendent - Spruce Run Recreation Area - 68 Van Syckel's Road - Clinton, NJ 08809
                                            (Tel) 908-638-8572 - (Fax) 908-638-5438
                                                   FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
Date Received                           Site No.                                     Initials

                         NJDEP • Division of Parks & Forestry •            State Park Service      •                                    9-20-2012 jv

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